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Oblivion: Dont save my configurations



I use mod organizer to mod my oblivion, and I use currently about 30 mod working perfectly also ENB. All goes perfectly but when I change some sound or video configuration its not saved, so each time I play I need to reconfigure. When I exit  from game Im getting error message. Already tryed Fast Exit 2 without success.

What can I do ?

Info: Using steam version, windows 7, start from Steam created shortcut all mods load perfectly.


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Do you have the MO .ini files set to read-only? .ini files when using MO should never be set to read only.


Do you have Oblivion and MO in non-UAC areas? I.E. are they installed outside of your program files directory? They should always be outside of Windows UAC areas.


Hmm I thought of one more possible culprit, but it has already slipped my mind. I will edit this post or reply if I think of it.


Edit: I remembered as soon as I pressed "reply". :-P


Do you have your anti-virus / anti-malware set to ignore the Oblivion and MO directories? Some anti-virus programs may cause issues if they utilize poor detection methods (false positives end up quarantining data).

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