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Fallout Character Overhaul

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I test in game almost every mod in the guide. There were questions about the status of this mod and interest in it a while ago so I added it as an optional mod. I purposely added comments about the experimental nature of this mod to encourage users to try it to see if it should be included as a recommended mod.

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I should note that Fallout Chracter Overhaul - NPC Edits GOTY is somewhat offbrand.  The full FO3 release of FCO will have updated and additional assets. You can find previews uploaded by OnHolyServiceBound for both the FO3 version and the new 3.0 release for FNV.  That said there is no ETA on Drumber's full release, which is why DarkSoulDuck went ahead and released something in the mean time using existing assets.

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