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Found 263 results

  1. I love the guide (been using it for years and love the efforts you guys have put into enhancing the vanilla game), but I have an issue/question about Alternate Start being a requirement for the patch. Why? Don't get me wrong it's a fantastic mod with all the options available, but, not everyone wants to use that. I for one prefer Skyrim Unbound as I feel I have much more control over how I start the game than just picking a location to spawn in. I would love to remove it as a master, but, I don't even know how to do that anyway. I guess i'm basically asking why it's been made a requirement to use the patch? I apologize if this has been asked before already.
  2. TechAngel85

    xEdit Guide

    xEdit Guide This is a comprehensive guide to the xEdit programs (TES4Edit, FO3Edit, FVNEdit, TES5Edit, FO4Edit, SSEEdit).
  3. Discussion thread: TES5LODGen by Ehamloptiran, Sheson, and TES5Edit Team Wiki Link (coming soon) From it's mod page: Trees LOD and Objects LOD generator for Skyrim Installed a mod that moves or changes trees but they remain unchanged when far way, or you can't see new farm houses from a new shiney villages overhaul when a top of the mountain? Then you need this tool. Make sure to install TES5LODGen outside of Program files folder, somewhere with write access rights, or run as Administrator. Run TES5LODGen.exe, wait for it to load your plugins, then select worldspaces to generate LOD (by default only Tamriel worldspace is selected), and click Generate. Wait for it to complete, you can watch progress and check possible errors in messages list. When finished, close the program manually. TES5LODGen has several options when building LOD, please read technical details below to understand what they do.
  4. Nabru

    HELP with sseedit

    i recently learned how to start cleaning my mods, however i messed up and overwrite Ordinator perks with vanilla perks. how do i reset ordinator in xedit(sseedit) to default or remove it entirely so i can start over with it.
  5. I'm trying to change the master's of two plugins I have from Blues Skyrim.esp to Dawn of Skyrim.esp. I can't even get the plugin I'm trying to edit to load within xEdit because it is greyed out because the master is missing so I don't even have a chance to edit the master. Would really appreciate any and all help on this matter!
  6. I have a wee problem. When I start SSEEdit (4.0.3) the fonts for Records, Messages and Viewer all default to 3pt. As you might imagine, on a 4k screen, 3pt is... challenging, to say the least. I can go to options to change the font size to 7 or 8, but I can find no way to save those settings, so each and every time I run the program, I have to reapply the font increase so as to actually see what I'm doing. What am I missing here?
  7. I completed my update to the bash tag autodetection script. Behold: Bash Tagger! View/Download Supported games: Fallout 3 Fallout: New Vegas Skyrim* *Not completely tested; limited support currently If anyone is willing test, I'd be grateful for your feedback. Suggestions for a better name are welcome, too. Requirements: xEdit svn1839 or older, or xEdit svn1876 or newer (latest xEdit dev version) patience a credit card Instructions: Download the script to your FNVEdit "Edit Scripts" directory. Run FNVEdit and load the plugin you want to test. Right-click that plugin and click Apply Script. Select the script and click OK. Like the original script, you can run the script on only one plugin at a time. Roadmap: v1.1 - Initial release (based on zilav's BASH tags autodetection v1.0 script) v1.4 - Mostly complete TES4 and TES5 support v2.0 - No bugs whatsoever
  8. I have a 8.7mb plugin (made in the CK) and was thinking about esmifying it in Wrye Bash, or through a script in xEdit, due to its large size. However, I'm not sure if a ESM can be updated in the middle of a playthrough, or if it requires a new playthrough in order to be updated. Some mods which relies in a master file (eg, Forgotten Dungeons) requires a new playthrough to be updated, but I didn't found any information about this requirement as being a rule to every mod. Would the update of a ESM file during a playthrough cause save file corruption? If this is the case, would a update only on the tables (but not on the cells) still cause save file corruption? If I only add new pieces of statics to the tables, but do the cell update in a separate plugin, would this still pose some risk to the save file? Would putting a ESM flag in the ESP be a better solution for updates?
  9. Hey I'm wondering if there's a way to multi-select those forms on the right-hand panel and move them over for merge patching... Or, some sort of a script that does a small scale form merge without having to override. There are some built-in precautions on users from making manual changes, but having modded with SSEEdit for over 4 years straight, at this point I just want to get stuff done. Having to move one form at a time for large mods such as the hundreds of additional music types is just overly tedious and have wasted much of my time back then. If there are any advanced tools or features made for SSEEdit that can do things like what I mentioned, I would really appreciate it if you guys could show me around to some, thanks.
  10. Hi folks, I was recently reading through the description of the new Face Discoloration Fix plugin on the Nexus and it struck me that, at least in theory, this could enable a user to put leveled list references on NPC records in the PNAM field for hairstyle or even facial hair randomization. Without a fix like the one linked above, of course, this would a fast track to dark face bug, but now... there are possibilities. Unfortunately I couldn't test the theory because xEdit locks this field to PNAM entries only. Theoretically, if a LVLI record was inserted instead, what would happen? Would the game just crash? I'm cogitating on hacky ways to work around this, but if the outcome is a known quantity I can focus my efforts elsewhere. Likewise, what would happen if someone showhorned a leveled list into a template data field, say for a magical item. Imagine I have, through excessive modding, added 25 iron sword variants to my game. It would be a lot cleaner from a technical standpoint if they just got randomly pulled as template data rather than having a separate, otherwise identical magic item entry for each variant. Thanks in advance for your insight!
  11. I followed the instructions on setting up the tools Right now, as a workaround, I just manually backed up Update.esm and copy it somewhere, before cleaning with xEditQuickAutoClean.
  12. I've been trying to fiddle around with the filter and search options but nothing seems to work. I'm trying to drill the records down to only the placed aspen trees in the Rift hold, meaning only a select few cells in the Tamriel worldspace. I know what I'm looking for, but going through each cell one by one seems like it would be a huge pain in the ass, especially considering the overwhelming amount of OTHER objects are placed in those cells by the Skyrim.esm. My goal is to create a patch that effects fall forest only. Meaning, I would rather not make game-wide changes to the aspen trees.
  13. Hello, I'm playing using this mod (Warzones - Civil Unrest): https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/2360 It adds plethora of combative NPCs. Unfortunately, it also adds some objects like tents and burned debris. Can I delete those objects using SSEEdit? If so, how? Do I just need to delete ALL WZ records in the Worldspace category? Thank you.
  14. My cleaning of FO3 DLC's resulted in .recache files. However, the MO2 does not see that as game data. What have I done wrong ?
  15. Greetings, first time posting on this board. Apologies if I'm in the wrong forum; I did run searches. Anyhow, I recently added Dawn of Skyrim to my load order, but there's a problem: the mod author recently changed the name of the esp. Currently it is Dawn of Skyrim.esp. Previously it was Blues Skyrim.esp. The result of this is that some patches have "Dawn" as the master, others have "Blues." I want to set all the patches that current have "Blues" as the master to "Dawn." But how do I do this? I google this topic regarding xEdit and search it at YouTube but come up with nothing. I've been told that it can be done easily with Wrye Bash, but the window for Masters in Wrye Bash is down to a sliver and I can't see any Masters listed at all. Does anyone know how to resize windows in Wrye Bash? Or if anyone has a better way to change mod masters, I would gladly accept guidance toward other methods. Thanks.
  16. Maybe something basic I have overlooked but I cannot figure out why. I loaded up a plugin I was working on and for some reason several masters once there where no longer there, resulting in record errors throughout the plugin. I had to re-add the masters and then the corresponding in-error records. Why did this happen? I launch it through MO2, if that has any bearing on why.
  17. Can someone please explain how to disable the ridiculous resetting xedit does when scrolling up and down? When set to viewing the records standard, it's fine, but the columns are too narrow to view all info. When changing from standard, this weird scrolling reset happens that sometimes pushes pertinent columns off screen. How can I disable this so that scrolling up and down does nothing with the horizontal positioning of the records?
  18. When I scroll down the list of records, xedit does this kind of adjustment with the column width. Sometimes the data I want to look at gets pushed off the screen. How do I disable this so that scrolling behaves normally?
  19. Since the 'accepted wisdom' of cleaning the Skyrim SE DLC .esms + Update.esm has moved back to not cleaning them, should the guide be updated to reflect this? I had a look for any previous discussion about this but I couldn't find anything. At the moment, most modding guides still recommend cleaning them although very few state why. By contrast many mod authors either don't see any benefit in cleaning them or recommend not cleaning them, including those at the pointier end of providing support. This isn't a thread for discussing the technical issues of cleaning the .esms, rather to address the following: 1. Whether STEP should still recommend cleaning the .esms 2. Whether it should be discretionary 3. If certain components of the guide rely on the .esms being cleaned then of course that answers both questions above. But if that is the case, and we agree that cleaning them is unnecessary, then perhaps future versions of the guide could be reconfigured based on this. I've cleaned the esms both times I've done a STEP install and I never experienced a problem. However, I didn't have a lot of mods installed on top of STEP. Some people do experience problems as a result of cleaning them. Related note, just FYI: the 'accepted wisdom' also applies to the other Bethesda games' DLC, with the exception of TES IV: Oblivion as those are .esps
  20. Hello everyone, I'm trying to change the damage resistance of all creatures and NPC. I'm new to scripts, and I tried to tweak an existent xedit script health normalizer to make it change DR instead. The script should change every creature by applying a formula to the existing DR, which is different for each race. But it seems some creatures are not selected by the script, and I can't really figure out why (as an exemple, most of fog crawlers are not taken by the script). Here is a part of the script: Has someone a better way for a script that could do what I'm looking for ? Thank you.
  21. Currently, when I save a file in xEdit, it doesn't really get saved. The program creates a separate file and "queues it" to replace the original file when xEdit is being closed. It's far from optimal. First, because it's a unique behavior, unlike any other file editor in popular use. If you save the file, it saves the file! Why is xEdit a special snowflake? There must have been a reason behind this choice, but it's still a weird choice. The problem becomes apparent when I save the file and - say - electricity goes out. Happens a lot in my area lately. The program didn't close "peacefully", it was forcefully shut down by the lack of power. But, I saved the file, so it's saved, right? Nope, gotta manually find a backup somewhere, rename it, replace the original file... A lot of hassle. What I'm looking for is a switch in the settings (or a launch paramater, doesn't matter), that would disable the save queue functionality. That would make xEdit actually save the file, when I press Ctrl+S, just like every other normal program does. Any help would be appreciated.
  22. Hi, I've just run into an issue while following the STEP guide, wanted to know if anyone with more knowledge could clear it up? Earlier in the guide, I opted to skip this step, under Tool Setup. (optional) Some people like to place tools like xEdit that output files into mod listings rather than the default Overwrite folder. Note that, like Overwrite, these 'mods' do not need to be ticked in the MO left pane. The optional steps to do this are indicated below: (optional) On the MO window, click the Open list options button at the top of the left pane, next to the profile selection drop-down. (optional) Choose Create empty mod, name it xEdit Output, and click 'OK'. Later on in the guide, having optionally not set up xEdit Output, the guide asks this, under Moving the Cleaned Files Cleaned Masters In MO, hold Ctrl and double-click on the Cleaned Vanilla Masters mod listing to open its mod folder. Now open a new Explorer window and navigate to the Skyrim Special Edition Data directory (e.g. ../Modding/Steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim Special Edition/Data) Cut and paste the four cleaned master files from Data to the Cleaned Vanilla Masters folder. In MO, hold Ctrl and double-click on the SSEEdit Output mod listing to open its mod folder. Now, I have no way to go through with this step, not marked (optional), so I'm at a standstill. Can someone help me? I'm not sure if I have to go back and make that xEdit Output file, and if so, how to move the edits i've already made while cleaning the master files to the new output folder
  23. In SSE Edit, I created a patch plugin to resolve conflicts between .esp files. I now wish to uninstall one of the mods and it's corresponding .esp. Can I remove that .esp as master from the patch, or does the patch have to be deleted and recreated? I have looked through the Tome and it covers adding a master, but it doesn't mention removing a master as far as I could see.
  24. Is there a way of entering data without having to wait for the list to populate each time? For example, if I want to assign a loose mod entry, clicking on the loose mod field will take quite a bit of time as xedit creates a list of all available misc mods, so is it possible to just enter the specific misc mod I want without having to go through this? And I know this can be done with records requiring the same entries by just dragging or copying to selected records. My case is different, each entry is different.
  25. shiholude

    RNAM (Prompt)

    I cannot for the life of me figure out how to create a filter to only show records that have the RNAM (Prompt) in the right pane field. Is there such a feature? I've ran through several itterations of fitlers without success. This is a dialog only feature, and although I do see dialog as an option, I need more than just that top level field. Thank you for any help! -Shiholude
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