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What Manager would be best for Oblivion?

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Hoy folks! 
I'm looking into doing some Oblivion streams in the future, and was looking into mods.
Wanted to know if there is anywhere some modern\updated guides, and what manager, those whom do oblivion modding use nowadays?
MO1? MO2? Vortex?

I know it's an old game, but searching  the only guides i found were from from 7\6 yrs ago! So, anyone could give some help on this front?

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That's what I would use if you are following our guides or using our support, but Vortex will also work.

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Ohh ouki!
I was under the impression, that for older games, like Skyrim LE and the like, it would be better to look for the original MO D= 

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5 minutes ago, FuzzyDuck said:

Ohh ouki!
I was under the impression, that for older games, like Skyrim LE and the like, it would be better to look for the original MO D= 

Well, they are slightly different, but MO(1) is obsolete.

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Mod Organizer 2 has been updated quite a bit and supports the older 32-bit games like Morrowind, Oblivion, Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas.

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    • By tehpandemic
      As the title suggests, whenever I run TES4LODGEN through MO it takes a while to complete (upwards of 10 minutes) as opposed to running it outside of MO (under 2 minutes). Is this just part and parcel of how TES4LODGen works when it is run through MO?
      Where you can see that it is processing cells at the top of its window, it starts out by processing maybe 100 every second or so, but by the time it reaches the 2000 mark it slows remarkably down to 3 per second (roughly). Once again, when run outside of MO it takes about 1:30 to process every worldspace and finish entirely.
      This is with an unmodified, vanilla Oblivion install too. I disabled all mods in MO, but did activate archive invalidation.
      Run through MO, I'll mention that it started processing the first worldspace at 00:18, and as you can see its not even halfway through 9 minutes in. At this point I gave up and ended the process through Task Manager.

      On the other hand, run outside of MO and in my common/oblivion folder, the whole process is completed in less than a minute, and the first worldspace started processing at 00:18 too.

      Has anyone else had this problem, or does anybody know if there is a solution? I just dont fancy waiting potentially 20 - 30 minutes everytime I need to re-run TES4LODGen when I know it can be completed in minutes.
      Edit: Im using MO 1.2.9
    • By Grestorn
      Hello everybody, 
      as you might know, it's a bit of a problem to use the Steam version of Oblivion with the total conversion "Nehrim", because the Steam version insists of being started through Steam itself. 
      One working solution is to copy Nehrim (which installs into a separate directory copying all of the required Oblivion assets) back into the Original Oblivion directory. Then you have to remove Oblivion.esm from the plugins.txt and add the entries for nehrim.esm and additional Nehrim.esps. That works well enough, but that means that you cannot play Oblivion anymore.
      I thought it should be possible to do this with Mod Organizer. So I created a "Nehrim-Mod" by putting all Nehrim files into an archive and adding that to MO. Using a separate profile where just this Mod is activated, I can play Nehrim through MO without affecting the Oblivion installation directory. 
      This works quite well with one little quirk: 
      It's not possible to remove Oblivion.esm through MO. I can remove it by hand from plugins.txt in the MO profile directory and the game starts fine after I've done that. But I have to do that everytime, since MO keeps adding that entry...
      Would it somehow be possible to add a setting that keeps MO from adding the base esm file all the time? I realize that this is only required for Total Conversions, and there arn't so many of those, but nevertheless, it would help in this situation. 
      Thanks for listening.
    • By chunyuhwa
      i do not english well. so plz understand.i use mo for oblivion. and i set screen effect using obmm and set setbody using mo.then, i use spell of changebody, my character's body disappear.and if i delete screen effect, this problem is solved. but i don't delete screen effect.so how can i fix or solve it?   mo problem is DEBUG (04:19:52.0291): findfirstfileex datasoundfxphygenericcollisionsearthlight*.wav: nothing found (2)
      DEBUG (04:19:52.0291): findfirstfileex Datasoundfxphygenericcollisionsearthlightphy_earth_l_02.wav: nothing found (2)
      DEBUG (04:19:54.0323): findfirstfileex DataMenusMainhud_subtitle_menu.xml: nothing found (2)
      DEBUG (04:19:54.0323): findfirstfileex Datasoundfxitmitm_generic_up.wav: nothing found (2)
      ERROR (04:19:54.0336): Windows Exception (c0000005). Last hooked call: int __stdcall WritePrivateProfileStringA_rep(const char *,const char *,const char *,const char *)
      DEBUG (04:19:54.0337): hooks removed
      ERROR (04:19:54.0402): Crash dump created as E:Mod Organizerhook.dll.dmp. Please send this file to the developer of MO
      ----------- LOG END -----------
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