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Recommendation - Suggest Users Copy "Detailed Instructions" to Notes in MO2

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One thought I had, and something I wish I'd done from the beginning, was to copy-paste the "Detailed Instructions" info into the install notes for each mod (I mean the "notes" tab visible after double-clicking a mod in MO2).

After wanting to add some mods, I realized it would be easiest to see how I installed each mod from within MO2 instead of my browser.

Any chance this gets recommended under the "Setup" section of the STEP guide? Do you all think this would be helpful?


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Honestly, I've never thought about it myself. It's note a bad idea. We can at least include it as a side note.

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I do this to. Very convenient.

In the notes i also note if the mod is a part of the STEP-patch, personal preferrences and so on.


When adding mods that do not belong to the guide i put it in the notes to (unless the mod do not end up under my "Non STEP mods"-separator in MO2.

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For mods with installers it can also be handy to use Textify, which allows copying fixed text in windows. See here for an example.
This makes it pretty much effortless to completely record your selections for most mods. Why that isn't a feature of installers in the first place is beyond me...


IMO this is good practice even for mods included in the STEP process. That way if a guide or mod update results in changes to the option selection you won't need to look through the guide page history to know what changed.


I even recorded every option for SMIM:


If you looked closely, you may have noticed the symbols in the one-line text field. I use Unicode characters only there, which effectively makes it a custom flag field.

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