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  1. If an app saves a file from MOs virtual file system (ie an app you launched from MO), the file ends up in the overwrite file. You can move it where you like manually after that. This is how you work with Wrye Bash and TES5Edit currently.
  2. 1 yes, it takes a long time. For me almost 10 hours for the whole shebang. 2 something's seems to have gone amiss. I'm not sure you need to make that folder. You have Working Directory and Vanilla Extracted, the rest is supposed to be automated by the bat files, if I remember correctly. It is true you could put the loose files in the Skyrim data folder and it'll overwrite the BSAs automatically. I don't know what magic tricks MO does to load the virtual file structure but it could potentially lead to troubles if you let Skyrim handle some files, and MO to handle others. What I did was to repackage the textures and install them as separate mods in MO. It is essentially the same thing, only you let MO handle everything without touching your Skyrim install.
  3. That is interesting. I though I have reverted to the original textures but I'll check it out - I may have some DDSopted textures left which I repacked in the mod order.
  4. It looks like it plays 100% like a WoW clone. Everything up to the minimap quest markers looks the same. Never been fan of the WoW play style. It's fun until it becomes a chore you have to do 8 hours a day to keep up with clan members. Very skeptical of this.
  5. Out if curiosity, wouldn't that "fix" just make other background sounds cut off instead? Sounds with lower priorities (which might not be as noticeable). Haven't thought about but it, but if that case - if there's and ini setting to get the game to use more sound channels would also theoretically "fix" this. Downside of that is that it'll take more resources. However as ENB seems to be the biggest cpu hog atm that might not be a problem.
  6. Whiterun seems to be quite a resource hog. I got my first and only CTD there which has since magically disappeared. I still don't know what caused it. I have even added new mods in after it which is supposed to be a big nono if you want a stable game. I would check if I was running out of memory first then perhaps fast travel around a bit and see if it persists after that. After that perhaps painstakingly unchecking mods one after the other to try to find the culprit. Sometimes a combination of two mods cause a conflict.
  7. If a mod has both an esp and bsa, if you tick the esp it will automatically load the bsa. If a mod has only a bsa archive, it needs to be ticked in the archives folder to load. If a mod has a dummy esp which you leave unticked the bsa will still be loaded as well (not 100% sure about this). So the only variant you should worry about is if you have a mod with only bsa and no esp. In this case tick it under archives tab. Trying this only once will tell you exactly how it works.
  8. I wonder why the author didn't go for any snow overhang from the roof. Snow tend to clump up into big overhangs before it falls down. I suppose the house owners could have swept it down since that amount of snow on thatch roofs seems kind of dangerous. Lots of odd art decisions here and there but it looks pretty good.
  9. Not really. Conflict resolution and fps is (mostly) unrelated. Textures and meshes doesn't really matter either with your system. The most fps drainage is from ENB and density of stuff on screen. So either turn off/down ENB effects and/or edit ugids is a good way to boost fps dramatically in many cases. You can try swapping ENB on and off in game with shift+f12 (or whatever you set it to in embseries.ini) to see how taxing it is. Sent from my iPhone /edit Also what I have down lately is to lower screen resolution to 900 (from 1080). It does blur everything a little bit but it has enabled me to max everything including smaa at average 60fps.
  10. Didn't try that. I'm actually a little uncertain to which exact texture mod I was using last time I saw that wall but as Aiyen stated, this glossiness seems to appear in quite a lot of places. At least where the lighting conditions are in a specific way like OP. I can try to find it again, but it'll take a while as I have some intense school work to be done until wednesday.
  11. Yeah I have it too so I think it's the texture. I ddsopted everything down to 1024 and recall still seeing the same thing. Sent from my iPhone
  12. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/35549/? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/15020/? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/11008/? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/41320/? Google?
  13. iMessage. I have a billion free sms with my very expensive contract so I just use those. Nothing that is turned digital is to be considered "private" anyway. Sent from my iPhone
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