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FSS - Better Bards (by FuzzySockSucker)


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I couldn't stand that it affected ALL DIALOGUE in the game so I had to remove the mod. The problem is a known issue as it is posted everywhere but I'm repeating it here anyway. - It causes all dialog from ALL NPCs to be quicker with less pause in-between. Sometimes starting to say the next line without finishing the last one. Am I the only one with this issue on this forum?

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Am I the only one with this issue on this forum?

No, I've had the same issue - with NPCs stepping over each others lines. Very annoying. Personally, I removed the ESP but kept the sound files. As a simple sound replacer, it's still not a bad mod.
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@Solmyr: well, when the same character speaks over his/her own lines with the same voice doubled you know something's amiss.


@phazer11: it's unfortunately a vanilla bug that seems the have been introduced with an update from Bethesda way back. That none have attempted to fix it must mean its either too difficult or everyone's hoping Beth will do it themselves someday.





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I had been using the "Slight pause between lines" version (since that's the one that was suggested in STEP when I first got the mod), and still had an issue with NPCs talking over each other.

Guess I should have mentioned the version I was using in my previous post.

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