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  1. Does anyone know why it was decided to install SLaWF as an ESM, which results in it loading before Landscape Fixes for Grass Mods? The author of SLawF suggests only installing it as an ESM if you are using "mods that drastically alter the landscape... [such as] mods like People of Skyrim, Great Forest of Whiterun, Enhanced Landscape". Further, "Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes also conflicts with Landscape Fixes for Grass Mods and for this reason it should be placed below it in order to benefit from all the fixes it contains" (source).
  2. Not really related to the question, but it was pointed by the creator of a fomod for FAR that many of the FAR specular maps (*_s.dds) are borked.
  3. For mods with installers it can also be handy to use Textify, which allows copying fixed text in windows. See here for an example. This makes it pretty much effortless to completely record your selections for most mods. Why that isn't a feature of installers in the first place is beyond me... IMO this is good practice even for mods included in the STEP process. That way if a guide or mod update results in changes to the option selection you won't need to look through the guide page history to know what changed. I even recorded every option for SMIM: If you looked closely, you may have noticed the symbols in the one-line text field. I use Unicode characters only there, which effectively makes it a custom flag field.
  4. Seems like you missed something during Tool Setup. You need to configure the launcher arguments as shown in the table. But keep in mind that the output folder argument path will need changing even if you're using the exact folder layout indicated by the guide. If you're using the folder layout indicated by the guide, it needs to be changed because the indicated path is invalid. The output path indicated by the table is "C:\Modding\xLODGen\xLODGen_Output\" but it should be "C:\Modding\Tools\xLODGen\xLODGen_Output\" So if you are following the folder layout indicated by the guide, you need to put this in the Arguments field for the SSELODGen launcher: -lodgen -sse -o:"C:\Modding\Tools\xLODGen\xLODGen_Output\" ----- If you're not using the folder layout indicated by the guide, then hopefully you know the appropriate path to specify.
  5. FWIW, quest items should consume no inventory space even if they have non-zero weight.
  6. Thanks for mentioning this. Even though the latest guide recommends the Vanilla version, the New version just looks too good to pass up.
  7. Edit: I now see a little up arrow by the rep boxes. Coincidence??? I've searched the Citizenship Guide and this forum but can't figure out how to like or give reputation to posts. Is this PEBKAC or is there some milestone that must be reached first?
  8. Thanks. I was hoping it would be the 'Start in' directory because that would have simplified resolving a small issue in the STEP guide. And just out of curiosity, can you actually use Unix-style directory separators?
  9. Ruins Clutter Improved - Fixes might be worth consideration if you weren't already aware of it.
  10. I had been keeping a tab open with issues as I went through, was gonna post when I was done. Then the tab force redirected back to the Bug Reports board. Bloody hell. Here's what I can remember of what I had seen and what I've encountered since: SSELodGen Installation Maybe have user create the output folder that will be used in the xLODGen64.exe Tool Setup Table. Tool Setup In the Tool Setup Table, the output path in the xLODGen64.exe arguments isn't valid even for the Guide. Regardless, it might be helpful to make sure the user knows the path needs to be modified appropriately. Maybe it will accept a relative path? BethINI Initial Setup Has been updated since guide was written.Readme recommends using the Default preset before anything else.Reflect Sky is on the Detail tab.Snow section is on the Visuals tab.The one option that's enabled by default is recommended.AMidianBorn Book of Silence (SE) Has been updated since the guide was written.The hotfixes have been integrated into the Main file.The path fix is no longer necessary.There are now SE versions of all the plugins in Miscellaneous.Inferno - Fire Effects Redux Has been updated since the guide was written.Installer has changed:Guide shows 3 "Inferno Optional Patches" sections. There is only one.There is an "Inferno Optional Plugin" section.Vivid Landscapes - Tundra Moss Revised (SE) The SMIM compatibility patch requires a manual install. Audio Overhaul for Skyrim SE Has been updated since the guide was written.No longer contains SKSE directory.Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes Has been updated since the guide was written.Installer contains new options.Even Better Quest Objectives SE Has a patch for aMidianborn Skyforge Weapons, in case the decision is made to start using the converted esp. MoreHUD Inventory Edition Has been updated since the guide was written.Now has two Main files (BSA and loose files versions).Lanterns Of Skyrim II Has been updated since the guide was written (Update patch to 2.1). ----- In the STEP SE Mod Anthology section of the Main Page, the link to the SE-A - Tools page is out of place.
  11. A Nexus modder (Nazenn) claimed that the specular maps in the mod are broken. I'm no expert, but I looked at several with PDN and most of them do appear to be bad.
  12. To be fair, the guide doesn't list MO2 experience as a prerequisite. And IIRC this situation only came up once before very early on. OK, maybe in the tutorial too... Also, which Data folder? I went with high poly, but the guide is otherwise pretty precise. I kind of figured the fact this wasn't addressed was an oversight.
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