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  1. There are W10 settings for NVSR which I can't remember offhand (on W7 myself). As far as my guide, there should be no big changes besides some mod updates. That version of the guide won't be receiving future updates as everything will need to be rebuilt for TTW 3.1. I'm working on the next version with MO2, TTW 3.1, and the new terrain xLODGen, which will overwrite the current guide when they are ready.
  2. I will most likely be moving to MO2 for the TTW guide when I update it for the 3.1 launch.
  3. Yes .322 was updated twice without version change. However Boris seems to have reverted the stutterfix.
  4. Latest W10 update broke NVSR; you can try the latest ENB released a couple days ago (without version change) with replacetickcount.
  5. id2301 has removed all of his FO3 mods from the nexus today, including the Power Armor textures used in the guide. I'm not sure why. I've gone through and extracted HD FO3 assets that were left over in the FO4 Official HD pack. https://imgur.com/a/mq0jh Would you want them for the guide as a zip?
  6. Most new mods for FNV and TTW are gameplay and script based due to the continued progression on NVSE proper along the JIP and Lutana plugins and are incompatible with FO3. As far as asset creation that'll stay transferable, but really there have been more assets released for FO3 and FNV in the past couple months. The TTW community doesn't really seem to have many asset artists. In terms of FO4, yes some assets will be usable. As an example, I have not seen a high quality retexture of mushrooms in FO3/FNV that retains the same look. FO4 however has a higher resolution version of the FO3 texture. Bethesda keeps the original assets used to create meshes and textures. To see for yourself: FO3: \textures\landscape\plants\wastelandfungusstalk01.dds x256 FO4: \Textures\Landscape\Plants\wastelandfungusstalk01_d.dds x512 Additionally there are things like the high poly Chinese Rifle from FO3 that sits unused in the FO4 files. The problem however, is that these are not drag and drop like FO3/FNV. They have to be converted back like you would if transferring assets between Oblivion and Skyrim. While you can do this on your own, this makes it difficult for most people to use as you cannot of course distribute FO4 assets. EDIT: I should add that obtaining permission and porting original FO4 mod assets is fine, though not something I've looked at yet. For example, I obtained permission to port assets from SMIM from Skyrim over to FO3/FNV, particularly some of the food that shared meshes between FO3 and Skyrim, though have not released it on the nexus yet.
  7. You will have duplicate railroad rifle and spikes due to having a TTW version and a Railroads version, and any patches you've made that affect those such as WMX will not carry over to this mod. Beyond that I'm not aware of any particular conflicts.
  8. I also strongly prefer NMC's vehicles. The rest hasn't been as clear, though there are alot of textures to compare.
  9. Overall I've found it enjoyable. It has some depth, Same Type Attack Bonus still functions, though at a 1.25 multiplier; weaknesses/resistance still function though at x1.25/0.8 instead of x2.0/0/5. The stats have unfortunately been condensed from 6 values to 3; the formula they used for the transform is quiet flawed so that many Pokémon are not near the same function or strength as in the original games, e.g. Onyx is not a massive defensive wall and Alakazam isn't glass cannon. The recent balance pass has made the combat and team choice a bit more interesting. The Pokémon having IV's adds a bit of longevity to the collecting as you have a 1/4096 for perfect 15/15/15. That said though a big part of the enjoyment is playing with many people. My family really loves Risk. I think the game is a joke compared something like Civ V with Vox Populi mod to play. I think Pokémon Go is similar. I'll play when going on my runs, trying to see how many gyms I can take and hold. I also play with my fiancée, brother-in-law, and a couple of my friends when out for drinks, or going for a walk. My fiancée is not a gamer by any means. She likes watching me play Skyrim because it's like interactive Lord of the Rings. This is the first "game" where she's actually been interested in the spreedsheets mapping IV's and move dps. I don't think I'd continue playing if she and my brother-in-law stopped. It's not unlike some of the Wii games aimed at non gamers.
  10. I think it was almost been a year in the making. Very exciting now that Roy finished it.
  11. I don't know if this is the best way, but it's how I've done it with the TTW guide recently. I give two choices for weapons. The choice is either new custom meshes and textures for unique weapons or having WMK. I originally separated them on the main page having Weapons - Unique Uniques (Choice A - Choose only one) and Weapons - WMX (Choice B - Choose only one), but have since chosen Unique Uniques as the main supported choice, and moved WMK choice to a separate page. I think it helps with the length of the guide so it doesn't seem as intimidating and clearly demarcates that there is an exclusive choice of what subset of mods you can use.
  12. Some great stuff! I'm glad you got permission for it.
  13. So those DLC retextures are hosted on two Russian sites, which link to yandisk or mediafire. They use alot of NMC's textures as a base and so won't ever be allowed on the nexus due to the fact that they were taken without permission. That said, I've had a long discussion with Neil and he's given his blessing to linking to them for the guide as there are no other public DLC retextures. Neil has in fact retextured FO3 DLC but hasn't and most likely won't release them (DO NOT bug him for them). In my opinion then, they could be hosted any site desired for the guide. I can ask MagnesiumFire if you'd like over on their site. On a separate note I've gone and fixed a couple of broken links.
  14. I'm fairly certain ENBoost for FNV still, incorrectly, forces deferred rendering unlike Skyrim's, meaning that the regular AA and AF won't work even with effects turned off. Boris doesn't care enough to fix it since it is an "old and unpopular game."
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