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  1. Might be due to script overload. I run CoT with RLO without any issues, but without Supreme Storms. Do we know how script heavy this one is?
  2. Ah I see. Thanks for the answer Krypto. It's really only an issue when running mods that increase spawn rates like ASIS or SIC. With those you can fill your backpack with wolf pelts real quick! An enhanced crafting system for jewelry would be sweet indeed. Crafting is just such an interesting part of this game, it would be nice for all character archetypes to be able to benefit from it. Since you're around, another question. With Jaysus and Heavy Armory you gave us access to some sweet melee weapons. Have you any plan to integrate ranged weapon mods?
  3. Looks interesting. My script-fu isn't great. Looking at the content of the BSA file, it seems like there's only scripts in there. Is the ESP file only a dummy file? Can this mod work with only the content of the BSA (if extracted)?
  4. Looking good guys. Is it possible that this change is causing issue with the main page? I can log on the forums just fine, but when I try to login on the main page I'm getting password issue. Or... I may just need a second coffee.
  5. It's really quite useful. I didn't use it for the longest time because "Meh, I don't need it" and then got annoyed to no end after running Boss or a patcher that runs Boss as part of it's patching process. Finally installed it and I can't really do without now.
  6. Comment/feedback/suggestion: Would it be possible to have an option that allows us to gain experience from using the Tanning Rack except when turning pelts into leather? The Tanning Rack was designed by Bethesda to be a Smelter for pelts. However, many mods add crafting options to it, making it a Forge for pelts instead. Now, if for some reason I find myself earning too much experience turning ore into ingots, I can turn off the Experience from Smelter option in CCO. That way, I still gain experience from crafting at the Forge but not from smelting. With the Tanning Rack, I "smelt" pelts and "craft" them at the same crafting station. So if I find that I earn too much experience curing leather but still want to gain experience from actual leatherworking, well... too bad - it's an all or nothing option.
  7. Color me doubtful. I've tried the Equipping Overhaul mod several time since it was first introduced, and I've always run into issues with it. DSR works. It may not be new and shiny, but it does what I want it to do.
  8. Ah interesting. Wouldn't have thought that this would be under the mod section. @Mods Feel free to delete this thread.
  9. So, there's this thing here. It doesn't offer anything really new but it make the whole process so much easier. I tried/tested it tonight by merging the Beards and the Brows mods and it just... works. Personally I wouldn't use it to merge big mods with leveled lists, because my technical skills are no good enough to handle issues. But for smaller mods it's a nice way to save plugin slots. So I'm curious to know what the STEP community thinks about this.
  10. This in seconds' date=' right?[/quote'] I think so, but I'm not 100% sure. Which is why I'm actually going to test it at an even lower value first, like 30 or 45 - it's going to be easier to monitor that way.
  11. Going to test it. The nice thing for WB users is that it can be merged in the Bashed Patch. The BleedOutRate is at 250 compared to 15 for Vanilla. Seems a little too big of a change to me. Will try at 125 too.
  12. More a "suggestion for" than a "is there a"... Standalone light armor mod for males. There's a ton of them for female but few for the guys it seems. Most armor mods for males are huge packs with dozens of armors and that's not exactly what I'm looking for. I would just like one or two nice ones to add to the ones that I'm already running.
  13. I've been trying to make a OnBack.nif file for the shield from the Dovahkiin Mercenary Gear mod. I've followed the instructions from the tutorial on the Nexus page of the Dual Sheath mod, and created the OnBackClk.nif file as shown in the forum thread, but it doesn't work. From what I see the Mercenary shield is a re-mesh/re-tex of the Iron Shield and so I compared the OnBack.nif files from both and everything seems to be correct - though I know very little about NifSkope, so I might be missing something obvious. The patch has been updated and the Mercenary Gear mod show as a master for it in TES5Edit. Ingame, when I equip the new shield, it briefly appears on the character's left arm and then disappear. So it looks like it does equip on the back, but it just doesn't show. Should I remove the original shield.nif from the data folder of the Mercenary Gear mod, leaving only the OnBack.nif one? Also, the mod shows a shield_gnd.nif file. Is there anything that should be done with that file? Thanks.
  14. I added that one to my latest install and I have to agree with Rootsrat. It's a very simple mod but it does add a lot. It makes the whole shrine activation thing... I don't know how to put it... more meaningful?
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