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  1. Doh I can be such a ****** sometimes =X TTW requires Fallout - Meshes2.bsa to be inserted into the fallout.ini, I redid my ini files a while back and apparently left this detail slip. Sorry sorry xD Messing with the same files over and over can leave one a bit disoriented.
  2. Hello again and sorry for the late reply Will do, it is just that there was nothing uncommon besides those few lines. I've placed the meshes and textures for watertower01_lod inside the respective folders and now the LOD/atlas is generating correctly! Most strange because the bsa archives contain the correct pathing and nif/dds files for watertower01_lod, dunno why it was not generating from the files inside the bsa. But now I (hopefully) got the hang of it! Thanks a lot for helping me with a problem that wasn't xLODGen specific!! From my previous post: Was able to fix by resizing the following NMC textures in Data\textures\landscape rockcanyonlod & rockcanyonlod_n from 2048x1024 to 1024x512 rockwasteland01_lod & rockwasteland01_lod_n from 1024x1024 to 512x512 Those files were NOT being included in the atlas before the size reduction (not even in 8192 sized atlas). Sorry, didn't tried this version you linked, but may in the future if new problems arise. Many thanks again sheson!! You and the modding community are amazing people!
  3. In TTW basic, the lines that stand out look like something minor. https://imgur.com/IgziQ3X If using NMC textures, the final stage shows many - textures not on atlas, some LOD will be missing in game! Guess that is it, AFAIK - TTW LOD comes pre-generated and packed into .bsa That was my fear, because there may be (many!) more of likewise cases, generating LOD for FO3 portion of TTW becomes a risky venture. Not a xLODGen issue, but could you tell how does one find out these specific models? For example, how to find out which specific model is missing for xLODGen to include the Water Tower in the atlas? (Hopefully, if given a practical example, I can follow up from there) Btw, I'm assuming each atlas are those images generated inside the folder \blocks looks like a comprised-miniature index for LOD visuals NMC textures comes with this image and theres a Water Tower in there, but in-game the Water Tower looks wrong once it gets in the LOD, as does some other stuff too. https://imgur.com/a/0OmBXbu Again, many thanks if you can take the time!
  4. Heya, me again ^^ Dunno if this issue is related to xLODGen or the lack of a proper asset. Same area from before, there is this Water Tower:https://i.imgur.com/XuRbfXV.jpg After generating LOD, a broken energy tower, introduced by a mod, becomes visible, its circulated in green.The Water Tower however, disappears, it is only visible once I get nearby.https://i.imgur.com/WVzhQew.jpg For reference, the Water Tower was visible before LODGen (in the right side), but the broken energy tower was not.https://i.imgur.com/R6ch0B8.jpg Sorry for the crude images, it is base TTW with no enhanced textures/visuals.I tried a few times under different setups (some with extra textures and LOD mods). Does the Water Tower disappears because there should be some specific asset (mesh, texture, dunno) for correct LOD generation?Is there a way to fix that? If a specific asset is required, I could ask for and see if someone feels like doing it at Nexus and TTW forums. Thanks for any help with this =)
  5. It is the area right outside vault 101 after FO3 starting events, when you escape the vault. https://imgur.com/XCGfmzg Just tried with the beta 58 and seems to work (through MO2, on a dedicated folder). https://imgur.com/BJv038W In this new test, reduced the diffuse/normal to half the the previous values (became 512/256 for LOD4 and 256/128 for the others). Shouldn't be a memory issue, game was doing fine with most textures from this guide https://ttwoee.com/#textures, altough for this test I'm using base TTW, no textures on top (btw I was using the LOD section from the guide). Did follow base instructions for TTW LOD gen https://taleoftwowastelands.com/viewtopic.php?t=7132, I'm also using FNVLODGen Resources from here https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/58562, dunno if I should leave the FNVLODGen.esp ticked after generating LOD, but I'm leaving it ON. I'll do more test until I'm fine with the results, may report back if I find what was causing the issue... or run into new troubles Thanks immensely for the help You peeps that mod and release stuff and do all the support are awesome!!
  6. First and foremost, thanks for this amazing tool! I've been having an issue with LOD for TTW, if somebody has time to lend a hand, much appreciated What the issue looks like: https://i.imgur.com/RsJ1oWC.jpg https://i.imgur.com/k3v7u9G.jpg xLOD settings: https://i.imgur.com/DrW03c3.jpg Tried a few times, with Base TTW and also with NMCs textures on top. Sorry if this has been covered before, the thread does have a lot of pages... Also, if any additional info is necessary, ask and it shall be provided.
  7. Thanks for that!! I was going crazy looking at the exact same textures on output folder and wondering why ddsopt was not working... STEP was once a lively place, nowadays most of the people in charge do not have time anymore, much content is deprecated.
  8. 3rd time using this guide since way back when... So, I don't wanna be the ungrateful and disrespectful guy, because Kelmych, you have helped me and probably countless other people, but the guide is in serious need of rewriting/revision to be brief yet comprehensive, it goes on and on when it could/should just tell the reader DO THIS and DO THAT, DONE! Guess we all resort to guides because megamod setups are a pain, having to read/understand lenghty documentation or threads or watch videos should be avoided unless the user has issues or another aim in mind. Besides, being overwhelmed with information often tends to leave people lost/confused. During the Darn UI setup: Installation: To install this mod with MO click [Manual], then [Okay] during the installation or the default installer will skip a very important file. I wasn't presented to this "okay" and I'm now wondering what this important file was (apparently the file is important and secretive too, or the guide could tell filename and at which folder to place), the installer asked if I wanted to have my .ini edited to include the fonts, I said yes, neither the .ini in document/my games nor the profile at MO2 got edited for fonts, I did include those by hand. Dunno if that was necessary but guess I'll find out soon. Currently trying to make the merged patch for detect traps, but the explanation box seems to be all out of order, it says Open the Merges tab and right click " Detect Traps Merged" and goto "Plugins" when it hasn't even told me how to create the merge yet. I hope to get things right and that the guide stops requiring me to be intuitive as I go, or there will be mistakes aplenty ^^ If you ever need some help to make the guide a bit cleaner, I currently have the time, but you would also need some time to revise my changes and to edit as you see fit before placing it (send a PM if you have interest). But nonetheless, a big thanks!! I(we) would be much worse without such a guide! =)
  9. I would feel morally wrong if I didn't asked, after all you worked so much in the guide. Thanks again for it!!
  10. EssArrBee, I'm thinking about writing a short/informative guide to aid in TTW basic install/setup, gonna leave it in TTW forums to try and help/reduce the amount of user error game setup topics in there. Can I have your permission to link into sections of your guide when applicable? I asked to Adonis for his TTW guide as well =]
  11. Thanks again guys!! I'm learning a bit about modding and etc, learning about MO right now seemed like too much hassle, I'm sure its gotta be the most complete and able mod manager, I will probably need to try it someday in the future, but learning to "install stuff manually" has been a great teacher for me ATM :)
  12. Thanks Ess! Didn't know MO had a different way to load bsas. I know of at least 1 other person that doesn't use MO but follows the guides, he probably got screwed on that as he should know less than me, lol, gotta reach him. Guess I just have to name those bsas after something then, probably as Advanced Recon Merged - assets1.bsa and Advanced Recon Merged - assets2.bsa , that should do the trick! Thanks again!!
  13. Heya!! I've followed all the directions to create the Advanced Recon Merged.esp, and everything seems to be okay though I did not test in-game yet, may take a while for that... Yet I have doubts about the game loading the following bsas: https://s21.postimg.org/5i06kdhzb/Sem_t_tulo.jpg AFAIK the game needs to have a "Name of the bsa.esp" to actually load any given bsa, or a structure like "Name of the bsa - assets.esp" My doubt got further reinforced because XEdit doesn't seem to be checking the Advanced Recon Armor.bsa and Advanced Recon Gear.bsa during load order https://s1.postimg.org/eh21ysokf/Sem_t_tulo.jpg It does check the Advanced Recon Tech.bsa since this one has an .esm named identically to it, as can be seen in my folder image provided there at top. If it does matter in this case, I'm not using MO (complicated non-intuitive for me, plus had problems with it in the past), but I'm using FOMM, actually I would like to avoid using a mod manager at all, but some things are just too much extra work to do by hand ^^ Should I rest easy because the game will surely load those 2 extra bsas at runtime?? Thanks to anybody who can help and thanks for the guide!!
  14. Even though I aim to play TTW, I'm using the guide as a reference for tons of NV content. Thanks a lot for putting this up man! We see everyday the news about North Korea, terrorism, food poisoning, deficits in educational system, blahblahblah It's sometimes easy to forget how there are great people in the world that go to extreme lengths to help others and do some sort of "good", all the while expecting pratically nothing for it. I guess you're one of such persons!! Rest easy!!
  15. Happened only to fallen brothers, doing a new install now on TTW now just for fun, lets see how it goes =]
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