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Ancient Falmer Armor HD Retext & Redone (by Barneq)


Which version of the armor (in post #16) is the best?  

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  1. 1. Which version of the armor (in post #16) is the best?

    • Vanilla
    • Modded (no optionals)
    • Modded with ragged optional
    • Modded with glow optional

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Ancient Falmer Armor HD Retext & Redone










Description: Hand-made retexture of the Ancient Falmer Armor in Dawnguard. To me (WilliamImm), it looks really bloody good. Don't know about the other people...


Mod Testing

  • Basically, look at the screenshots in post #16 and provide feedback on them. Poll is ready as well.
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I'll go ahead and test the mod, since it would be fairly simple to do so.


Few early details:


  • Does require Dawnguard (should probably be mentioned in the OP
  • Same size as HRDLC (so, 2k texture sizes)
  • Only conflicts are with the official HRDLC and the optimized version.
  • Main file(s) only replace textures. For the purposes of STEP, the Ancient version will be used (as the author explicitly states that it is the lore-friendly version)
  • The optional files are mesh replacers for the armors. Three of the replacers are for a CBBE armor replacer, and so not relevant to STEP (which does not use CBBE). The other two are for the vanilla armor - and both make the armor look supposedly more ragged. One also adds glow to the armor - I'll be sure to test with the mesh replacers when I do screenshots. Only conflicts for those files are with other armor mesh replacers, but none exist in STEP (though it might pose a problem for Neovalen's guide, which uses a few armor mesh replacers).

I will take comparision screenshots of this mod shortly - almost set up my Skyrim installation. Depending on how it works out, this might actually end up in the project. Also, I'll run the mod through DDSopt to see if the textures are properly optimized.

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Running the mod though DDSopt showed me that almost all of the textures were 1k sized - unlike my previous guess (only the cuirass is 2k). The second thing I found was that a lot of the textures in the mod were uncompressed - supposedly, for better quality, but I don't think I can see any visible loss of quality comparing the textures using Photoshop.


I'll bring this up to the author shortly - this is my relevant DDSopt log for the textures.

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The reason for why the armor looks very clean and white is because the armor is made from moonstone ore, which is stated not to rust, and you can only get the armor from a living creature anyway. Just saying.


That being said, I asked the author to make a less blue version of the helmet for the glowing version. He's been quite responsive to comments so far.


EDIT: Turns out that was a error with the helmet glow map, which has been fixed. New comparison screenshots will be uploaded soon.

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I can't honestly vote until I see shots with in-game lighting.



If I had to go off these shots, it would be vanilla because it's the only one that still looks like metal. The white balance is completely overdone in the other says to where they almost look like plastic.

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