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Khajiit Ears Show - With Mod Support (by Nazenn)


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I love the concept, but I would rather see the armors adapted than just seeing the ears. This would defeat the purpose of the armor. Take the steel armor. The helmet is meant to protect the head, but in this version the ears would be chopped right off. It would make more sense to make a pouch for the ears that would match the material used. I do understand this would be a lot more work, though.

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Recently joined the forum to help with testing something else and stumbled across a thread for one of my mods. Quite a bizzare experiance XD


Whiskers arent something I can do anything about, they clip through everything anyway because of what they are assigned too as a biped slot (which I believe is the face). You notice that with any helmets that touch the cheeks such as the dragonscale helm, and I believe also the steel ones.


As far as the ears, the mod was two for three reasons:

As a newer and more supported 'ear shows' for my own usage, fitting in with Horns are Forever for my argonians.

A way for players to see the ear movement during expressions when playing a khajiit which I think its one of their more interesting traits, no other race can show emotions without camera manipulation.


While I did think for a second about doing some mesh edits for the Khajiits, it would have required setting up new armoraddon slots for all relevent headgear which potentially introduced A LOT of compatability problems. As the mod is set up right now, you can actually merge it entirely into a bashed patch, so say if you have three other patches for improved closedfaced helmets, my mod won't override any of them and instead will just be picked up by the bashed patch with its edits meaning its greatly more compatable and small in file size this way, better for longer load orders as well.


Also as far as the steel plate helmet thing, yes while if thinking about it from a human perspective it is less protective and therefore puts the ears at risk, I was looking at it more from a cat perspective of having ears flattened and compressed by the headgear would disrupt balence and also be likely very uncomfortable over long periods of time. In combat the expression of the Khajiit causes the ears to flatten down anyway so that they are out of the line of a sword (you can see that in one of the pics) while out of combat the normal expression has them upright and usable.


If people wanted I could do a version that is ONLY hoods and other clothing like equipment and leaves the actual armors out, it would really be quite simple.

I also support other mods and armor sets on request.

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I think you brought up a good idea - having armors not clip with the ears, but having clothing do it.  I'd bet some people would be interested in that - either people who already use the mod and wish it was like that or people who have been tentative about using the mod because they thought it should be like that.

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I finally got around to making that Helmetless patch which is now live for the people who wanted it which should also address some of the concerns as listed above. My ruling for if helmets would have ears or not with this is that if it was made of metal it would not have ears and if it was leather it would depend on the shape of the item. Leather helmets don't have ears because its a proper protective helmet, the thieves guild hood is a light armor piece made of leather but it does have ears because its more a hood and also being a thief its designed more for hiding then combat and also ears would come in handy when sneaking. Let me know if you have any other feedback

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Sorry for the SUPER late reply. I thought I had already replied to this.

I haven't updated the description of the mod in a while and I do need to do that.

Also supported are the aMidianBorn content addon, Skaal Heavy Armor, Dreamburrows Assassin and Huntsman armor collections.

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