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  2. is this tool still under development/ maintenance? I DL'ed v0.5.3 from GitHub, made one merge for testing purpose (MMM fallout 3) and it seems to work well. The only thing is that the tool has problems with code pages, e.g.: Stählerne Bruderschaft -> St�hlerne Bruderschaft Can this be fixed/ configured?
  3. One more: I prefer Windows 7 for my games (except Fallout 4). What do you suggest?
  4. Good to know, thanks. What's about the tools to clean savegames? Do they still work? Or are there new ones?
  5. Thank you. I already have Lexy's great guide in the center of my attention. My biggest concern is that some of my favorite mods aren't running on SE anymore, such as SkyUI, MCM, ENB; DynDOLOD Wearable Lanterns etc.
  6. As time went by I've lost track of what happened to Skyrim regarding modding but for my next modded playthrough I don't know which version of Skyrim will be the best for my needs. My last project contains about 450 mods, all running well with each other, containing essential mods like SkyUI, MCM, SKSE, DynDOLOD, etc etc. An advantage of Skrim SE ist the use of memory but I am not sure if this is the reason I should try this version of Skyrim. How would you decide?
  7. Hi, I’v have resurrected Fallout 3 after 10 Years to run into issues I have never had with this or the other Fallout games nor Skyrim. I encounter strange lags/ stutter/ FPS drops everywhere. In Megaton I cannot make a single step withhout stuttering. Outside’s the same but not so strong but annoying enough. I have limited FPS to 30 for research. FPS dropping occurs whenever I look around, especially looking to buildings or other mesh structures. The ENBoost FPS meter jumps from 30 to 5-10 for a short time. For example standing in Springvale and looking around without moving is all I have to do to get my FPS dropping. My Rig: Windows 7 x64 and/ or Window 10 x64 (two 850EVO SSD boot drives). Problem occurs on both systems Intel Core i5 7600K Kaby Lake 32GB RAM EVGA GTX 980Ti/ 6GB LG Ultrawiede 3840 x 1600 Software: Fallout 3 GOTY GOG (non-Steam version) Mod Organizer 2 (installed mods stored on SSD drive) For modding I follow Kelmychs guide (http://wiki.step-project.com/User:Kelmych/Fallout3) (A big THANKS to Kelmych) Mods/ Addons: ENBoost v0.322 (boost only, no GFX tweaks) FOSE v1.3 Beta 2 Ogg Vorbis Libraries v3 OneTweak for Fallout 3 v2.0.1.1 Fallout Stutter Remover v4.1.36 + Fallout Stutter Remover dll für Windows 7 v4.1.26 + Fallout 3 My Way - Resources (FSR .ini by Gamerpoets) UI-Mods from Kelmych’s guide from DarN UI to UIO. Nothing more. I have no idea, any help would be great. Thank you. Fallout.ini FalloutPrefs.ini enblocal.ini
  8. That might be the reason, yes. Is it possible to add some kind of rule so that this specific mesh doesn't behave like it does? Or isn't it even a problem with LOD? See details here: https://sureai.net/tracker/view.php?id=96
  9. Because I have an issue with some mountain meshes in enderal I tried to fix it with DynDOLOD but the World MaxKingPass isn't present in the selection section of LogGen. Did I miss something?
  10. Finally all my problems with ENB on Windows 10 are gone. I reinstalled my system, instead of upgrading WIndows 7 to Windows 10 I did a clean install of WIndows 10.
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