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  1. Reproduce: 1. Download this mod's main file :https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/9666?tab=files&BH=38 2. Install it anyway(though it's fomod it only contains one esp) 3. Quick auto clean it Then sseedit will log 34 itms are removed. There are a lot navmesh like NAVM:001020DA NAVM:000FEDD9 from the mrissi mod being removed. While you check these navmesh using uncleaned esp by sseedit, you will find they are colored as yellow and some data in it is actually different from skyrim.esm. 2 or 3 Triangles (and only one or two hex number in them are different), edge links are different and in yellow color. I don't know much about how navmesh works. The question is, is this the correct way to clean it? They seem to be edited by the mod author. Or these should just be regarded as itm?
  2. I am using the 4.1.4 release and whenever I resolve all the conflicts in a mod, it no longer changes from red to yellow in the left side load order view. This behavior was default in 4.0.4, is there any way to enable it in 4.1.4?
  3. Recreating this post as a topic for posterity, as I always have trouble finding it again. A very simple approach to removing masters from a given plugin that complains: First, add the attached script to your xEdit installation: ../xEdit/Edit Scripts/ (it's just a slightly tweaked version of "Report Masters.pas" shipped with xEdit). The following describes how to remove AOS plugin as a required master to the CR Patch plugin. This same principle can be extended to other situations. Install AOS new version as a different mod name. It can be anywhere in your mod list (defaults to highest priority). Go into that mod (right click, "Open in Explorer") Rename the plugin by adding a suffix or whatever before ".esp" Activate this (and all other Step mods as normal) Run LOOT to sort. Run xEdit and load the CR patch along with the renamed AOS (this will load the original AOS and all other CR patch dependencies) Once loaded, right click on the Step CR patch > Apply Script > select that script and OK. Once you get the report back, tick AOS plugin master and OK (this bolds all records in the CR patch that correspond to the original AOS) Find the record(s) that have no corresponding records in the updated AOS plugin (there is only one under "Weapons" branch I think) Remove this from the CR patch and save this (just close xEdit and select OK). This is your updated CR patch, so it's ready in MO now. Simply reinstall the new AOS mod (over the original this time), and remove the renamed new AOS mod, and you're good. Report masters and flag records.pas
  4. Hi, Ran Loot and about dozen of my modules were stated to be missing deleted references and that I should run Xedit. So I ran Xedit on Update.esm and it took about 5 minutes complaining about still applying filters and when that was done in Loot nothing changed in regards to update.esm. Looking in Data folder my Update.esm did in fact update. Is this normal? Thanks Nevermind. Looks like it worked.
  5. Since the 'accepted wisdom' of cleaning the Skyrim SE DLC .esms + Update.esm has moved back to not cleaning them, should the guide be updated to reflect this? I had a look for any previous discussion about this but I couldn't find anything. At the moment, most modding guides still recommend cleaning them although very few state why. By contrast many mod authors either don't see any benefit in cleaning them or recommend not cleaning them, including those at the pointier end of providing support. This isn't a thread for discussing the technical issues of cleaning the .esms, rather to address the following: 1. Whether STEP should still recommend cleaning the .esms 2. Whether it should be discretionary 3. If certain components of the guide rely on the .esms being cleaned then of course that answers both questions above. But if that is the case, and we agree that cleaning them is unnecessary, then perhaps future versions of the guide could be reconfigured based on this. I've cleaned the esms both times I've done a STEP install and I never experienced a problem. However, I didn't have a lot of mods installed on top of STEP. Some people do experience problems as a result of cleaning them. Related note, just FYI: the 'accepted wisdom' also applies to the other Bethesda games' DLC, with the exception of TES IV: Oblivion as those are .esps
  6. I recently upgraded to Win 11, so this may be an interaction between DynDOLOD and Win 11, but xLODGen and xEdit both honor the theme output font-color/background, while DynDOLOD/TexGen do not. xEdit xLODGen DynDOLOD/TexGen Wondering how to fix this, as my global xEdit settings don't seem to fully apply to DynDOLOD instances with respect to font-color/background, and getting the 'dark' settings here would be a great help to my eyes. I have tried extrapolating several settings from xEdit's Plugins.sseviewsettings file into DynDOLOD.ini to no avail.
  7. My setup is Skyrim 1.5.97 on C\Steam and also GOGSkyrim on C\All My Games. I set up the new GOG version as a new instance on MO2 and all working ok so far. To get Xedit to find the GOG version, I used the -D, -I and -P to switch the file paths to my GOG Skyrim and that worked! But when I changed MO2 instances to my 1.5.97 game (which is at C\Steam (NOT in the programme files), Xedit looked in C\Programe Files (x86) and of course found nothing. So I used the -D, -I and -P path switches to point at my Steam Skyrim and then xedit gave me this message: SSEEdit 4.0.4 (103758D4) starting session 2022-10-27 21:31:40 Using Skyrim Special Edition Data Path: C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data\ Using Backup Path: C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data\SSEEdit Backups\ Using Scripts Path: C:\SSEEdit 4.0.4\SSEEdit 4.0.4\Edit Scripts\ Using ini: C:\Users\gabi_\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Skyrim Special Edition (2) Trying again 23 May 2022\profiles\Just for Fun\Skyrim.ini Using save path: C:\Users\gabi_\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Skyrim Special Edition (2) Trying again 23 May 2022\profiles\Just for Fun\__MO_Saves\ Warning: Could not find save path Using plugin list: C:\Users\gabi_\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Skyrim Special Edition (2) Trying again 23 May 2022\profiles\Just for Fun\plugins.txt Using settings file: C:\Users\gabi_\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Skyrim Special Edition (2) Trying again 23 May 2022\profiles\Just for Fun\plugins.sseviewsettings Using language: English Using general string encoding: 1252 (ANSI - Latin I) Using translatable string encoding: 1252 (ANSI - Latin I) Using VMAD string encoding: 65001 (UTF-8) Loading active plugin list: C:\Users\gabi_\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Skyrim Special Edition (2) Trying again 23 May 2022\profiles\Just for Fun\plugins.txt Fatal: Error loading plugin list: <EDirectoryNotFoundException: The specified path was not found> Does anyone know how resolve this? I have already tried to give xEdit a -G (savegame path) but that did not help. FIXED! Problem was a very hard-to-spot space between a : and a C
  8. Is there a way of automatically removing the records found using the Report Masters script? So for instance I want to remove a mod which has an awful lot of entries in my CR patch, is there a way to report them all and remove them rather than having to go through the report results and manually remove them one by one?
  9. Greetings, first time posting on this board. Apologies if I'm in the wrong forum; I did run searches. Anyhow, I recently added Dawn of Skyrim to my load order, but there's a problem: the mod author recently changed the name of the esp. Currently it is Dawn of Skyrim.esp. Previously it was Blues Skyrim.esp. The result of this is that some patches have "Dawn" as the master, others have "Blues." I want to set all the patches that current have "Blues" as the master to "Dawn." But how do I do this? I google this topic regarding xEdit and search it at YouTube but come up with nothing. I've been told that it can be done easily with Wrye Bash, but the window for Masters in Wrye Bash is down to a sliver and I can't see any Masters listed at all. Does anyone know how to resize windows in Wrye Bash? Or if anyone has a better way to change mod masters, I would gladly accept guidance toward other methods. Thanks.
  10. I am pretty frustrated with SSEEdit lately. There is no 64 bit version with the latest download and I cannot get my older version (4.0.3h) to work anymore. It keeps telling me there was an error and that editing is disabled. I can't run scripts or anything. (There IS NO ERROR in the log). Was something changed? Every time I try running 4.0.4 I get an out of memory error. Whats more I can no longer post on Discord to get help. I have to sign up? EDIT: More Info: Version 4.0.3h used to work fine without using the 64 bit version until a couple of weeks ago. The 64 bit version seems to be working ok so I guess I will use that until I get an answer.
  11. Short version: I have a complete list of cells copied to an .esp, and I don't want to have to go through and flag each one as Deleted individually. Is there a way to do this to all the cells in the .esp? Long version: I'm using a replacer for a dead shrub. The replacer makes it a much prettier 3D green shrub, but Bethesda placed the dead shrub in all kinds of caves and mines, so I want to remove it from those cells. Ain't nothing green supposed to be growing in there. So I found the shrub in xEdit, copied every reference over into an .esp and removed the ones that could realistically be home to lush green flora. I'm now left with looooong list of cells each with only a few Placed Objects of these shrubs, but going through them all and changing flags individually is gonna be a nightmare. So I'd much rather see if there is a way for me to do this across every cell I've copied?
  12. I love the guide (been using it for years and love the efforts you guys have put into enhancing the vanilla game), but I have an issue/question about Alternate Start being a requirement for the patch. Why? Don't get me wrong it's a fantastic mod with all the options available, but, not everyone wants to use that. I for one prefer Skyrim Unbound as I feel I have much more control over how I start the game than just picking a location to spawn in. I would love to remove it as a master, but, I don't even know how to do that anyway. I guess i'm basically asking why it's been made a requirement to use the patch? I apologize if this has been asked before already.
  13. I was trying to create a patch but SSEEdit wouldn't let me. The plugins were inaccessible. The plugins were grayed out with a line through them. What's going on?
  14. Was trying to run Xedit for the first time (had no clue what it is) and I run into this error, and see no solutions anywhere. I've tried running the game, but it doesn't work. Help would be appreciated, just trying to get my mods for skyrim working again
  15. Returning to Skyrim after many years (yay quarantine) and I am confused by the following instructions from step number 3 on: Am I supposed to move the copy the same files that I put into vanilla masters into xEdit Backups? If so, why am I renaming them to what they are already named? Or was there some step that I missed that SSEEdit would have automatically backup up files prior to cleaning there? As for the second part, I am not installing the vanilla masters, correct? It is just sitting there in case I need them in the future? Thank you
  16. So I found this Step Skyrim Special Edition guide after installing a bunch of mods and following youtube and other websites guides and advice, needless to say there are some things in the STEP guide that wasnt covered by other sources. Now Im encountering an issue that is explicitly covered in the guide, but doesnt have a remedy for the situation. The situation at hand occured when i cleaned the master files of the game using SSEEdit (xedit), I havent launched the game with mods yet besides the initial vanilla steam game to get the base reference files. After I cleaned the masters the overwrite button in mod list window of MO2 appeared with the folder "SSEEdit Backups" shown. In the Step guide it refers to this issue saying- "Overwrite at the bottom of the MO mod list (left) pane id previous instructions were NOT followed!)"... My question is, since I have this problem already, how do i fix it? (See Pics for ref)
  17. Hi, I am trying to make a patch and eventually start making Patches for the Skyrim AE community. I am trying to figure out this Reference ID dilemma. I bring up Console Command in game and click on an object to acquire its Reference ID. Then I exit the game and pull up xEdit and search that ID in the MOD (or even my entire MOD List) and there is no matching ID. If I dig down further and locate the object I find the reference ID in xEdit is slightly different than the ID acquired in game using the command console. It seems to be the first couple of characters in the reference ID that are different and every other character after that, matches. But, it's nearly impossible to locate items through xEdit like this. It took me 20 minutes to locate it. Example: I am running The Great City of Solitude SSE, and I want to make a patch. There is a gaggle of buckets floating out over the water on the docks and I want to patch items like this to be disabled or moved when using this MOD. The console reference ID is (05000832) . . . it is nowhere to be found with a search through xEdit, even with every MOD loaded. There has to be an easier way to locate Objects within xEdit with their reference IDs from the in game console command for modding and making patches. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance.
  18. I need to use the "Make New Record From Overrides" script in SSEdit to fix a mod with large ref problems... however it fails on line 21: [00:00] Start: Applying script "Make new records from overrides" Override to new record: [REFR:04036C19] (places _SNSnowDriftL02 "Snow" [ACTI:0A001826] in GRUP Cell Temporary Children of [CELL:0400EDC5] (in DLC2SolstheimWorld "Solstheim" [WRLD:04000800] at 16,16)) Updating ref: REFR \ NAME - Base \ _SNSnowDriftL02 "Snow" [ACTI:0A001826] [00:00] Exception in unit line -1: Error in unit 'OverridesToNewRecords' on line 21 : Type mismatch [00:00] Error during Applying script "Make new records from overrides": Error in unit 'OverridesToNewRecords' on line 21 : Type mismatch Here's the script code: { Convert overrides into new records, all references are updated with reindexed FormIDs too so they must already exist in a plugin. For example if you have an override of worldspace record [WRLD:00001234] which references water [WATR:00005678], after applying script it would become [WRLD:01001234] referencing [WATR:01005678] (assuming plugin is loaded at index 01). } unit OverridesToNewRecords; procedure UpdateReferences(e: IInterface; ModLoadOrder: integer); var ref: IInterface; i: integer; begin ref := LinksTo(e); if Assigned(ref) then if GetLoadOrder(GetFile(ref)) <> ModLoadOrder then begin i := GetLoadOrderFormID(ref); i := (i and $FFFFFF) or (ModLoadOrder shl 24); AddMessage('Updating ref: ' + Path(e) + ' \ ' + GetEditValue(e)); SetEditValue(e, IntToHex(i, 8)); end; if CanContainFormIDs(e) then for i := 0 to ElementCount(e) - 1 do UpdateReferences(ElementByIndex(e, i), ModLoadOrder); end; function Process(e: IInterface): integer; var i, fid: integer; begin // not an override if IsMaster(e) then Exit; AddMessage('Override to new record: ' + Name(e)); i := GetLoadOrder(GetFile(e)); UpdateReferences(e, i); fid := GetLoadOrderFormID(e); fid := (fid and $FFFFFF) or (i shl 24); SetLoadOrderFormID(e, fid); end; end. Line 21 is SetEditValue(e, IntToHex(i, 8)); I could really use some help making this script work -- it comes with SSEdit, I didn't write it.
  19. Screenshot of the problem: I dragged SSEEdit from my 1080P Monitor to my 4K Monitor. Most things scaled properly, except for the font and title bar. I did it again. The font got smaller. My monkey brain thought this was funny, so I continued until I couldn't read it anymore. Well, there was NOTHING funny about it AT ALL. When I restarted, the font stayed the same. Overriding Windows DPI scaling to System for the Mod Organizer and xEdit applications didn't work. Running xEdit manually outside of MO didn't work. Changing theme didn't work. Deleting and reinstalling xEdit didn't work. Setting my windows scaling to 350% makes the font a little bigger, but still barely readable. Changing my Main Display in Windows/Nvidia and relaunching didn't work. I've been crying from troubleshooting an infinite loading screen error for the past 2 days and I need xEdit to help troubleshoot it. I miss Lydia. Please help.
  20. i recently learned how to start cleaning my mods, however i messed up and overwrite Ordinator perks with vanilla perks. how do i reset ordinator in xedit(sseedit) to default or remove it entirely so i can start over with it.
  21. I'm trying to change the master's of two plugins I have from Blues Skyrim.esp to Dawn of Skyrim.esp. I can't even get the plugin I'm trying to edit to load within xEdit because it is greyed out because the master is missing so I don't even have a chance to edit the master. Would really appreciate any and all help on this matter!
  22. I have a wee problem. When I start SSEEdit (4.0.3) the fonts for Records, Messages and Viewer all default to 3pt. As you might imagine, on a 4k screen, 3pt is... challenging, to say the least. I can go to options to change the font size to 7 or 8, but I can find no way to save those settings, so each and every time I run the program, I have to reapply the font increase so as to actually see what I'm doing. What am I missing here?
  23. I have a 8.7mb plugin (made in the CK) and was thinking about esmifying it in Wrye Bash, or through a script in xEdit, due to its large size. However, I'm not sure if a ESM can be updated in the middle of a playthrough, or if it requires a new playthrough in order to be updated. Some mods which relies in a master file (eg, Forgotten Dungeons) requires a new playthrough to be updated, but I didn't found any information about this requirement as being a rule to every mod. Would the update of a ESM file during a playthrough cause save file corruption? If this is the case, would a update only on the tables (but not on the cells) still cause save file corruption? If I only add new pieces of statics to the tables, but do the cell update in a separate plugin, would this still pose some risk to the save file? Would putting a ESM flag in the ESP be a better solution for updates?
  24. Hey I'm wondering if there's a way to multi-select those forms on the right-hand panel and move them over for merge patching... Or, some sort of a script that does a small scale form merge without having to override. There are some built-in precautions on users from making manual changes, but having modded with SSEEdit for over 4 years straight, at this point I just want to get stuff done. Having to move one form at a time for large mods such as the hundreds of additional music types is just overly tedious and have wasted much of my time back then. If there are any advanced tools or features made for SSEEdit that can do things like what I mentioned, I would really appreciate it if you guys could show me around to some, thanks.
  25. Hi folks, I was recently reading through the description of the new Face Discoloration Fix plugin on the Nexus and it struck me that, at least in theory, this could enable a user to put leveled list references on NPC records in the PNAM field for hairstyle or even facial hair randomization. Without a fix like the one linked above, of course, this would a fast track to dark face bug, but now... there are possibilities. Unfortunately I couldn't test the theory because xEdit locks this field to PNAM entries only. Theoretically, if a LVLI record was inserted instead, what would happen? Would the game just crash? I'm cogitating on hacky ways to work around this, but if the outcome is a known quantity I can focus my efforts elsewhere. Likewise, what would happen if someone showhorned a leveled list into a template data field, say for a magical item. Imagine I have, through excessive modding, added 25 iron sword variants to my game. It would be a lot cleaner from a technical standpoint if they just got randomly pulled as template data rather than having a separate, otherwise identical magic item entry for each variant. Thanks in advance for your insight!
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