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  1. Not that I am aware of. Sounds like a pathing issue or corrupt ModOrganizer.ini. The quickest way to test is to reset is to shut down Mod Organizer and rename ModOrganizer.ini to something else. This will in effect simulate a clean install. Your tools will need to be setup again and your mods may be gone also from the interface, but do not panic they are still there. Run the game once from the launcher to establish registry values and shut down the game. Start MO and test. MO should grab what it needs and you can point it to your downloads and mods folders from the path settings if needed. Don't touch any other paths in the settings.
  2. First off, I am not pointing fingers and I do not mean to offend, but the folder structure points to this not be a legitimate install of the game. If that is the case, then no amount of trouble shooting will fix any problems. Your game folder should look something like: “C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition” or if the library is installed away from the main install “D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Game-Directory”. MO should be installed in its own folder, also away from any UAC folder and not in the game folder as well as any tools run from MO. If you do then the MO virtualization will produce random errors. Have you run the game launcher outside of MO to set the path for the game and to set up the options for the ini files? Doing so will tell MO and any app where to find the game. This needs to be done anytime you run “Verify integrity of game files” from steam. Have you run “Verify integrity of game files”? How many mods with plugins, ESP, ESL or ESMs, are installed and activated in the right pane? What version of MO2 is installed and when did you install it?
  3. If you are looking at C:\Users\{me}\AppData\Local\Skyrim Special Edition\Plugins.txt. then this is for mods loaded from the “Mods” menu selection of the game menu when the game is launched outside of MO2. The file DLCList.txt will be created when the game is launched and Plugins.txt will be created when you add mods from the menu option. This will not happen when the game is launched from MO2, at least in my testing. All relevant files will appear each MO2 profiles. To try to trouble shoot can you provide the following, provide the file paths: Where is the game installed? Where did you install MO2? Where is SSEEdit installed?
  4. Somehow I missed that. This is good to know, thanks.
  5. With the exception of Auto Game Switch, I use all of the above mods. I can say they have improved the stability of my game considerably. I would add in High FPS Physics Fix as it decouples the games speed from the framerate.
  6. You can get there from the MO help icon, chat on discord link.
  7. Well I can't explain it mine weren't being monitored either, but I had OneDrive installed for ever since the game came out. Then a few months ago I had this problem. With the help of some of the developers on the MO2 discord we narrowed it down to OneDrive. When I removed it everything worked as it should. You may want to pop on over there and ask them as they are the ones that know the workings of the program. They will ask for some diagnostic logs.
  8. I have had this happen to me, it turns out that if you have installed the Microsoft OneDrive application to monitor files and folders it will at some point do start doing this. I had to remove it for saves to start going to the profile specific folder.
  9. All you have to do is first copy your Mods folder over to the "F" drive and maybe the downloads folder also. Start MO and press the wrench and screw driver icon to open the settings dialog. In there there will be a paths tab, click on it to bring it forward. Look for the "Mods" option and go to the right to the three dots and press on them. The "Select Mods Directory" file browser will open. From here you can navigate to the copied "Mods" folder on the "F" drive. Press the select folder to bring you back to the main window. Do this for the downloads if you moved it too. Click the OK button to close the the settings dialog. Restart MO. When everything is working you can then delete the original "Mods" and "Downloads" folders
  10. I do not ever recall seeing this reported. First off always suspect your Anti-virus has quarantined the MO2 usvfs_proxy_x64.exe file in the MO2 folder. If so, restore it from the quarantine and make an exception for this file. If you update MO2 sometime in the future, you will have to do this again. Is MO2 installed as a portable or global instance? What version of MO2 are you using, Nexus release or one of the development builds from Discord? It may also be a pathing issue. I would look at the path tab in the settings. Make sure the “Base Directory†points to the directory where MO2 is installed and the Mods entry points to the folder where you have your mods in. You can do an in place reset of MO2 by closing MO2 and renaming ModOrganizer.ini to another name. Run the game from Steam once and then close it down. Restart MO after you run the game and try running LOOT to see if it is fixed. You can reverse this if it does not work.
  11. Create a new profile and disable all mods and try to run a vanilla game. Next add skse with and required scripts and see if the game will run.
  12. Sorry for the late reply, my computer died in a spectacular show of light and sound this week. It is hard to say why this happened, but it was probably windows. I have had problems with one drive not letting me save my ini files until I removed it from my system.
  13. Probably could have worded that better. Say you build a load order and it will be the "Base install" with all of your core mods needed. Then all you have to do is go into the profile manager and copy this "Base install" to a new profile and add mods to your liking for the gender you choose . Rinse and repeat as needed. The left pane can be thought of as a pool of available mods to use for your play through and each Profile can draw from those mods. Keep in mind that you should not delete any mods from profiles built from the "Base install" as they will be removed from all profiles, you should only disable the mod. Edit: added a picture of the profile copy feature. It shows my progression for my current load order, each one is a copy of the previous one for testing as mods were added.
  14. Most likely the other profiles are using "Profile-specific INI files" and creating a new profile will generate new ones. If the other profiles are not using the "Profile-specific INI Files" option then you selected the Option to create "Default Game INI settings" when creating the new profile. If your profiles are almost identical then copying a profile and making selections for a new profile is what you want to do.
  15. There is not an automated way to do this in Mod Organizer. This can be accomplished, sort of, with multiple profiles though and some work. If you have one profile set up the way you want it, all you need do is go into the profile manager and make copies of that first profile. You then can edit the profiles to your liking. Adding a mod into an active profile will not be activated in any other profile, it will be in the left pane at the bottom of the list. If you delete a mod in any profile it will be gone from all profiles. This is where you must deactivate mods only. If you have multiple profiles set up already and you want to start over, you have to pick one of them to be your main profile and then copy loadorder.txt, modlist.txt and plugins.txt to each of the other profiles which will sync them to the original. This will give you a copy of the original in each of the other profiles. You can then modify each profile as you wish.
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