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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I'm back after some years trying out the new guide (Skyrim Special Edition 1.0.0). I'm following it very closely and came across a part that I found a bit confusing. I bring up two main issues in this post that I would kindly like some help with: 1. Confusing guide steps 2. Missing backup of Update.esm These are the problematic/confusing guide steps. Please note that it's not necessarily the steps themselves that are confusing (except the last sentence in STEP 3 point 3), but rather the purpose/thought behind. ------------------------------ STEP 2 Profile Setup "10. Now click the MO List Options button and select [Create empty mod]." "11. Name it xEdit Output." Tool Setup table (Arguments) (Applies to both TES5Edit.exe and TES5EditQuickAutoClean.exe) "Tick the Create files in mod instead of overwrite box and select the xEdit Output mod from the drop-down." STEP 3 Cleaning Vanilla Master Files Standard Cleaning Procedures "3. Once xEdit is finished, click [X] at upper right to close. A backup of the original plugin will automatically be saved into (e.g., ../xEdit Output/SSEEdit Backups) inside of Overwrite at the bottom of the MO mod list (left) pane." ------------------------------ First of all, isn't the point of creating the "xEdit Output" mod to make the backups appear there instead of in Overwrite (apologies if I misunderstand this)? That's why the last sentence in STEP 3 point 3 was a little confusing. If we remove the parenthesis it says "A backup of the original plugin will automatically be saved into inside of Overwrite at the bottom of the MO mod list (left) pane." Could you re-formulate that whole sentence including the parenthesis to make it clearer you think? Because I don't understand what the "xEdit Output" is for or where the backups end up. Now for the missing esm: After I had cleaned the first file (Update.esm) with TES5EditQuickAutoClean.exe and closed the tool I couldn't find a backup file in any of the folders (neither xEdit Output nor Overwrite). I proceeded to clean the other files (Dawnguard.esm, Hearthfire.esm, Dragonborn.esm). After doing so those three appeared in....probably the Overwrite mod folder. Sorry, I can't remember precisely but I think it was the Overwrite folder. It most likely was, because otherwise I wouldn't be here wondering what the purpose of the xEdit Output folder is. But anyway, as I said the Update.esm was nowhere to be found. Which means I had no backup of the original file. So here's what I did then: I went into Steam and did a "verify integrity" check. The Update.esm was then retrieved, I made a backup of it and then cleaned it again. When doing so I got an error (I really need to write down these error messages) saying that some registry edits had disappeared and that I had to run the Skyrim launcher again. I did so and then I went back and did the whole BethINI thing again just in case some ini-files had been overwritten. So is that sufficient? Can I continue from STEP 4 or do I need to go back (further up) in the guide and redo some steps? Jeeez, Whitestar, that sure was a lot of text that you made me read Ok, here is a short summary: 1. I found the parts about "xEdit Output" a bit confusing, including the arguments given in the tool setup table. Why exactly do we create that mod (folder), especially when it says further down that the plugin backups can be found inside Overwrite (and I believe that's where I found them). 2. The Update.esm wasn't backed up. 3. Having done the "verify integrity" thing and then re-done the BethINI steps, am I good to continue, or should I rewind further and redo more steps (please say no )? Thanks, and apologies if I have misunderstood something. MO2 isn't exactly the most intuitive tool I have ever used. Also apologies if anything (or all) in my post is unclear. It's always a bit hard to clearly and precisely describe issues when the problems are a bit vague. EDIT: Just a thought: It's only after the manual cleaning of Dawnguard.esm using TES5Edit.exe (not TES5EditQuickAutoClean.exe) that I tick Backup Plugins. In TES5EditQuickAutoClean.exe I was told to just exit the tool. Could it be that the Backup option is not enabled in TES5EditQuickAutoClean.exe, and that that's the reason Update.esm wasn't backed up? And when I tick that option in TES5Edit.exe it also somehow gets activated in TES5EditQuickAutoClean.exe, resulting in backups taken of Hearthfire and Dragonborn? This is just pure speculaition and I don't really know what I'm talking about.
  2. FO3LODGEN allows generation of object LOD for the Worldspaces in Fallout 3 using objects that are "visible from distant" from the current load order. There are already equivalent mods for TES5 (Skyrim), TES4 (Oblivion), and Fallout NV (not yet available). Details of how to use the Fallout 3 version are available on the Nexus page. This will be added to the Clear and Present Danger Fallout 3 guide once it has tested with the mods in the guide so that instructions and recommendations specific to this guide can be added.
  3. Discussion topic for whether or not Smash should be incorporated into the STEP Guide. Mator Smash by matortheeternal Old WIP Thread (To read past discussion) I'm creating this because Smash has just been officially released (it's now out of Beta). I think using Mator Smash with STEP v3 should be seriously considered. Reasons to consider using Mator Smash in the STEP guide: - It enables users who use the STEP Guide to create their own conflict resolution patches if/when they deviate from the STEP guide. - STEP patches can still be distributed as part of the STEP guide. A separate guide could walk users through how to create them themselves using Mator Smash + xEdit. - Mator Smash is already widely adopted by power users in the community. With the official release and the addition of the quick patch button it's likely to be adopted by other users as well. The tooling promoted by the STEP guide needs to stay relevant for more experienced users in the community to take the guide seriously. - I am committed to resolving all lingering issues with Smash to make how it resolves conflicts more robust and correct. - Mator Smash provides the best conflict resolution solution available for TES/FO games. Teaching users to use it will have a large positive impact on their modding experience.
  4. Hey guys, Just wondering how to setup MO2 to run with the tweaks made in FO4CT. I'll try and explain my problem best as possible. Starting FO4 through configuration tool alone (Fallout4configtool) works fine, but then i don't have the mods from MO2, trying to start FO4CT through MO2 crashes. Running F4SE through MO2 starts games with mods but no config edits. if anyone has any ideas on how to get this to work would be much appreciated *FO4CT (Fallout 4 configuration tool)
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