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  1. The link to the High Res DLC Black Face Fix is Wrong. It points to Gas Mask hat Fix mod.
  2. Sorry for the delay in responding. I had no experience with Wabbajack so I had to do a deep dive into it. What is happening here? What shuts down the game or ModOrganizer? MO and the game should be installed in their own folders outside of any Windows controlled UAC folders. Question number one. There is nothing preventing you from installing another instance of ModOrganizer. In fact, I would suggest that you do that and make sure that the vanilla game runs and doesn't have any problems. Question two. In theory yes, but there are some things that would not be available there that are in the pack. But you don't have to redownload or install anything if you still have the Wabbajack pack installed. You can point your new instance of ModOrganizers downloads, mods, and profiles folders to the ones in Wabbajack or just copy them to the new MO2 instance if you have the room on the drive. Edit, you will of course have to take care of the script extender, ENB and any other tools yourself.
  3. The disabling of mods is usually associated with write permissions. Mod Organizer constantly updates the plugins.txt, modlist.txt, loadorder.txt and its own Ini files. What version of MO2 are you using, and I would also have to ask where is MO2 and the game installed? The Steam library should be installed outside of the Windows Program Files directories, something like c:\ SteamLibrary, and MO2 should be install in its own directory away from the game’s directory and the Programs Files directories like C:\MO2. If you are setup like this, then I would make sure that the plugins.txt for the active profile is not write protected.
  4. I had a boat load of FO4 mods, some of which are now gone from Nexus, on a 2tb hdd. I found out a while ago that it died. I am now in the process of building a Truenas file server out of old computer parts and 8 6tb nas drives. You can never have too much storage.
  5. This may true if trying to run the game outside of MO. I once was running Fallout 4 from MO2 for a while with the broken registry link. I only found out when I ran the game from Steam that it had to re-register when launched. If you read this post, FNIS Warning: Expected generator path not found - Mod Organizer Support - Step Modifications | Change The Game they discuss more on running instances and paths.
  6. Forgive me as I haven’t played Skyrim SE in a while, and I have not tested the following fully (followed the guide) and I only use portable instances of MO2. User Mousetick idea of renaming the SE directory can be used to our advantage. Start MO2 and it will not see the game. You will have a chance to browse to the new location "C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition Hands Off". After you do this MO2 will start up without any error/ Now none of the executables will work because they point to the old location. All we must now do is to point them to the new location: Title - SKSE Binary - C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition Hands Off\skse64_loader.exe Start is - C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition Hands Off Do the same for both the game executables, Skyrim Special Edition and Skyrim Special Edition Launcher and any other ecexutables. The one exception is the MO2 Explore Virtual Folder executable the argument line must be changed to reflect the new path to the DATD folder. This will also have to have encased in quotation marks, "C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition Hands Off\data". The only problem I see is if you never installed the game before, there might problems with the path in windows. I will test a new install of MO2 and Steam on another computer and report back.
  7. I am not aware of any Fallout 4 mods, other than then the Unofficial FO4 patch, which utilizes the bash tags. So, running Wrye Bash to create a bashed patch will not work as you have seen. I would suggest taking the time to learn how to use mators smash in Fallout 4. There will be a learning curve involved, but once it is learned, it is a powerful tool and can do more than what Wyre Bash can do.
  8. Ok, back to square one. This should not be a problem as the usvfs_x64.dll and usvfs_x86.dll do the heave lifting and the MO UI has negligible impact on the game at that time. It is entirely possible that your antivirus has quarantined these or other files. Open your AV program and see if it has quarantined any of MO2 files. You can also create a new, not a copy, profile without any mods enabled. Start the base game without OBSE loading, untick the Force load libraries, and see if it launches and test. If it does then progress to OBSE loading and so on.
  9. Have you setup OBSE according to the following: Running Oblivion OBSE with MO2 github.com The developers have built in the "Force load libraries" to ensure that the OBSE Dlls will get loaded when run. Setting it up this way you will run Oblivion.exe instead of OBSE obse_loader.exe.
  10. Which guide are you using? Not knowing this will make it hard to figure out what is going on. Are you running Oblivion Script Extender, OBSE? The current maintainers of MO2 strongly suggest the following when installing MO2: "Mod Organizer 2 should not be installed inside a system protected folder such as Programs Files (x86). Also avoid installing MO2 inside the Game folder as this causes problems with the vfs library. Mo2 is a 64bit application and as such it requires a 64bit operating system to run."
  11. You should not have to reinstall anything. If you ever do need to move MO2 or the game follow this guide: Moving things · ModOrganizer2/modorganizer Wiki · GitHub github.com
  12. The Mod "Oblivion Camera SE" is a Skyrim Script Extender Special Edition, SKSE, Mod. As the mod does not contain an ESM, ESP or ESL there is not going to be a "Blue Bar" in the scroll bar areas right pane. It will only show up when there is one of the previously mentioned file types and the mod is selected in the left pane.
  13. Not that I am aware of. Sounds like a pathing issue or corrupt ModOrganizer.ini. The quickest way to test is to reset is to shut down Mod Organizer and rename ModOrganizer.ini to something else. This will in effect simulate a clean install. Your tools will need to be setup again and your mods may be gone also from the interface, but do not panic they are still there. Run the game once from the launcher to establish registry values and shut down the game. Start MO and test. MO should grab what it needs and you can point it to your downloads and mods folders from the path settings if needed. Don't touch any other paths in the settings.
  14. First off, I am not pointing fingers and I do not mean to offend, but the folder structure points to this not be a legitimate install of the game. If that is the case, then no amount of trouble shooting will fix any problems. Your game folder should look something like: “C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition” or if the library is installed away from the main install “D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Game-Directory”. MO should be installed in its own folder, also away from any UAC folder and not in the game folder as well as any tools run from MO. If you do then the MO virtualization will produce random errors. Have you run the game launcher outside of MO to set the path for the game and to set up the options for the ini files? Doing so will tell MO and any app where to find the game. This needs to be done anytime you run “Verify integrity of game files” from steam. Have you run “Verify integrity of game files”? How many mods with plugins, ESP, ESL or ESMs, are installed and activated in the right pane? What version of MO2 is installed and when did you install it?
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