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New Vegas mod for Farlo

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We've had a thread talking about doing some stuff like that, but I don't think anyone would ever really put the time in. I did look it over for like 2 days though, and figured out that DDSopt works with FNV BSAs, and even had a list of textures to add to the exclusions list.


Basically, a STEP type guide would be around 50-60 mods I guess due to less mods being available, so it would be better to do a SR type guide to crank it up over 100. I'm sure if enough people bugged me about it I'd come up with a starter set of stuff to work with.

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I've never seen a guide like STEP for the games in the Fallout series like FNV. One of the main emphases in STEP is in improving the game experience without making major changes to the vanilla game, including a lot of effort in graphics-related mods. There are far fewer purely graphics related mods in FNV; the emphasis is more on gameplay such as adding weapons/armor with different properties as well as improved meshes/textures, mods that change the looks/clothing of the major NPCs, and quests. There isn't a significant emphasis on remaining as consistent as possible with the vanilla game.


There are a lot of fix mods. There are a 3 major landscape/clutter texture overhaul mods (NMC, Ojo Bueno, Paco Bueno) plus mods like Wasteland Flora Overhaul for vegetation ; I use all 3 since there is some overlap but not so much that don't work together. There are two major mods that are somewhat like the unofficial patches; they are merged versions of other mods and include graphics and gameplay fixes. They also have options to include some gameplay changing mods like quests. These two mods (New Vegas Enhanced Content and Mission Mojave Ultimate Edition) can be used together; I use both. Unlike the unofficial patches in Skyrim, they take care of compatibility patching for all the mods they incorporate including the fixes so each of these has a single very large plugin and a small number of compatibility patch plugins.

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There's a new patch mod that is just fixes for vanilla and it would be the one want to start with over MMUE or NVEC, even though those are older and have more fixes they change other things in the game that aren't strictly bugs. It is called Yukichigai Unofficial Patch, check it out. Also, Weapon Retex Project by Millenia. There is currently no modder making better textures that him, nope not even Cabal. Actually I think he's also a staff member of the nexus.


Now can we get back to

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I think he might take offense to that.


Still, he did work for New Vegas before Skyrim, and his works for that are awesome too.


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Took me about five minutes to realize who you were referring to. I was thinking about Gnome Chompski being in Skyrim, what, where is he?


Yeah, the Book of Water is nice, really like the creatures pack for that.

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I'll look at the new patch. For Fallout games I'm not as tied to vanilla as STEP is in Skyrim; I'm more interested in what seems better while remaining reasonably lore friendly. I included the work by Millenia when I mentioned weapon mods since the weapons mods he has done typically have the best weapon textures, and some of Cabals work in armor mods.


NVEC does include a mod where you search for drunken gnome statues :gnome:.


Don't forget one of the other interesting "features" of FNV, which mods like NVEC and MMUE help mitigate. While all the other Bethesda Fallout and TES games support 255 plugins, the FNV software was written in a way that it can only use a much smaller number of plugins.

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