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Issues with guide instructions



I'm following the instructions given in the guide to open up Live Another Life in the CK-- all plugins have been cleaned with TES5Edit. I selected Skyrim.esm, Update.esm, Dawnguard.esm, Hearthfires.esm and Dragonborn.esm, and lastly the Alternate Start plugin, setting it as the active file. Loading the files proceeds as usual, then at some point loading Hearthfires (around 80% loaded) it pops up with this error message:


File: C:\_Skyrim\Code\TESV\TES Shared\misc\BGSLocalizedString.cpp

LOCALIZATION: Error opening or reading strings file.


There is an option to Abort/Retry/Ignore. I click "Ignore" at this point (have also tried "Retry", with the same results), and it gives me the following message:

MASTERFILE: LOCALIZATION: Zero entries or empty block size read from strings file STRINGS/Dragonborn_ENGLISH.STRINGS. Strings will be missing. Yes to all will disable all Warnings for this context.

I hit "Yes to all" and the CK promptly crashes. I've verified my cache twice, redownloaded Dragonborn.esm, and still the problem persists. Help! What am I getting wrong?

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Are you sure you have the config file for CK to load Dragonborn.esm correctly so that you can load more than one at a time? Just a thought. That's why mine was crashing a long time ago.


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Well! Thanks for that reminder ath3nos! I checked and the config file WAS the issue. I managed to leave out Dragonborn.esm altogether since I just got it less than 2 days ago-- AFTER configuring the CK previously for the other DLCs I had. >.< That'll teach me to go through and revise my SR install on too little sleep at 4AM in the morning. The CK and files now load up just right and I can save the plugin; though the CK keeps crashing on exit after saving; no idea why it keeps doing that, but oh well.


Thanks for the help everyone!

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I am finally trying to learn more about using the Creation Kit ... Currently, I am having real problems panning the camera. If I hold down my mouse wheel (mouse 3), I can pan, yes, but whatever object is selected also moves to the left. This happens whenever I hold down the mouse wheel. Selected object continuously moves to the left, and I can pan just fine ... but who cares, because I have now messed up the selected object's position.


Soes anyone have any idea why this is happening or how to 'fix'?

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