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Fires and Embers Clipping Fix (by Diego2891)


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Fires and Embers Clipping Fix by Diego2891
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Improves the placement of fires, campfires and embers in their respective supports. Also fixed the correct positioning of all cooking items, like stations, pots and the various types of stands.


- Alignment of the campfires with the support surface, be it the ground or the floor, with the right inclination and height, to allow the ash crown of the mesh to always be visible.
- 15 new campfires on and off that increase the variety of textures of its "land" to allow better adaptation to the various types of terrain present in the game.
- Resizing and centering with the correct height of the fires, with or without logs, in the respective fireplaces and of the embers in the respective braziers.
- Alignment of pots, cooking stations and stands with the floor or the ground. Empty pots, with or without cover and cooking pots that, before the fix, floated in the air, now they are correctly aligned with their supports.
- From version 2.0, when using any cooking station and pots, the user's feet no longer interpenetrate with the lower parts of the fireplace. Only in a few places was it not possible to eliminate the problem completely, for example, in the kitchen of Understone Keep.
- Replacement with the correct version of the supports of some cooking pots which, before fixing, made the user sink down to the tibia when they were used.
- Among the various small fixes present, added stones with embers under some cooking pots, that are boiling but do not have fires or embers nearby.

Comes in 3 variants: Vanilla, Embers HD, Embers XD.

Covers all SE content but not any CC content.

Many patches available, one is relevant for STEP Guide: for Relighting Skyrim SE.

I've been using this mod since the Embers XD variant became available last spring. As a side-effect of the improvements and fixes listed above, it makes Fire Hurts NG a lot more bearable and predictable: what you see is what you get - you don't unexpectedly catch fire by standing near a fire due to incorrect bounds, you only catch fire if you step on it.

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1 hour ago, Kattmandu said:

Is it compatible with the older LITE version of Embers XD?  Is the LITE version just lower res textures?

Yes the former LITE version (now renamed 2K) of Embers XD is just lower res textures. All versions of Embers XD use the same plugin.

The Embers XD variant of this mod is compatible with Embers XD's plugin. It doesn't care about its textures.

1 hour ago, Kattmandu said:

So the Enhanced Lights and FX patch is not needed since STEP disables the ESP in said mod?


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