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  1. Ohhh fair enough! I think i remember this that you said about past versions having some options. But, may i, this humble no one duck offer an new possibility? It may end up beeing a lot of work. May not even be avabile at the next release, it would be fair. But, the idea would be. As Greg gave a pretty good explanation on how to a User to go and Manually clean certain masters from the CR Patch. Could, there be a page, maye a link to that page on the STEP 5 Patches section, that have an more in-depth explanations on what FormIds are related to each mod affected on the CR? So that at least, we, users, could go manually, having a reference page, to clean ourselves. Of course, it should be tagged as "Advanced Users for Those Modfiying STEP GUIDE" On that, i'm just spitballing ideas tbh, i really don't know how difficult it would be to create this FormID reference sheet. But, just seeing Gregs tutorial here, it's already a fantastic blueprint! Maybe only formated to be on somewhere on the wiki? Other possible idea, is having this exemple on the post as an "Exemple on how to clear Info and Masters" And, an tutorial on how to find what FormIds needed to be cleaned. Of course, with a lot of alarms that "It's an Advanced Guide for those looking to change the base CR Patch." ~ Step Team is not Responsable for Changing the CR Patch. ~ Kind of disclaimer. Again, those are just ideas that came in mind And as always, thank you folks so much for this, seriously, fantastic work. I can say that at least for my friends and social nerd group, STEP has been the reference point for modding Beth games for years. You folks are amazing
  2. Oh, heyt @TechAngel85! I had a small, stupid questio about a possible future work on the STEP Guide Patches. I imagin it may have been talked in the past, of course, but i don't remember the talks that was born of those conversations. Which conversations are those? Well, a "Modeular Installer STEP~ CR Patch". I mean, something similar to kryptopyr's Patch Hub. Maybe, a FOMOD installation, where you get the classic option of installeing the Step CR - Full. That is the one indicatted by the guide. But, on this FOMOD, therere could be a "Custom" option. That would give all those patches, separated,. And yeas, there would be a lot of plugings, as a resolt. Plugings that could, for advancerd usesrs, work with Merge PLugings to turn them into their own Personal Step-CR. This is one way i imagine it could be done. And as i'm not a deep modder. Most i did was really basic stuff, like creating some personal compatibilies patches and, small rebalances for personal playthghoruhgs and, yeah, small things. I know the complete basics, but wouldn't be able to to create a heavy FOMOD to create an "Modular Step-Conflict Resolution FOMOD". And of course, i understand the huge amount of work this would brig. But, i imagine that the last time something like this was seen, at least by myself, were around 2016. Time passed, there are new tools that could help? I guess? I remember aournd 2016 a concept patcher from Mattor, i guess, with an "Smashed Patch". But last i saw, it seemed liked to have been abandoned. Any other projects working around the concept of mergeing mods, conclifct resolutions and the like for nowaday? ~ "Fun" post, note. How. Why, WHY THIS 11 YEARS GAME STILL HOOK ME IN AT LEAST TWICE A YEAR!!? ? AND EVERY FACKING TIME I FIND SOMETHING NEW! Seriously, all complains on bethedsa, and skyim for that matter. But 99% of those are dwarfed unter the sheer communite aorund it. Dramas, intrigues, backstabbing but cooperation and extremely good intentional people doing so much to keep this game alive for so facking long. So yeah, just as an final, i'm still in love not only with the base game (That, i actually can still and have fun) but with the incredible modding comunity. Even with the flaws we can see here and there. Lastly, ******* thank you STEP team to be one, at lesat for my experience, less toxic spots of thos fandom\community. Congratz (Okey, i may have ended up going full praise praise prasie and pretty bootlicker\toady :X towards the project)
  3. God dammit! Thank yah! Was searching for this XD Trying to build a modlist for me based on step but foccused on performance and some gameplay stuff i prefer, was looking into Realm of Lorkhan as the starter option =O
  4. Hoy no problem ^-^ Just thought of pointing it out for future interations \o> Aside from that, i think the whole guide is looking pretty good.
  5. Hoy! Found a small inconsistence, i think. When you are directed to install xLODGen , there isn't any moment of prompting to create an "Step SkrimSE - xLODGen Output" Empty Mod. Later, o Step 5, it asks you to move some files into this empty mod, as if it was asked to be created beforehand. It's a small, easly to understand what is needed to do, thing, but as for consistance, it could be better to have a explanation to create the "Empty Mod" on STEP 2. It's nothing big, but it could make some ppl confuse, so cover all the possible erros. Unless it's already stated somewhere else, bu, i couldn't find it =Z Edit: ~ And now, after i posted i found that we had a prompt to create xLODGen Output before , and that is never used. So i imagine that it wouyld be Step SkyrimSE - xLODGen Output that, Step 5 refers to. As i said, is something really freaking small, but can cause some confusion.
  6. Well, 4 years later, a bad GPU rushed purchase left with me a GTX 1050 for now! I'm doing the STEP SkyrimSE right now, and i remember that on the old STEP there were some customizations on the Radeon Control Panel and Nvidia Control Panel... Doing a quick glance on the new Guide, it doesn't seem to reference those optimizations, so, wanted to know, are those outdated, or left out because aren't directly connected to the modding part? On that, if they were left out for consistance, anyone has experiences on using the Nvidia Control Panel? Right now, as i'm with a GTX 1050, i'm not going for great visuals, but looking into better performance overall. Anyone could give me some pointers on how to better optimize it? Tx in advance, and as always, sorry for any grammar mistakes or wonky writing, english isn't my native.
  7. Thanks folks, i was under the assumption that MO2 was focused on F4 and SkyrimSE D=
  8. Ohh ouki! I was under the impression, that for older games, like Skyrim LE and the like, it would be better to look for the original MO D=
  9. Hoy folks! I'm looking into doing some Oblivion streams in the future, and was looking into mods. Wanted to know if there is anywhere some modern\updated guides, and what manager, those whom do oblivion modding use nowadays? MO1? MO2? Vortex? I know it's an old game, but searching the only guides i found were from from 7\6 yrs ago! So, anyone could give some help on this front?
  10. OoO I thought ther would be an last update to the LE guide, and then only for SE, at least i remember this beeing announced on Tech post about the development. Well that's sad, but understandable >: Will take a look on that guide, maybe i can try do something on it, and for SE will wait for the background issues going on to finish and the proper guide to be released \o> Again thanks for all the work on this project \o>
  11. Ohh thank yah :D No problem, i imagine that, for LE the only one that will be supported, when released will be the 3.0.0 version isn't it?
  12. As the title says! I know the site, wiki and all is going of ver a turmoil right now. Saw the announcement of rolling back from the project for a new system for the site and stuff. And, i'm sorry if it's repeated but, i wanted to ask, where can i find a link, to the most recent version of STEP for the LE Skyrim? On the main wiki page, it gives us the STEP:0.3.0b, that for what i understood is a preview of the SE release that will be given in the future. I've been wanting to go back into Skyrim, specially on LE and wanted to ask if yah folks could point out to me the latest version of S.T.E.P guide for Skyrim LE up on the wiki right now. Sorry if it's pointed somewhere else, i've searched a little but my potato brian couldn't find it. Also thanks for all the work beeing done! Anyway, sorry for any big grammar error, english isn't my native eé Edit: Seconds after i posted it, i found this page : https://wiki.step-project.com/STEP:2.10.1 Would it be? Or this :https://wiki.step-project.com/STEP:2.10.0
  13. Ohhh oukidouki! So, i'm just beeing lost and kind of a potato again hehe. Anyway, it's awesome the work of this community! I'm planning, as soon as STEP for LE and the SE editions are fully released, to prepare some video series for Brazillain users, that doesn't speak english very well!
  14. Hail! Sorry, but i may just be lost but. Wasn't the Step 3.0.0 would be the last Skyrim LE guide, and then everything going foward would be SSE? Because, the guide right now, at the Wiki front page (https://wiki.step-project.com/STEP:3.0.0) seems to be the SE one. Have i just lost my mind and got a little crazy and STEP 2.10.10 was going to be the last Skyrim LE guide? Sorry if it's been answeard before, just couldn't find it >_> May just be a potato
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