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  1. Just to add my 2 cents: For me personally the best combination of tree mods is (in install order): EVT Lush (+EVT Lush Parallax) Realistic Spruce & Pine Bark Textures (spruce version) Realistic Aspen Happy Little Trees Nature of the Wild Lands Nature of the Wild Lands is my personal favorite as well. But, as TechAngel already said, it isn't finished yet, so I use the other tree mods to get a more or less similar effect to NotWL outside of the regions NotWL touches. I use the Spruce Bark textures, because they look slightly better than other pine-like barks. Performance wise, I have never noticed any lags or odd behaviours, apart from a stray tree here or there, but even those are rare. My setup also doesn't cause missing textures/ meshes errors in DynDoLOD 3. As I said, this set up works for me personally and is of course entirely subjective.
  2. Ah ok, thanks. I don't think I have any mods left now in my STEP+ list, since most of Kryptopyr's mods no longer support/ rely on FISS. Might as well get rid of it then.
  3. I have been using this for a while (previous post on March 27th LOL) with all other settings off, so just the stay at system page option on. I have had no problems with it.
  4. Just a question for clarification, but why is the version with FISS support preferred?
  5. It does look good, but when deviating from Vanilla+ ... *whispers* "Mari's Flora looks better"...
  6. Well, it hasn't happened since DoubleYou posted the tweak, so YAY! Thanks so much DoubleYou.
  7. Firstly, make sure you have finished the STEP guide and everything works as it should. Once you are certain it does, be aware that STEP does not support added mods beyond the those in the guide, so you will have to figure out a lot by yourself. Of course people will help you (if possible) if you run into trouble. After that, you can start adding the mods you like/ want to try. Add them one or a few at a time and check to see if things still work as intended (create a test playthrough). If not, you can troubleshoot the added mods: disable the added mod(s) and check one by one if re-adding causes the problem you experience. You can check in the left pane of MO2 if the added mods overwrite already installed STEP mods. In MO2 you can see which files are conflicting in the "conflicts" tab of the overwriting mod by double clicking the mod in the left pane. You will then have to decide what takes preference and hide the option you don't want. Also you can load you FULL modlist into SSEEdit to check for conflicts. If there are any, you again have to decide which setting has preference. Yet another option is to add the mods you want and then create a Bashed Patch with Wryebash. Use SSEedit to troubleshoot the Bashed Patch, pick the changes you prefer.Then check again if everything still works as intended. The way *I* add mods is to put them into the categories STEP uses. So Extended Town and Cities would go under "Locations" and any patches for it would go under "Patches". Of course you can deviate from this, if other mods overwrite the things you find essential. In that case move them further down the list in the left pane. Personally, I created a section called "Non-STEP mods" where I put mods that I want to take preference and which are overwritten by STEP mods. But it is up to you how to handle this of course, since it is your modlist. I am just using my way of doing it as an example. And of course: LOOT is your friend! LOOT will sort the mods in the right pane so they will cause the least amount of conflicts. If you feel that a mod or patch needs to be lower, you can change the meta tag in LOOT. For example: the bashed patch should be as low as possible in the right pane (above dyndolod.esp and occlusion.esp). if it isn't, you can set the meta-tag to "Dynamic patches" and LOOT will load it as low as possible. As for LodGen, TexGen and DynDOLOD: re-run these once you have tested extensively and are satifsfied with your modlist. Otherwise you will be re-running them over and over again. Also re-run FNIS or Nemesis if you add mods that add animations. These so-called output patches should ALWAYS come last in the left pane. Once you are happy with your modlist, start a new game! Some mods add references to a saved game, so starting a new game will avoid persistent references from deleted mods etc.
  8. Thanks! Hopefully that will stop it happening again. If not, I'll be back... (get in da choppah!)
  9. Ah. That could very well be it then. I am indeed not using the L&W patch, because, after installing more mods on top of the STEP list, it has conflicts. Could you direct me to the wild edit in question so I can adjust it myself, please?
  10. I am using QUI with everything turned off in the ini, except the "JournalMenu" part, for this. But I guess having a "legit" updated version would be preferable?
  11. I don't know if it is related to the ENB. It is an (un)edumicated guess really. Perhaps it is just some other "synergy" with EVLaS and the ENB (re: the sithis shadows a while back) or something? I was basically more interested if it happened to others as well (as you more or less confirmed), and if a solution had been found for it. But indeed it is not reproducible and rare enough not to be a major issue. Besides, moving back indoors then outside again seems to fix it more often than not. I was also kinda taken aback when that didn't solve it yesterday and I had to reload a save to fix it. Guess I got scared or something.
  12. Heyas, I use the STEP ENB (light) and which looks good and works well 99.9% of the time. But sometimes, when I move from an indoor cell into Skyrim, the graphics turn dark blue (during the day) or black (at night). What I mean is, I can barely see the surroundings and lights are slightly more visible, but the screen is mostly a uniform blue or black color? This makes it impossible to see when you are going. Most of the time this is solved by going back indoors then back out. Yesterday however, I had to reload a save (not an autosave) to get it to turn normal again, losing progress. I haven't been able to reproduce this nor does it happen very often. I am just wondering if someone else is experiencing this and what could possibly be the cause? I know next to nothing about ENBs, so I am unable to troubleshoot this myself. I also forgot to take a screenshot of it. I will add one when/if it happens again.
  13. As I said before, (rather negatively and off-puttingly I think, sorry about that) after you finished the STEP guide and made sure that is at least working as it should, you can basically add as many mods as you like. The only issue is that there WILL be conflicts and errors. When these occur you will have to decide which mod takes precedence. Load order on the left pane is extremely important in that case. You can move around the mods in the left pane until you are happy with the results. Creating a Bashed Patch with Wrye Bash can help fix problems, but you need to know what you are doing. So if you want to go that route, read up on how Wrye bash works. I sorta-kinda made a "guide" of working with Wrye Bash would work in the other post. Just (another) word of warning: once you start adding mods on top of STEP, you run the risk of turning modding into a "hobby", instead of actually playing the game. i.e. I currently have 523 mods in total (144 ESMs+ESPs and 563 ESLs active in total). It took me about 6 months to get everything to work nicely together. Having knowledge of the likes of SSEEdit and Wrye Bash (maybe even Creation Kit) are more or less required for that. In short, you will have to think of what your want to achieve for the game. Add one (or a few) mods at a time and test if things still work. Then work on resolving conflicts and other issues. And don't go overboard or add too many similar mods. And be prepared to get frustrated
  14. Can you tell us which files end up in your overwrite? That would narrow down where you can put them or if they are needed at all. As for XPMSE: for Step you install XPSME WITHOUT the animations. You basically just need the skeleton.
  15. Cool! Thanks, Tech But... 18 pages of bug reports?!
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