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Solution wanted for Iron Sights drift

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I am having the issue of Iron Sights drifting from true over time as I play (not the hand sway that you can adjust in Gun Oil) and I wondered if there was a definitive way of dealing with it?


The issue is that over time, the aiming point of a weapon when sighted drifts away from the true aiming point, often to the point where it obstructs what you are shooting at. Rarely the gun model drifts down but more often it drifts up.


The short term solution appears to be to un-equip and re-equip the weapon in the PipBoy then the sighting issue is resolved for a little while longer. Anecdotal evidence suggested it was something to do with the framerate lock in the Stutter Remover. I have seen folks say to either disable Stutter Remover or lower its framerate lock to 54fps (which seems an unusual and somewhat arbitrary number to choose).


Since I knew that ENBoost also had a FPS lock, I disabled the FPS Manager of the Stutter Remover completely (bManageFPS = 0) in the hope this would resolve the issue but it did not. I still had a solid 60.0fps from ENBoost but still had the drift.


Any ideas? Is this mysterious 54fps backed up by something solid?

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If your system spec is up to date, you might experience it if your FPS is frequently 60. It is common enough to still be talked about on reddit last year (google "fallout 3 ironsights drift" and ignore the gun oil hand shake chatter).


I am trying to let the Stutter Remover manage fps again but have capped to 54fps for a while to test.


I am getting very frequent and heavy hitching that is not GPU-related. My GPU is about 25% utilised and only 1.5Gb VRAM used and is running very cool. I am thinking it is to do with either scripting or LOD pop in and may be because the FO3 main thread is too overloaded. I should probably look for the script-heavy mods and try an alternative MO profile while I look for culprits. The ironsights drift may be related in that if the game is too busy doing something else, it can't keep track of stuff like that.

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I am not talking about the gun shake caused by low skill - it is the ironsights becoming uncentred from the sights themselves. After a while of playing, the model of the gun gets drawn in the wrong position for you to see down the barrel.


According to THIS reddit, it is an interaction between RH_Ironsights and the Stutter Remover.


HERE and HERE is the Stutter Remover's comments on the issue.


EDIT : A quick check for 20 mins clamped at 54fps seems to have done the trick for the drifting of the gun models. I still have very heavy stuttering and hitching so I will look at reducing LOD and similar next although it does it indoors too which would normally eliminate LOD workload.

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54FPS! Seeems to be a very weird figure. What happens at 55 or 53 or for that matter 59? Not that I could probably tell the difference of FPS from 54 to 59 but it does seem to be a very specific number.


I haven't yet fully set my new rig with C&PD, but when I do I'll try and verify this. I never saw it at all on my laptop.

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Not yet - the mod seemed to be used to make the first person shoot-from-hip  model follow the pointer tightly rather than being anything to do with RH_Ironsights.


I will set the fps clamp back to 60 tomorrow and try this though.


I am still trying to track down my hitching issue. It is not graphics related as I found when I set up a new profile in MO. I got perfectly smooth turning and movement with ALL model and texture mods enabled but all gameplay, location and so on mods disabled. I am wondering since it occurs indoors and out when swinging the camera if it is a script going mental under certain circumstances and the main thread being too busy to cater for it. No idea how to track it down since it is not dependably reproducible.

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I have no solution as of yet, but i do know that the camera slowly shifts up or down (mostly down) and it seems related to the aiming animations, cause they hold camera position info for the guns.

What i also know is that when Bethesda's gamebryo engine goes above 60 fps, you are going to get nasty bugs in the game, every single Bethesda Gamebryo game does it.

So making sure the FPS never reaches 60 fps would ensure it won't happen, someone said 54 fps limiter, but 56 is also good, cause every limiter has a slight variance in framerate, so if you'd set it to 58, it would occasionally touch 60 fps, and then it can happen again.

It looks to me like the animations are not completely played out and blend into the next iteration too early, but i also know that when it starts you only have to aim and move your mouse up and down and you see it drop down pixel by pixel with every move you make, and it only stops when you limit your fps again below 60, i tested it with ENB limiter, cause you can enable disable that while playing.


Also, if you play for a while without limiter, after a while in first person you get smaller and smaller, but if you then go into 3rd person you see that the player's scale is ok, it's just that the first person camera has dropped. It isn't related to stutter remover, cause if you limit your fps with other software then stutter remover, it works fine too.


It is most likely a Gamebryo fault, so you'd have to device a workaround for that, as in, control the position of the camera, someone like the guy from enhanced camera could probably make that happen in a fose plugin, or you might be able to edit the animations and remove the camera positioning from the animation or something like that.

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Been testing stuff for a few days, FNV and FO3's Stutter remover suffer from the same problem, when (in the older version) bFix64Hertz = 1 or (in the latest version) GetTickCount = 1, the camera starts to drop IF your FPS is the same as your monitor's refreshrate, if they differ, the camera stays aligned at all times.

If you disable the gettickcount, the camera will never go out of alignment but you get microstutter.


The solution i have found acceptable for myself is to set gettickcount to 1 and set my monitor refreshrate to 50Hz, and my Fps cap (in stutter remover ini file, NOT in ENB or AMD settings !!) to 60Fps,

then it's almost smooth, and you have a tiny bit of screen tearing (not really tearing but it looks like it a bit) fixed 1 cm on the bottom of your screen (more like a tiny line when you move around).


I posted my findings on stutter remover site, cause Ironsights have nothing to do with it, Vanilla Ironsights animations  (the ones that just adjust FOV, not really ironsights but the animfiles are named with a is suffix) are also bugged as in, the camera shifts there too, so it has nothing to do with RH's Ironsights mod, it's purely a stutter remover problem.

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This is an old thread, I know; but I ran into this issue during weapon testing this week. I didn't noticed that first but then I began wondering WTF causes this issue.

Thanks for the hints, I'll check it out. Maybe I find something helpful during my research..


Fallout Stutter Remover is outdated, but Fallout 3 Tick Fix mod and equivalent function in lStewieAl's Tweaks mod seems to cause the same problem.

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My Solution:

- I enabled Real Iron Sight support in lStewieAl's Tweaks
I installed IS reload animations from RH ironsights Mod (only the .kf files)
- I tweaked all necessary weapons for IS by inserting a sighting node from a Fallout New Vegas weapon/ fine tuned the node in Nifskope

I'm still workig for months on all weapons, tuning the meshes and textures in Blender / Substance Painter, importing meshes from Fallout NV, Skyrim and Fallout 4 to get them to work in Fallout 3. Much work, much fun and as a result really nice modern weapons in good old Fallout 3.

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