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Found 8 results

  1. Hello! When I am trying to create navmesh in a certain place - it's move to the side On 0:12 you can see how I am trying to make navmesh but it's flies, what is the problem ? How to fix it?
  2. Hello! When I selected plugins and started to modify it all ok, but when i trying to add more plugins to existing plugins I got crash with this error
  3. Hi I was wondering how I would go about generating a custom lodsettings .lod file for my custom worldspace. Currently I'm just using the Tamrield.lod but renamed to my mods name. But I believe that is causing the problem of the worldmap inheriting some of the properties of the main worldmap (See img attached, Mountain clouds where there shouldn't be.) Any help appreciated.
  4. Hi I'm trying to make a mod that adds a new land, and I have the LOD generated on my main PC using xLodGen and it works great. But I can't figure out how to get the LOD working on another PC after installing the .zip with MO2. The LOD generation output gets put in the overwrite folder on my main PC and I was wondering how to get that put into a .zip so MO2 can install it all at once. Thanks for any help, and sorry if this has been asked before but I can't find anything.
  5. Hello everyone! I have a small problem with my worldspace, everything works fine with LOD and all, but I can see the edges of the map, any way to fix this? To be water or something? And also when I'm on my worldspace map the clouds are... just like from Skyrim? they are not flat above the world, they are shaped like in skyrim. I can see High Hrothgar shape in the clouds actually.
  6. Just a quick question. How much do clouds impact the game performance? Both near and LOD-wise? Would the ammount of clouds in the following screenshot be too much for Skyrim to process? I tried to find a tutorial about clouds, but could not find any.
  7. Is there a proper way for the game to recognize when the player has just finished lock-picking a container, so that a follower would comment on it? I tried making a scene for a quest under the Story Manager Event "Lock Pick", and also added the respective quest node to Lock Pick SM Event Node. None of these resulted in the follower commenting whenever I would lockpick a container. Help would be appreciated.
  8. I'm trying to add follower commentary from Serana to a vanilla scene (the beginning Morthal scene, DialogueMorthalInitScene). I've already set up my alias for Serana (MorthalSceneRNPCAlias, External Alias Ref, DLC1NPCMentalModel Alias ------> ResponsiveNPC), and added her alias to the vanilla scene script as an "auto" property: ;BEGIN ALIAS PROPERTY MorthalSceneRNPCAlias ;ALIAS PROPERTY TYPE ReferenceAlias ReferenceAlias Property Alias_MorthalSceneRNPCAlias Auto After the last vanilla phase ( Phase 8 ) when JorgenAlias says his last line, I added a new Phase (9) where Serana would comment to the player. There is one requirement for that Phase to fire, (GetVMQuestVariable on DLC1NPCMentalModel, ::isFollowing_var) just to check if she's currently following the player. However, even when the requirements have been met, this Phase doesn't fire in-game. Looking at the vanilla scene in itself, there are four actors (Aslfur, Thonnir, Benor, and Jorgen) each with a UniqueActor FillType for their respective aliases. The quest scene is a Start Game Enabled one, immediately at Stage 0 moving the four characters into their respective scene markers. "Alias_AslfurAlias.GetReference().MoveTo(AslfurMarker) Alias_ThonnirAlias.GetReference().MoveTo(ThonnirMarker) Alias_BenorAlias.GetReference().MoveTo(BenorMarker) Alias_JorgenAlias.GetReference().MoveTo(JorgenMarker)" The scene properly starts for the player to experience once the player is less than 1000 units away from Aslfur's alias. It then continues on as normal until the last phase, where it ends. Nothing else from the base vanilla scene was tweaked or changed, both in script fragments and quest entry. I think it may have to be something related to Serana's alias not properly filling, since the quest starts and goes on as it normally would in the vanilla game. Any help would be much appreciated.
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