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[Fallout 4] Modding and Mods Wishlist

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While the new Creation Kit isn't due out until 2016, I thought it might be a good idea to start to get a list of ideas going for mods and features that we as a community would like to see made once modding tools are out.


I know there are ways of making mods in the Skyrim CK right now for FO4, but I'm not too interested in them because of the history of ESP mods for Oblivion/Fallout 3/New Vegas/Skyrim that were created with tools like TESSnip at the like, so I'm holding off on them until proper mod support is made.


So, here is my list thus far and I'm going to try to keep this updated, and maybe even jump into mod creation once the CK is out for FO4.



  • Hardcore/Survival mode - Would have loved to see this feature from New Vegas included, but looks like we'll have to rely on mods to do this.
  • "Survivor's Edition" - much like Fallout 3 and New Vegas, I'm thinking a pass at balance needs to be undertaken across the entire game.  I'm thinking changes like, but not limited to:
    • Slower Backpedaling (reduce overall "kiting" in combat)
    • Reduced Chems/Bobby Pins/Ammo/etc. - General loot rarity.  I'm level 20 and currently swimming in 100+ bobby pins (which makes sense in a immersion sense but not in a gameplay sense)
    • Higher Fall Damage - outside of power armor, I can jump off a three story building and not take any significant damage.
    • Weapon Damage Overhaul (values, distribution - super mutants doing more damage with similar weapons as raiders, etc)
    • Loot Overhaul - stuff like animals/creatures carrying caps, Ghouls carrying missile launchers, etc.
    • More troublesome Injuries
    • Diseases
    • Weighted/Scarcer Fusion Cores
    • Bullet Time
    • Removal of Sneak meter/Enemy pips on compass
    • Cigarettes (in game but smokeable)
    • Deadlier Radiation
    • Stimpacks - "Homemade" stimpacks, less powerful, chance of debuff - make normal stimpacks rarer.  Haven't seen a super stim yet.
  • More Lootables/Scavenging
    • ​Cars, Trucks - I loved the mod "Loot all cars" from both the previous Fallout 3 and New Vegas games.  There are so many cars in the Commonwealth that I'd love to see them made lootable
    • Ovens
    • Boxes/Crates - so many statics that appear to be lootable are not.  Drives me nuts.  Even if they're empty, let me loot them or look for loot!  
    • Destroyed Vertibirds, destroyed Nuka Cola fridges, etc. - I was disapointed to find that I couldn't loot any sweet stuff from a Vertibird wreck (and in fact the pieces of metal from the wreck don't even have collision meshes) - these should be a wealth of loot, ammo, and junk circuitry/etc.
  • Manual Reload - Loved this mod from the previous two games.  Basically, you are punished for treating the game like a standard FPS game - unspent ammo is lost or has to be recovered, and the system never reloads for you.  I love it because I'm guilty of this type of gameplay.  
  • Enhanced Camera - would love to see this mod ported as well. 
  • Alternate Starts (Ghoul/Synth/etc.)


  • Scalable HUD - iHUD/minHUD
  • Removable sneak meter (I like to play without crosshairs or sneak indicators)
  • Removal of repeating messages - You are overencumbered and cannot run!  You are overencumbered and cannot run!
  • Key Remapping Mod

AI, Factions, and Companions

  • AI - Dead Body Detection - was disappointed to see that I can snipe a raider at distance, and then his raider buddy will walk past the corpse and not even bat an eye.
  • Reputation System - New Vegas did this so well, and I'm disappointed to see that Fallout 4 is another "Join Everyone, no consequences!!!!" Bethesda game
  • Perks for negative companion karma - if you've ever played Alpha Protocol, this is what I'm talking about.  I'd love to see a system where companions granted perks at both Extreme Positive and Extreme Negative karma.  For instance - Nick likes you - easier hacking.  Nick dislikes you - Damage against robots is increased.  Something along those lines where you aren't locked out of a companion altogether if they don't like your choices.
  • Faction Armor - wearing a full suit of faction-related armor should make you hostile to those factions that hate the other ones.  Ties in to the reputation system above, but I haven't encountered anything like this yet.

World and Environment


  • Interiors - the Commonwealth just has so many boarded up/inaccessible interiors.  I used Chucksteel's mod in FO3/New Vegas, but I might try my hand at this when the CK is out - something minimal with no quests/feature bloat that just adds interiors to the many number of inaccessible ones now.
  • Lighting - a number of light sources don't give off actual light (I think this is similar to what ELFX/Relighting Skyrim does for Skyrim???) so they don't cast shadows. 
  • Destroyable lights - along the same lines, being able to destroy light sources (Ala Splinter Cell) would be really sweet, something that ties in with the stealth system currently in game.
  • Classic Fallout Music/Radio Extenders - mainly, would like to get Mark Morgan's delicious old school ambient music into this game, along with support for converting FO3/FNV music.  Already hearing a ton of repeats on the radio, too.

Anyway, what other suggestions does the STEP community have for mods and features?

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I would like to see a comprehensive Key Remapping mod. AutoHotKey is fine but I would like to have a mod that separated the functions that are all lumped onto a single key. Grenade should NOT be shared with anything else, for example.


I would like to see different ammo types for each weapon. Shotgun slugs for example. This would require weapons to be able to handle different ammo types for reloading as well as managing loot tables. I have no idea why they removed the ammo types that F:NV used. I see a robot, I want to reach for pulse slugs... or regular slugs as a last resort.


The ability to strip mods from a weapon or armour is needed - you use up so much adhesive putting a standard sight back on a raider pipe pistol when all you want is the item it held. Even scrap the remainder - I don't care.

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I would like to see a comprehensive Key Remapping mod. 

Have a look at this thread :



I haven't time to do much testing yet, because I'm still playing a lot. But if we can get it to work somehow, it could solve a lot of things.



As for the wishlist :

 - Survivalism (weapons/armors damages, need mod, more trooblesome injuries, diseases, cigarrettes, less easy-to-avoid radiations, ...)

 - Vehicles (But I'm pretty sure it's planned for a future DLC. No actual infos, just a guess, but it'd be the perfect element to make people want to absolutely buy it). Especially motorbikes =D

 - Alternate Starts, and new races (play as ghoul, mutant, synth, ...)

 - New house parts (there will definitely be a lot of those though). Right now, I'd just like to be able to put some ammo case in my storage room. But new kind of buildings would be awesome.

 - A gigantic quest/dungeon mod which take place in a labyrinthic subway.

 - Better looting... just found 7 plasma cells on a feral ghoul... wtf ?

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Nice.  I'm aching for a proper mod organizer before starting to throw all these retextures and stuff into my game, though.


Is this going to be through ENB?  Or a texture/native support in engine?


He said this:



If you don't mind i'll give suggestion. Create alpha channel with displacement information, because i'm planning to make water similar to Skyrim, so your mod will be compatible with future versions of ENBSeries.

So... ENB. I already have compatibility as of tonight.


I have been tinkering with the BC5 compression too and it seems to work great. The new '_s.dds' maps are pretty easy to do too once you pull them apart and look inside. That is how I learn most stuff. There is a tutorial on the Nexus I was going to download posted by Kesta here, but yeah, I like tinkering!

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I wish someone reworked the dialogue system so that the real answers were showing instead of useless two words.

That is done now.


I would like to be able to rename settlers. Oh, and bury the dead ones... a Grave placeable object, 1 wood required.

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I want a few things but I trying really hard not to touch any mods until I have done one vanilla playthrough.
Better settler AI, they are a dull bunch of people so far.

Randomly named settlers

Settlers with families/children/babies

Graves for dead settlers
UI group settler by assigned role; guards, farmers, shopkeepers, scaveners, unassigned.

24/7 guards, if you have nine guards, per 8 hour period 3 are on duty, 3 are resting doing paper work and 3 are sleeping.

Police/station/baracks options for my guards

Lookout if the settlement is attacked settler will sound the alarm, all "off duty guards" rush to defend the settlement.

Ability to see which settlements are producing surplus/deficit via terminal.

Ability to hire mercenaries to act as additional guards for supply caravans and provisioners who's routes are dangerous.

Bank/stores to collect surplus in a single place.

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