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  1. Ill give that shot then. I think this general issue is why I cant get that god awful Bokeh, depth of field and all other shitty blur options to turn the hell off
  2. For FO4, I like to use the Fallout4Configurator tool, simply works a lot easier for me. But I THINK MO is overriding that changes it makes to the ini files with MO's customer ini files. Mind you, I admit I could be wrong on this, it's been a while since I've use either of these tools and admit I could be missing something more basic, but I was looking for some insight here.
  3. Oh OK. Thank you, I wasn't aware of that option in the menu. Follow up question, in terms of making sure it copies files to the proper place, how do I do that? I noticed after doing the work around the mods Blockhead and Oblivion character Overhaul seem to partially work, but have some messed up parts, so I'm thinking I have more to do in order for it to work.
  4. OK, so I'm not understanding at all what they mean by "For Oblivion (Steam version) players: You have to activate "Script Extender" as the load mechanism and unfortunately you can't start the game from inside MO. Use MO to configure your mods, then quit and start Oblivion through Steam like you would without MO." I set MO to OBSE with the little dropdown next to the Run button, and then start the game through steam and literally non of the mods work. I figure I am misunderstanding what they mean here. Can some explain in more detail what needs to be done for MO to work with Oblivion?
  5. EDIT: I should have just reinstalled before asking, because reinstalling it fixed it. Well, more accuretly I redownload A2 and just extractred and replace any files it ask to, so my mods and load orders remained. Anyone just recently get an Windows Error trying to load up MO2 A2? "This app can't run on your PC To find a version for your PC, check with the publisher." The only two big things I updated recently were 1) AMD drivers and the new driver manager (Crimson) and 2) when I restarted my computer it was doing something with "Scanning and repairing C:" I was just using MO prior to the restart required for these two things to happen.
  6. Question for LOOT- Since Loot isn't compatible with MO2, is it possible to install MO1 as well, then copy paste specific files/folders (Such as mods and whatever else would be needed) to MO1, then use Loot in there to get the needed load order?
  7. Does the author of MO check this for suggestions? If so, may I suggest adding the ability to make text bigger? If this already exists (or has some other way to do it) I'd be appreciative if someone could tell me. EDIT: For people asking about stability and such, I got about 125 mods running on MO a2 right now and so far as I can tell everyone is working and loaded. Personally I use the bInvalidateOlderFiles=1, and that took care of previous issues I had with texture mods not loading.
  8. having the same issue. Mods with esp files like the unofficial patches load right up, thought none of the ones without esp's do. Could it be a Win10 issue?
  9. For the first one you gave me, it made progress. Corflags comes up in cmd prompt, however, /32bit+ isn't an option. Available options are... /ILONLY+ /ILONLY- Sets/clears the ILONLY flag/32BITREQ+ /32BITREQ- Sets/clears the bits indicating 32-bit x86 only/32BITPREF+ /32BITPREF- Sets/clears the bits indicating 32-bit preferred/UpgradeCLRHeader Upgrade the CLR Header to version 2.5/RevertCLRHeader Revert the CLR Header to version 2.0/Force Force an assembly update even if the image is strong name signed. WARNING: Updating a strong name signed assembly will require the assembly to be resigned before it will execute properly./nologo Prevents corflags from displaying logo I would try the others you recommended as well, but I don't know what a window command shell is. =/
  10. I've searched other threads for the solution, and quite frankly they have only furthered my confusions. -I am using Windows 10 86 bit. -I installed Steam directly into my C:\ drive, since I have had issues with mod names being to long due to sub folders when installed into C:\Program Files (x86) From what I understand, I need to type, in command prompts... However, when I try that, I get the following error message: ' "C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft SDKs/Windows/v10.0A/bin/NETFX 4.6 Tools" ' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. I have also attempted the following... This results in the same error message.
  11. Yes, I've tried both with and without the DSR hotdfix
  12. Says the Dawngaurd ESM is missing, but it's not. I've tried the DSR patch, it had no effect, nor did reinstalling the esm.
  13. Hi, having the same problem, the hotfix patch is not working.l
  14. No, it doesn't add any new executable. Only the three it starts with (Skyrim, Skyrim Launcher, Loot). It will not add TES5Edit.
  15. I follow the instructions given in the detailed hyperlink for TES5Edit, but every time I click "Add" nothing happens. It simply removes any thing in the fields. The video tutorial was of no help either, and additionally, uses an older version of MO. Potentially Relevant Info: Steam is in the C drive outside of Program Files TES5Edit is installed in my Skyrim folder. MO is installed in my Skyrim folder. I have tried starting MO as administrator. I have tried reinstalling MO.
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