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Project Parallax - Rocks and Mountains


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Just remove the textures part from Pannorians parallox mountains & rocks archive, and it works fine


This was just posted by the mod author:

I haven't tested with Skyrim HD, but you can safely delete the

mountainslab.n.dds and the mountainslab.dds files in the

texture/landscape/mountains folder.




The only thing you really need is the 2 files ending with a _p.dds

and the meshes assuming that both Skyrim HD and the High res overhaul

both uses the same original meshes (I think they do).




Basically, download the mod,




1. then unzip it outisde of skyrim.


2. go inside the mod's folder (textures) and delete the

mountainslab01 and 02 .dds files as well as the the ones ending with the



3. The only stuff you should have remaining are the 2 files ending with a "_n_p" in the "/textures" folder of this mod.


Then copy over both folders (meshes and textures) into your data folder.


4. Don't forget to download and install the latest ENB mod from Boris' website and install it.




This procedure will leave any texture mods intact, and allows to

have their own textures running. I don't know how it's gonna look like ,

soon I will download the mods and test it myself.




Don't forget, this is still alpha-stage, meaning it's far from being done. :)

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I am not going to try this one, as the pages says you will take a hit on fps with it. The Whiterun (and new solitude) say there is minimal performance loss. I'd guess that's because these are rock textures, used all over the place, but I don't really know.

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It will be similar to the hit you get from SMIM or Parallax Whiterun, etc... it takes more GPU power to render the more complex meshes. Any place that includes a large amount of these more complex meshes is going to lower fps, but its just gonna be specific places not everywhere.

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