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  1. Actually I had confirmed it, all the scripts from MBBF are included with Odin.
  2. Not questioning this, but IMO it's perplexing that the author makes no mention of this. Even the word brawl doesn't appear anywhere on the mod's Description, Logs, Posts, or Articles.
  3. I'm looking at the 1.0.4 CR patch and don't see any patching for CH. CH isn't a master though so I didn't really expect to see any. Was the patching abandoned before then or is this a case of PEBCAK? I ask because as someone who finds horses indispensable*, CH is likewise indispensable. So if the STEP 1.0.0 CR did patch for CH in some way I'm missing, I'd really like to get some idea of what it was so I can implement it myself. * Seriously, how do people who don't use horses get around on the regular? Do you run/sprint and/or fast-travel everywhere?
  4. There are two versions in Main Files, and according to the mod author the most recent version "should contain all the fixes [from XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended - Fixed Scripts]" (source). Edit: NVM about the author's comment (it doesn't contain RaceMenuPluginWeapons.pex which is provided by XPMSSE - Fixed Scripts).
  5. Dude... I got really excited for a minute there thinking that was new, because the Hotfix portion of the scheme definitely wasn't followed for 1.0.0.
  6. FWIW the author has removed the ridiculous and childish conversion ban, though there is no explicit conversion blessing. But the source was released with MIT license so any ban wouldn't have really had bearing outside of Nexus (if even there) anyway.
  7. I've seen talk about 2.1.0 in the Scrambled Bugs thread, but if that's not forthcoming should this be re-added to 2.0.0?
  8. Forgive me, I'm back to harp about specular maps again. The entire No Glow Skin section of the install instructions appears redundant, since all the files get unchecked in the Clean Up section. And regarding alternatives, have Feminine / Masculine Argonian Textures mods been considered?
  9. Was looking into the 2.0.0 guide, and noticed that Gold Septim - Coins Retex was dropped since the 1.0.0 guide* and AFAICT nothing replaced it. None of the discussed alternatives (on the JS Purses thread) were put into use. Not that the Septim model is a big deal, just curious if this was intentional or an oversight. * Despite the thread saying it was dropped in March '21, it remained on the 1.0.0 guide.
  10. For anyone considering using this mod in conjunction with a STEP loadout, there's a relevant bug: Compiled hm_mod from SE version is for LE. TL;DR Smithing Perks Overhaul compatibility is broken.
  11. kryptopyr recommends using the map.swf file from Atlas Map Markers - (by kronixx), but anyone who used that will know that it causes an error (because it's from an older version of SkyUI). Presumably it's a benign error - I can't imagine kryptopyr would have recommended it otherwise - but for anyone who wants to avoid the error and is willing to mess with JPEXS Decompiler, the relevant variable is MARKER_BASE_SIZE which can be found on line 727 of the P-code source under scripts/__Packages/Map/MapMarker. The variable can also be found in the Actionscript source, but I was advised* not to modify that. * All this information is courtesy of Nexus user uranreactor.
  12. I know this is only barely related to the topic, but I wanted to point out that Orange Candlelight has a Battle Ready version. Great option for anyone like me who cast the vanilla spell exactly once due to the fact that it's an ultra-bright-LED-esque abomination of [super?]nature.
  13. I mean, it's not an indication of anything wrong with the mod, but I'd argue it does have something to do with the mod. In any case, I only mentioned it for the benefit of others who may run into the same issue.
  14. I had to add a process exclusion to Windows Defender or generation would fail:
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