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  1. Almost regretting selling my old rig now as that would have been perfect for STEP testing which is really close to what I had. I can put a callout on the skyrimmods subreddit for anyone with a PC with specs close to that to help with testing, not just this mod but mods in general, if you like and theres none of the STEP regulars who have a PC with such specs.
  2. It definitely makes the meshes smoother, the only potential issue is that it does it with a flat subdivision, which results in a LOT of extra unneeded polygons for all the meshes, rather then just adding them where its needed to smooth them out. Where SMIM actually redoes a lot of the meshes and optimizes as it goes, this just flat doubles the poly count, sometimes an insane amount more. It definitely makes the meshes look a lot better, not doubting that at all, but there's also a lot of wasted performance here as well which is something that may need to be kept in mind when looking at this for STEP as far as value vs cost goes. His diabella edit for example has 163441 verts (~30k polygons), as opposed to vanilla which has 741 (under 2k polygons). Heres a screenshot comparison of the two models, both with and without wireframe: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f48h1rqv3uoah5m/Screenshot%202017-09-14%2013.33.01.png
  3. Forgotten Argonian Root's spectacular textures (_s.dds ones) are messed up which results in flat argonians if you use them. Ideally people should not be installing them when using the mod. Here's a picture of what I mean: https://imgur.com/ZtYL3Es On the left is with the mods _s.dds maps, the center is the vanilla male for comparison, on the right is the female textures without the spectacular maps from the mod. (Congrats on the update though!) Edit: I found a pic I uploaded ages ago of the _s.dds files themself so you can see the issue. They only take up the top quarter of the file rather then the whole thing: https://imgur.com/7poBhPQ
  4. Thats what I meant to say as well, if this file does get accepted into STEP I'd happily put up a single 'STEP' download on the page for you to point users at rather then going through the installer if you want, depending on what options you pick. I'd love to be able to give you permission to host it as apart of your STEP pack but the guy I used a lot of the textures from won't give out blanket permissions.
  5. Released an Update today which boosts the overall quality of the mod by quite a bit I think. Fixed a whole bunch of the mesh errors that were left over from Bethesda's meshes, either in the mesh itself or via texture details, sharpened the textures, added new scabbard options to pick from etc. Some pictures to show it off as its far easier then me trying to write it all out in words:
  6. I actually recently just added this to my 'base' set up which I use for all general testing etc and I've found that particularly when looking at other mods with similar effects like the one that makes signs blow, this has a really big effect on the way I perceive the game world. Docks actually feel like they are dynamic now, rather then just another part of the enviroment. While RWT does include similar functionality, I find that RWT you notice that it's added, while with RBB you notice that its missing if that makes sense. I'm more likely to notice in it RWT because the statics don't move, or a barrel will be floating etc, while with this mod when I take it out I immediately notice the wrongness of having a still boat, but it feels very natural when it's included.
  7. Thanks very much. and glad I could help :)
  8. I do have a fixed version of the _s.dds textures that I generated myself, but the mods comments are locked and the authors nexus inbox is turned off so I can't get permissions. For now though the vanilla ones still match best for the most part.
  9. I do have an update planned for this I just haven't had the motivation to work on it compared to my other projects which are actually still in WIP. I was considering a version that has a totally new design for the scabbard so that its not mimicing the original Dwemer scabbard template but wasn't sure what I should include in it. Any ideas anyone?
  10. Apparently sheson also now accepts pie, so we're onto deserts to hide all of them as well now On topic, yes this works as a reliable fix for me, haven't see any sync issues on the usual lines since I installed it.
  11. Wasn't sure where to post this, this board seems to host discussions on three different versions of this pack so its a big confusing. Anyway, was having a scroll through the wiki for SR:LE and found three small issues, one in the install, one in the documentation, and one optional thing that may be worth mentioning: Forgotten Argonian Roots Users should not be installing the texture files that end with _s.dds The author didn't make them properly and the actual texture is compressed to only take up a quarter of the actual file size meaning the argonians will appear quite flat with it installed: This is an old picture so it's not actually set up for this post, but on the left you can see how flat the male argonian appears with the FAR _s.dds textures installed. In the middle is the vanilla textures with the vanilla _s.dds. On the right is the female FAR textures without the FAR _s.dds files. You can see the issue with the actual file here using the argonianfemalebody_s.dds as an example: The Elder Scrolls V Rewritten - Arvak You may or may not feel like this is worth noting or mentioning, but for people who want the better Arvak mesh and textures but don't want the saddle because they prefer the look of it without it, all you have to do is untick the esp which is the only thing the esp controls. Bloodstone Chalice Reborn Minor documentation thing, really not importaint but felt I may as well mention it while I am here. Me and Gamwich were co-authors on this project, I did the mesh, he did the textures, but only he is listed as the author on the actual listing for the mod on your wiki. Could I please be added?
  12. Well I tried making the leather pattern smaller but I found that it looked blurry on the greatsword sheath now compared to the bigger leather. As far as roughing it up, I actually took the leather directly from the arrow quiver leather, so its no more rough then that is :P And nah that's fine, I like these discussions myself, yay for inspiration. While there are some statue textures out there, the only one that's high quality, Stunning Statues, also has some subjective things like turning Mara white, and making the nocturnal statue look a bit odd, and the bronze falmer one having a purple orb that looks like a texture error, so you could look at doing that? I was also planning on doing some enhanced models for those at some stage (without the huge breasts from stunning statues), so some nicer textures to point at for people would be cool.
  13. Yeah, I had to rip the leather from the sheath from the quiver and redo it all from scratch so it doesn't look perfect, but I'll have a look and seeing if scaling it down a bit and tiling it more makes it work better, thanks for the suggestion. Wow, marked for testing already, I'm really quite honored.
  14. Discussion thread: Dragonbone Mastery - Weapons Retexture by Nazenn Wiki Link Usually I'm not big on submitting my mods here, as I don't really conciser any of them 'STEP worthy' as it were, but as STEP doesn't actually appear to have a texture that covers these yet, I thought I may as well make a topic and at the very least get some feedback and thoughts if you guys wanted. The description is pretty detailed, I have a bad habit of liking my walls of text, but most of the info is also found in the images, including additional installation recommendations There's a few of the pictures from the mod page showing some of the textures and details. Most diffuse textures are 2K except for the dagger, arrows and Quiver, and scabbard, with all other textures being 1K. Recommended to be used with Better Shaped Weapons, and the optional mesh installations also use them as a base too. There's sill a few visual inconsistencies that I'm not totally happy with, mostly on the blades where Bethesda's unwrapping was horrible, which I may get around to fixing if enough people want me too. Not sure there's anything else to say other then I hope you like them and enjoy.
  15. I look at it like this, people have been running these mods together for years and true save corruption is still somewhat rare, and we don't have any documentation by how much the string count increases. Yes its a good idea to not go and install every 4k string mod in each game, but if you've been running these mods together for years and not had an issue, you probably don't need to worry about it all that much for now
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