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Awful sun glare effect - What mod is doing this?

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Basically if the sun is even the slightest bit in my screen it causes a real nasty glare effect and gives a rust orange tint to everything - it's really overpowering and ugly. If possible, I would like the remove the feature causing this. 

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Is the screen excessively bright when the sun isn't present or indoors? What mods are you using that are different than those in the guide? Did you compare this behavior with what happens if only vanilla files are loaded or if only a few mods are present (i.e., the fixes and UI mods). Ideally you should have MO profiles for these two cases in addition to any other profiles you have.

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eyeball burning glare isnt normal in fallout 3


in game look at the sun and hold SHIFT and press F12, if it dissapears its because of the ENBoost


if youd like ENBoost on, but dont want to be blinded, hold SHIFT and press ENTER. you can change some ENBoost options (or do it through the ini files)


if your following the guide by the letter then you forgot to follow this instruction:

Go to the Fallout 3 goty folder and open enbseries.ini in a text editor (Notepad++ would be an excellent choice here).Set the first line to UseEffect=false. Save and close.

with it set to true, on the default downloaded from the site ENBoost, you will be blinded. the graphics look nice, but you lose effects (start a new game, you dont get the blinded effects from birth so it looks a bit odd)

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