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  1. With some exceptions. You need to go through this forum to look for like 2 mods that have the wrong installation instructions. X Caliber is one of them, I forgot the rest. Anyways, I installed this on a friend's PC and it works perfect with one issue currently: glitches in Fiend territory worldspace where bullets and ammo are shoot in slow motion and enemies that die are floating in midair. We also couldn't complete any quests in this area, because we start going super slow. I say his install went better than the install I did awhile back. Go for it before more updates make this guide obsolete. PS: Don't bother looking for an all-in-one mod package for New Vegas, it doesn't exist and it's good to support each mod creator by going to each page individually so they know we're still running this game in 2017.
  2. @Chribolski, check the ini file within the "New Vegas Stutter Remover" mod. I changed my FPS from 144 to 85 and that helped a ton. I don't mess with it anymore than that, if you have any other problems, I can't think of anything else you can do to fix them. I had major lag in different areas as well until I dropped my fps limit. Happy modding. Edit: I'm also installing the guide on my roommate's PC a little at a time, so I'll share any fresh insight if I come across issues.
  3. This would be awesome. Saves times too heheh
  4. Thanks. I'll probably pull the trigger next week. A few questions. Do we have a discord or mirc? It's been awhile since I've been on theSTEP.
  5. I would love to come back to it, but I remember last year being a pain in the butt asking you guys a million questions and having to wait on a response. Amazing mod and I love what you guys do for us. Just wanted to share and I'm willing to try it again if the guide has been cleaned up of errors and mistakes... in the past week. My last year's attempt I gave up halfway through due to the above. I was able to finish the guide once waaay back, with a couple of issues, like textures missing, features broken, and the huge stutter when activating the weapon wheel, but I especially hated the memory leak from one of the most popular mods. Nothing could of stopped me from enjoying it after so much trouble, heh.
  6. Thanks, I will do that. I can be lazy for not being accustomed to doing my own investigation. Much appreciated!
  7. I believe you'll need to bind them before setting the .inis to read only. Try it and let us know.
  8. The CaliberX section in F&L is not up to date. Should I still follow the instructions? Only one main file now, but the other files are still available. I gander the answer is grab the main and the "WotNM v1.1 CalX Patch", nothing else. Am I right? Lastly, any cleaning involved for the main file? https://wiki.step-project.com/User:Essarrbee/FalloutNewVegas#Do_You_Feel_Lucky.3F
  9. I'm still running through the guide and haven't come across BethINI. Edit: It's not on the guide. So should I run BethINI and then re-add the Guide's INI suggestions? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/4875/?
  10. You should update the guide if it's needing any fixes or changes that you guys talked about since the last update. I would appreciate that. I'm still about halfway.
  11. So I'm at this point in the guide, at ILO: https://wiki.step-project.com/User:Essarrbee/FalloutNewVegas#Weather_.26_Lighting Got the fomod out and as I follow the steps in the F&L guide, It tells me what to tick, like Bounties I and II, and D.e.i.m.o.s., but not NVInteriors Project Combo Ed. which it had ticked for me already since it detected everything I have installed so far. I know this is an awesome guide and F&L probably has it all taken care of for us, but I'd like for the guide to simply point this out just for relief and I've seen this in the Gopher Armor merge section. Just a note about not needing certain .esps so we don't freak out. TL;DR: Interior Lighting Overhaul's fomod has mod support for NV Interiors Project Combo Ed. The guide doesn't mention it, but I ask, because I rather get these things straightened out now rather than later and burden you all. So... do I tick it or not? Thanks. Edit: Alright, I noticed this mod right after posting, NVInteriors Rewritten ILO-Patch. It overwrites the original NV Interiors Project's .esm files, so I guess were good, right?
  12. Thank you, Audley. That's what I needed to know. So I'll go through the process one more time without fixing errors and done. I can finally sleep in peace.
  13. Disregard, I don't know what was causing me issues before disabling the mod, but it seems to run just fine with the modding guides options enabled again. nothing to see here. Still need help here so I can continue modding thanks: https://forum.step-project.com/topic/11916-need-another-set-of-eyes-on-this/
  14. TL;DR, I had to disable New Vegas Stutter Remover to be able to run FNV. I set bReplaceHeap to 0 and that helped me run the game with the Stutter Remover mod. I have a GTX 1070 and an i5-6600k with 16GB RAM. Is this not modern enough to run the Heap section? What can I do to be able to have it enabled Edit: I'm reading on the readme that it's great for heavily modded games and only kicks in when the game is pushing that setup. I just stared the guide, so this is telling me that I should wait to enable this until I complete the guide.
  15. Thanks, I like his way of thinking. It would be neat to test out his vision. I see quite a bit of outdated instructions throughout Mono's F&L guide unless it's the other way around. I would trend carefully.
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