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More Bony Skeletons by jerminator1977


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More Bony Skeletons by jerminator1977


This is just a replacer for human skeletons and the bones of humans.


Author's Description:

An enhanced, HD retexture for your skeleton creatures, decorative skeletons, and also for any skeleton bones that you may have laying about.


Available in bleached and Grimy (updated to fix the grim recolor).


Applies to human bones only.

This would overwrite Better Bones, but this retexture of human bones looks a bit more like old bones to me. Better Bones can be to dark and bumpy, while More Bony Skeletons has the grimy look that is perfect for skeletons that have been sitting in caves and dungeons.


The bleached look might be a bit to white, but the grimy version is very nice.

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