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How to install ‘The Wasteland Patch Collection’


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Finally, I made it to the end of the guide. :woot: Yay for me!


But I also need some elements of The Wasteland Patch Collection. I have a question about it.


I read on the mod description page this mod goes after everything, including the Bashed Patch. So I wonder: why does LOOT sort the ‘(TWPC)...esp files’ to different spots in the load order? Is it ok to leave them there, or do I manually move them to the very end? (I did the latter to be safe).


On of the final steps is to build a Bashed Patch, but how do I do this with the TWPC ESPs being loaded after the patch? Do I simply run Wrye Flash and does it know to leave mods with a higher priority alone? Or do I first disable TWPC in the left pane of MO, then build the patch, then enable the TWPC ESPs again? I did the latter, but since the Bashed Patch merged DIFF3 (among others), the ‘(TWPC) DIFF3-UUF3P-FWE Patch.esp’ is missing multiple masters!


So, what to do now? Will the mod still work fine, because even without the masters they are merged and therefore working correctly through the Bashed Patch? Or do I disable ‘(TWPC) DIFF3-UUF3P-FWE Patch.esp’? Or do I let LOOT sort the TWPC ESPs and merge them with Wrye Flash into the Bashed Patch?


I believe this mod deserves some special sorting, (not) merging, etc. instructions, more than it already has!

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Uncheck all TWPC on wrye flash when making the bashed patch.


Manually sort all TWPC plugins so that they load after the bashed patch. The order for this sorting must be done according to the guide, or according to the notes in the TWPC instructions if the guide doesnt provide an order.

Open FO3edit, check only TWPC plugins and use the merging script to merge all those plugins into 1 (optional but good to reduce plugin number).


You might wait for Kelmych or someone else to reply though, since I'm never 100% sure on anything I say =P

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Thanks, Himself.


The mod author contradicts himself on the Nexus plugin description page. See https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/21671/


In the first red text the author says ‘AFTER any Merged/Bashed patches’, but further down the text under ‘Incompatibility’ he/she says ‘before your Merged and Bashed patches’. So, I really don't know what order the patches should be in!


Furthermore, if they are skipped in the Bashed Patch, then what do I do with ‘(TWPC) DIFF3-UUF3P-FWE Patch.esp’, as it depends on some of the mods being merged into the Bashed Patch?

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I'm 'almost' sure you have to do it as I told ^^


For a plugin that depends on another wich was absorved into the bashed hmmmm... its tricky, I would open it in fo3edit and in the header info change it to have the bashed patch as the master instead of the one it used originally, but then thats just me =P

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Personally I don't like having the bashed patch as a master; it is dynamic and can change often.


Which TWPC plugins show up as missing masters after creating the bashed patch? In my game the TWPC plugins I use aren't missing any masters after I create the bashed patch.


All of the TWPC patches should be loaded after the bashed patch. Make sure you are not using any of the TWPC patches that conflict with other TWPC patches; the guide discusses this but if there are questions or issues with the installation instructions let me know so it can be improved (or you can edit if you prefer).

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‘(TWPC) DIFF3-UUF3P-FWE Patch.esp’ is missing two masters: ‘DIFF.esp’ and ‘FO3 Wanderers Edition - DLC Point Lookout.esp’. They are missing, because they have been merged by Wrye Flash and therefore these plugins are diabled, however their contents exist in the Bashed Patch.


I use the following TWPC files:


One solution could be:

Move TWPC patches to very end of load order -> run Wrye Flash -> tag the currently missing masters as NoMerge -> rebuild Bashed Patch.


Would this work?


Another solution could be Himself's idea: use FO3Edit to edit the TWPC patch's masters. Or simply ignore the warning of the missing masters.

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I use half of those and have no problems with masters. I use the large patch that includes Impact so I don't use DIFF3-UUF3P-FWE or WMK-UUF3P-FWE.


FO3Edit can only be used to edit masters if you remove all records that originate from the master.


I still don't understand your problem. Any mod that gets merged by Wrye Bash isn't a master; it only includes entries that change records owned by other mods. None of the DIFF.esp records have a FormID created by DIFF.esp.  A plugin is only a master if it creates new content and uses a FormID created by the plugin. All of the FormIDs in the records edited by Diff.esp were created by Fallout3.esm or one of the DLC esm files. Those are the masters, not DIFF.esp .

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Ok, thanks for all your info and help. Still, DIFF.esp is a master of that particular TWPC patch.


I've done the following now:

  1. Disable TWPC in the left pane of MO.
  2. Sort with LOOT.
  3. Rebuild Bashed Patch with Wrye Flash.
  4. Enable TWPC in the left pane of MO.
  5. Sort them after the Bashed Patch.
  6. Ignore the warning of the TWPC patch that misses masters, as these master's records actually do exist in the Bashed Patch or elsewhere.
  7. Run game.

It is such a relief that (re)installing or enabling/disabling a mod is a few clicks with MO! ::D:


The game seems to run ok, but I wonder how I can find out in-game whether or not some correct changes by the TWPC patches are actually applied.

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but I wonder how I can find out in-game whether or not some correct changes by the TWPC patches are actually applied.

In the TWPC fomod theres the fomod file, you can open it with notepad and check, it mentions the changes that each plugin applies, many only change an entry or so.


I did a different approach to these patches, by "drag and drop" in FO3EDIT the needed contents of each TWPC plugin inside its 'mother' plugin (hopefully patching it). One of them was a bit time consuming since it changed creatures statistics.

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Apparently the TWPC patches add all the plugins needed by a patch to the list of master plugins for a patch even though some of these are not actually master plugins. These show up in MO when you right click the plugin. Some of them like diff.esp are not actually masters so the game itself ignores this addition. If you open a plugin in FO3Edit, right click and use the Clean Masters command it will remove these additions that are not actually masters. Since they are not actually masters the game itself will ignore this addition. There is no need to try to add these additions elsewhere with Wrye Flash or FO3Edit.


I'll add some text about this in the installation instructions for the TWPC mod. Personally I would have preferred that the mod had not included these plugins in the master list because of the issues that result, as discussed in this thread.

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