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  1. Most likely False alarm.... if you are unsure, check with Virus Total. But afaik Nexus already does that with most mods.
  2. Okay, to answer my own question, after hours of testing and tweaking with Tes5Edit: It all bogs down to the usage of real particles as Ash and Snow fall. Since they are real particles, they need light to be illuminated and if there is no light (in the forst at night f.e.) they are all black. The same is true for the flame problem. The close to ridiculously increased amount of particles in snowy or ash-y weathers, prevents the flames (also particle effects) of any fire source to be persistent. Even with raising the number von "imaxdesired" to stupid amounts like 13.000 the problem is not solved 100%. The particles are also the reason why in certain harsh weathers the performance drops significantly. After replacing the particle effects with normal shader from "Wet and Cold Ashes", Climates of Tamriel or Vanilla Skyrim, all 3 problems are gone. Just for anybody that might wonder about those stuff - its more or less intentionally cause of the way the (cool looking) real particles work.
  3. Well, the shadow part usually works fine with MSAA, and the rest is not enabled - but ill look into it if there is a difference But even that did not fix the problem with black snow at night and missing flame particle =( Guess its a problem with the amount of snow in certain weathers.
  4. Yeah, im running BethIni, but im using Vanilla Ultra with tweaked Shadow resolution/range for performance - only going with the "Recommended Tweaks". Also using 4x MSAA since i hate the shimmering on textures. But will give it a try! I
  5. I really would like to use Vivid cause it looks awesome most of the time and is a good blending of Vanilla and CoT which I quite like. But I have 2 major issues I can only partly fix at all. First there is some really annoying black snow particles, which I could not get rid of. And secondly I cannot really get fires to emit "flames" - I partly fixed it by setting the "imaxdesired" particle effects from vanilla 750 to 6000 but I still do not get consistent well looking flames. Sometimes there is "fire" around my torch and sometimes there is not. Its not depended if I use ENB (I use it with shadows only and vanilla object and post processing enabled if I do) and only other mods effecting light should be ELE and Relighting Skyrim. Anybody having same issues or maybe even fixed them. Cannot find much on the Nexus page on those topics, but in the bug section mentioned modifiying particle amount does not fix it completely.
  6. I don't think that has anything to do with IC... the dragon stuff at least. I have seen Alduin doing such things times and times while not using IC at all. At least the soldier shaking in his mouth is a thing I remember. That said I played the start about a 100 times now... so I have more EXP than you I guess
  7. Yeah... kinda... i tried it in MO yesterday, and it seems to conflict onyl with SMIM. have to admit im not following STEP, but rather use it as baseline for Mod comparision. Now i have to get, what the heck this mod does in Detail. I was using Flora Respawn Fix, but afaik that one used some fancy hacked Version of Tes5Edit. It seemed to work nontheless, but i rather go save than sorry.
  8. Ill be honest... the "incompatiblity" with modded meshes is pretty huge. Sure, you'll get what you want, but come on... we pretty much all have a mod that changes such stuff... and when the plants are not "harvested"... may not be a real deal, but ist annoying for sure. Yes, for further Details:
  9. Yes, DynDoLOD will work out the Problem and make proper LODs from the billboards in the "Step Texture Compilation".
  10. So, i maybe Need a Little bit of help here, since im not sure about the load order in MO. Im using Skyrim HD with some other stuff, which should be irrelevant, for Trees im using Realistic Aspen with Fitting Billboards, Purity with fitting Billboards. Right now my load order is (stripped of the irrelevant stuff): -DLCs -HR DLC -Optimized Textures -Vanilla Billboards -DynDOLOD -(Texture LOD Output Folder using the TexGen Script) -Purity -Billboards for Purity -Realistic Aspen -Billboards for Realistic Aspen -DynDOLOD Output Folder (Using the WorldsGen script) Im using the medium Settings in the wizard, nothing else manually changed. The scripts are both running and being finished, i have wonderful animated Waterfalls, distant Settlements etc etc, but the TREE LOD seems to be off. Ist almost the same as the original LOD data which is shipped with the mods. All Tree LODs are too bright and they dont seem to fit the Color as well. Am i doing something wrong? Is the load order correct? Atm the manually created Texture LOD Folder via the first script in Tes5Edit is overwritten by some textures from Skyrim HD and a few other mods.
  11. So, yesterday i found some time going through DynDOLOD's steps again and Setting it up from the bottom. I now have a Problem, im playing around with different Setups and in one im using purity and Laasts Trees. So i downloaded the LOD billboards for his trees from the Nexus. The Placement of the mods is (broken down): - STEP Stuff - Own mods (only Gameplay/Texture for Armor, Weapons) - Purity - LOD Billboards for Purity - DynDOLOD - STEP LOD Output (the the first "mod" you create in xedit) - DynDOLOD Output (the second, lengthy creating process) Yet i somehow have a Feeling of getting non-Fitting Tree LOD. They seem look better without DynDOLod than with, or so to speak... very different. Had not much time to look into it, since creating eats that much time, but i miss some Information about the Billboard Locations in the Load Order at least it seems so. The Video from gamerpoet seems to be a bit Different than STEPS loard order. Bonus question: What do i have to do if i dont want to use SFO, but instead stick with Vanilla trees/another tree mod. Do i have to disable/hide any files from the current STEP Version? Clarification: I didnt try it with SFO enabled, but only with Purity and the Billboards for his mod. DynDOLod does work! I get distant Details like flowing waterfalls without using SkyFalls, it just seems that the LODs from trees are off.
  12. Just asking: Cant i put both Output Folders direcly into MO, respective the mod-Folder i want to use later on? This would make the steps of creating an Archive and adding it to MO redundant. I just have to make sure ist in the right subfolders, which is not that big of a Task. Not that i would recreate/edit the guide, just for my own pleasure :D Also, is it possible to get rid of it again during a playthrough? - Yeah, i know all the stuff about cutting mods while playing. But i also know that almost 90% dont cause any Troubles if uninstalled correctly. Cant find Information about that Topic on mobile right now...
  13. So, whats happening with the new update? I dont think we have Dragonborn really covered, do we? We have amidianborn, but thats landscape and ground afaik, with lots of .hidden files and we have "Detail the Eldritch", which is mostly "interior". Telvanni Reborn is dropped (i still have a copy i'm using atm). What exactly is covered by this one Has someone with more free time used some of it and taken a closer look into 1.7?
  14. There is a mod, Dynamic Potions, or so, cant lookt it up, at work right now. Lets you set pretty much everything regarding strength and how Long it takes for the potion to heal you up. I really like potions in RPGs but i dislike the instant effect. It should take like 5-10 seconds until a healing potion solved your Problems like bleeding from a cut or having broken arm whatever. So you will still benefit from healing of that potion, but cheating the coming death blow from that Draugr Deathlord is gone. It makes the game a lot more strategical, cause you really Need to retreat if you want to survive even with potions. The MCM menu has plenty of Options for you to Play around with... i think ist in my LO for a New Game, but the testing went pretty well. Maybe you can take a look at that. B2T: Does this mod Need a lot of comp. patches? Seems so since it should be interfering directly with certain NPCs datas?
  15. Woah... thats pretty sick actually... think i will give it a try and fight my way trough installation procress. Do i have to do all Steps mentioned on the Wiki page again if i update it or just the second part with starting the Worlds script?
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