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Wiseman303's Flora Fixes (by wiseman303)

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Discussion thread:
Wiseman303's Flora Fixes by wiseman303
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This is wiseman303's (author of STEP mods Trap Fixes and Critter Fixes) take on making harvestable plants respawn. It works a bit different than Flora Respawn Fix (see mod description for details)
The mod also fixes a couple of meshes and carries over relevant fixes from the unofficial patches.
This mod is of course not compatible with Flora Respawn Fix and is supposed to replace that mod. 
As of version 2.0 it requires skse. Furthermore the mod is now required for CACO (Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul). Edited by EssArrBee
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Yay, it's out!  I've been looking forward to this mod.  :)


Also, I've been talking with Wiseman303, and there are plans to make CACO compatible with this fix.

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Yay, it's out!  I've been looking forward to this mod.  :)


Also, I've been talking with Wiseman303, and there are plans to make CACO compatible with this fix.

By 'compatible' you mean Wiseman303's fixes are totally incompatible with CACO or only that not everything is compatible (such as some grabbing animations)?

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Ill be honest... the "incompatiblity" with modded meshes is pretty huge. Sure, you'll get what you want, but come on... we pretty much all have a mod that changes such stuff... and when the plants are not "harvested"... may not be a real deal, but ist annoying for sure. 


Is the respawn bug an engine thing?

Yes, for further Details:



Flora Respawn Fix by bluedanieru

What it does:

You've hit this bug, even if you don't know it. Every time you went to a place after the cell was supposed to reset, and wondered "hey why haven't those plants respawned yet?" it's this bug. When you go to Solitude and you see those Nightshade there and then you go grab a cup of coffee and come back and restart the game and they're gone, it's this bug. FloraRespawnFix.esp fixes this bug.

See, since the 1.3 patch there has been a bug in the Skyrim engine that it can't 'remember' that plants, mushrooms, nests, and some salmon have respawned, after you reload a save. So you might go to a place again, see that everything is as it should be (i.e. has respawned), then if you save and reload... poof! it's gone. You have to wait for the cell to reset again. You might not notice it unless you look for it, but I've seen it explained as "oh plants take 30 days to respawn" (they don't, they would normally respawn when the cell they're in resets - like anything else), or that certain plants just don't respawn (they all should), or whatever. Nope, bug. Most players have just gotten used to it.

Well, they don't have to get used to it anymore. This mod can't directly fix Skyrim.exe, but it can alter how these flora and fauna are processed by the executable, such that they are no longer affected by the bug.

Flora Respawn Fix thread on the Bethesda forum site


Place the contents of the archive in your Skyrim/Data directory. Works with Nexus Mod Manager.


Anything that changes the flora entries in Skyrim.esm isn't compatible. Anything that changes any of the flora objects in the world isn't compatible (although, the placement fixes from the Unofficial Patch have been merged into this mod - just load this after USKP).

Harvest Overhaul is not compatible by default, but compatibility patches are available. To install, load all Harvest Overhaul esp files first, followed by the Flora Respawn Fix esp files. Use the Harvest Overhaul compatible plugins INSTEAD of the main plugins.

Convenient Horses is compatible, but you won't be able to harvest things on horseback unless you also install the compatibility patch (so install it). Be sure to load IN EXACTLY THIS ORDER: FloraRespawnFix.esp, Convenient Horses.esp, FrfChPatch.esp. (You can load other mods in between them, but be sure FRF loads BEFORE CH, and the patch loads after both of them. If you complain the patch breaks your game and I find you didn't follow these instructions, I will hunt you down and drink your blood.)

Thanks to Xubarku for the Harvest Overhaul-compatible versions of the fix.


Q: Will this mod wreck my save, increase file size to absurd levels, hurt performance, and otherwise ruin my day?
A: Probably not, although some caution is required. Once you start using this mod, it is unwise to uninstall and continue on after that. At a minimum, all the plants you have harvested will vanish from the game, never to return. Mushrooms, nests, and some salmon may also display odd behavior. This mod alters in a very fundamental way every plant object in the game. As such, you should play around with this mod a bit, make sure it's right for you, then commit to using it for the rest of that game (I can't imagine why you wouldn't). If not, revert to a save from before you started using this.

Q: Okay great but what about performance?
A: Oh, right. My testing has shown no performance impact in using this mod, that I can tell (I have a good computer, but it is not the latest and greatest by any stretch). Your save size will increase by approximately 5KB for each flora or fauna you harvest until that object respawns at which point the game will reclaim the space. This could become noticable if you harvest a lot of things in a short period of time.

Q: Will this mod fix stuff I've already harvested?
A: YES, but you have to help it do that a bit. When you reenter an area and you see that everything has respawned, HARVEST IT ALL WITHOUT RELOADING A SAVE. Only when you're sure you've gotten everything will it be safe to save your game and exit. The script that fixes things won't kick off until you harvest the item, so if you save and reload before that, Skyrim.exe is going to forget it respawned.

Edited by plaGGy

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From what I have seen, mod's latest version addresses compatibility issues with Mindflux's particle patch.

Also, as per mod's description, Wiseman303 has maintained compatibility with USKP; so, incompatible "popular" meshes are the ones from SMIM, which I am sure they will be addresses shortly.


Also, Wiseman303 has published a tutorial of how to make any mesh compatible with his mod. Ok, it is not the easiest guide ever been made but it is not that hard either. ::):  

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Yeah... kinda... i tried it in MO yesterday, and it seems to conflict onyl with SMIM.

have to admit im not following STEP, but rather use it as baseline for Mod comparision.


Now i have to get, what the heck this mod does in Detail. I was using Flora Respawn Fix, but afaik that one used some fancy hacked Version of Tes5Edit. It seemed to work nontheless, but i rather go save than sorry.

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Just want to mention that the latest version has compatability patch for SMIM, the only thing it has incompatability with in STEP is Clams drop Pearls. Any chance of this being added to step? :D

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Wiseman just uploaded a patch for compatibility with Clams Drop Pearls.


This should now make Wiseman's Flora Fixes 100% compatible with STEP.

Edited by Nebulous112
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      What is it called when this happens because I'm not getting good search engine hits with what I put in my title. Thanks.
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