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Deathbell HD - All-New Textures (2K-1K) (by fadingsignal)


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Discussion thread:

Deathbell HD - All-New Textures (2K-1K) by fadingsignal

Wiki Link



Another high quality texture from fadingsignal. And apparently this little flower isn't covered by some of the bigger flora texture mods out there.

And it is not in any STEP install either.



Comparisons from fadingsignal himself








fadingsignal doesn't deliver anything but high quality textures that stays true to vanilla, and occasionally with alternate options, and this is yet again true.

I would vote for inclusion of this into STEP.





And if the topic is out of order, well it's first time posting a mod preview topic so bare with me and let me know what I did wrong.

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Have an older version of this, and like it. My only concern was, last I looked, the only version available was an 8k texture, which is patently ludicrous. He may have relented on this since I checked last, and added the 2K back in, but if that's not the case, I'd have to say no to inclusion. 8K for a flower is... yeah. Just yeah.


EDIT: Apparently, I confused this one with a another plant retex that hit around the same time. This one is kosher, and a great setup. Me likey.

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Look at the title once more Shadriss ;) He has two options a 1k and 2k, 1k will suffice or even a 512 version would be an ok option, as it is a clean and detailed texture without artifacts due to poor choice of compression method.

But 8k release of anything for this game is ridiculous, landscape and mountains is barely a reason to add it to, let alone a small object like flora details like this.

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As I said - I mixed it up with another. Nightshade maybe? I'll have to go back and look, but yeah, it really was 8K. Several Nexus posters were stunned by it... especially when the author said it wasn't a problem (in severely broken English, which should have been my first hint that it wasn't this mod.)

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I noticed the edit after I posted my comment. Don't know haven't seen any other deathbell texture mods, that I can remember anyway. While he was at it he could have made it an uncompressed version as well, really useful. 4k is even overkill for this object.

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Looked at some of his other textures, the nightshade looked great in game in the shots. While the snow grass and RHD tree looked good but in game it just looked flat, great detail on a flat surface doesn't equal a great texture. His texture implementation/construction needs true 3D objects and not just mesh texture planes to apply them to, in my observations at least.

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Truth. Have has this in since I first found it, and still love it's look in-game. Especially if you have JK's Whiterun installed - the cemetery area near the hall of the dead is flat gorgeous with this installed on top of JKWhiterun.

(Would have embeded it, but I can't figure the stupid coding out...)

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[xIMG]image direct link[/xIMG] Without the x


Direct link: https://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/561008684437158314/8A1FBA72579DFC97E775B710E5FA1B82F9B81800/

Direct link means a plain image displayed when following the http address.


Imgur's embed post function doesn't work, it's html and javascript and not BBCode. Using media BBCode works in the post editor but doesn't display the embedded gallery after a comment have been posted.


embed gallery result, using Imgur's old embed code along with STEP forums available phpBB special BBCode media


nothing is displayed as you can clearly see.

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I think the only thing I just got out of that was that the embed function doesn't work, which I figured out myself. :)


I'm old guy - I need it in plain english without all the fancy coding terms. I'm laughing at myself over here over my inability to follow even HALF of what you just said Jawz...

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