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Morrowind on sale (Steam)

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I really hope Bethesda has learned enough to not go this route.  I can't imagine any "lost profits" from this coming even close to offsetting the PR nightmare this would be.


They can't state profit loss, as both games are required to correctly install Skywind.


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That's what I thought, so there's literally no reason to go after these guys.  If anything it'll boost Morrowind sales, there have got to be a few TES fans who haven't bought it yet...
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Sadly I suppose they could claim it promotes piracy.. But at the same time, if 100 people (made up number obv) download Morrowind for Skywind, and 25 people buy it for Skywind, that wouldn't have gotten it at all otherwise - Beth still benefit. Morrowind is such an amazing game too so anything that promotes more people playing it is good in my book. :)

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hard to say. The arguments in its favour seem clear, but that doesn't often seem to inform the control freakery that publishers engage in. They might get it into their heads that it steps on their future plans to rerelease in some other format in the future, as with Baldurs Gate.



I have in my mind a character at a desk in most games publishers, rather like Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder - "You shat in the money bed!!!"

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How many people would actually buy Morrowind anyways if it wasn't a few bucks. Keeping your game prices high 10 years after its been released, who would actually pay $20 for a game that came out in 2002?


I think that Beth's thing is that it is probably easy to subvert the process of owning both games to play Skywind or MorrOblivion or Skyblivion or ... I don't think they have a bunch of cease and desist stuff on the way either since they haven't shut down the MorrOblivion website.

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