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  1. OoO I thought ther would be an last update to the LE guide, and then only for SE, at least i remember this beeing announced on Tech post about the development. Well that's sad, but understandable >: Will take a look on that guide, maybe i can try do something on it, and for SE will wait for the background issues going on to finish and the proper guide to be released \o> Again thanks for all the work on this project \o>
  2. Ohh thank yah :D No problem, i imagine that, for LE the only one that will be supported, when released will be the 3.0.0 version isn't it?
  3. As the title says! I know the site, wiki and all is going of ver a turmoil right now. Saw the announcement of rolling back from the project for a new system for the site and stuff. And, i'm sorry if it's repeated but, i wanted to ask, where can i find a link, to the most recent version of STEP for the LE Skyrim? On the main wiki page, it gives us the STEP:0.3.0b, that for what i understood is a preview of the SE release that will be given in the future. I've been wanting to go back into Skyrim, specially on LE and wanted to ask if yah folks could point out to me the latest version of S.T.E.P guide for Skyrim LE up on the wiki right now. Sorry if it's pointed somewhere else, i've searched a little but my potato brian couldn't find it. Also thanks for all the work beeing done! Anyway, sorry for any big grammar error, english isn't my native eé Edit: Seconds after i posted it, i found this page : https://wiki.step-project.com/STEP:2.10.1 Would it be? Or this :https://wiki.step-project.com/STEP:2.10.0
  4. Ohhh oukidouki! So, i'm just beeing lost and kind of a potato again hehe. Anyway, it's awesome the work of this community! I'm planning, as soon as STEP for LE and the SE editions are fully released, to prepare some video series for Brazillain users, that doesn't speak english very well!
  5. Hail! Sorry, but i may just be lost but. Wasn't the Step 3.0.0 would be the last Skyrim LE guide, and then everything going foward would be SSE? Because, the guide right now, at the Wiki front page (https://wiki.step-project.com/STEP:3.0.0) seems to be the SE one. Have i just lost my mind and got a little crazy and STEP 2.10.10 was going to be the last Skyrim LE guide? Sorry if it's been answeard before, just couldn't find it >_> May just be a potato
  6. Hail!My specs are the following: Windows 10.GPU > Gigabyte GTX 1050 2GB VRAM (Defaut OC Profile with AORUS Engine)RAM > 16GB - 2, 8GB DDR4 2133 MHz (If i remember right, its a HyperX Fury)CPU > Intel Core i7-7700 CPU @ 3.6 GHzRunning on a admittedly old 1Tera HDD. WDC WD10EACS-00D6B0 . For some reason, as i saw online people allegedly running on medium on the same GPU and getting smooth 60 FPS on concord for example.But, whenever i try it, the FPS doesn't really hold up.And, i'm talking full vanilla testing right now. No BethIni tweaking, no Fallout 4 Configuration Tool.Only, basic vanilla Low settings.And still getting huge fps dips.Checked my driver and it's up to date. Disabled NVidia Streaming Shield as some say it may affects FPS.Also, NVidia Control Panel, i've set it all to the default.Also, i'm testing this after a complete clean install. Now, I only use ENBoost for the performance improvements and fixes. and I've noticed that the enblocal.ini from the mod in the fallout 4 nexus, is meant to be used with an older version of the binaries of ENBoost, and i noticed that the ENBoost 6.1 on Skyrim Special Edition mod, has a LOT of new options and fixes on the Ini file.Yeah, i understand it is on the Skyrim Special Edition nexus, but, somethings like Mod Organizer 2 is hosted only there too, so maybe the enblocal.ini located there can be used on F04? What kind of performance enhancing mods/settings you folk use?Should i just give up for a moment and go for another game for now, until i'm able to upgrade some piece? Sorry for any grammar mistakes,
  7. Hail folks. Little question, wanted to know if the options here https://wiki.step-project.com/Guide:ENBlocal_INI are usefull for Fallout 4? Same with this .inis https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/73618/?tab=description Because the basic ENBlocal.ini that comes with the binaries is reaaaaly empty compared to the one posted on the Skyrim Special Edition.
  8. Oh! Nice. But, why would i need to load those dummy plugins? Don't M.O.2 have the "Have MO manage archives"?
  9. Hail! I'm following 2.10.0 as a base for a new Skyrim run. I'm aware that, when 3.0 Final finally releases, M.O 1 will be left behind and M.O2 will be the Manager to be used, at least that's what i was led to belive from some forum posts. So, i wanted to ask, do you folk think there would be any problems on using M.O.2 for Oldrim right now? Or it's better to keep using the old one?
  10. Hail! Really thanks for all the work on this project! But, seen this update raised one question on me, there are any possible timeframe for the release of 3.0?
  11. Well, the title says everything! I seeked out a little but failed. And the ENBoost advanced guide, doesn't explain well if i should or not disable the game native AA. So that's the question. If using EnableEdgeAA from ENBoost, will it have effects? Should i disable the normal game AA? Also, this is offtopic, but i'm using a GTX 1050, and i wanted to know if it's possible to activate MFAA on Oldrim? Maybe inject it thorugh the Driver settings? Anyone has tested it yet, does it give a better performance/quality than the game original AA or EnableEdgeAA ?
  12. Ohh Okey then <3 I'll be using M.O.1.3 for the time beeing, and will update to M.O.2 when/if STEP 3.0 do the same. Thanks for the help
  13. Hail! A question i must ask, following the guide, the part about Mod Organizer, it doesn't specify what M.O should be used. Should we go for M.O 2, as it's becoming more stable with each release or the M.O Legacy located on M.O.2 download page?
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