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  1. Hey guys, finally finished the game. im putting my save file up here incase anyone wants to have a look at all the weapons and armor, or visit various locations. the save works fine with a vanilla unmodded fallout 3 so should work for everyone else with any different mods. but any items from extra mods i added wont be in their locations. https://www.mediafire.com/download/6qazr19bucsjox8/Save+2578+-+Adam%2C+My+Megaton+House%2C+ The starting location is the megaton house. i tried to get one of every item. On the bottom floor, one container has all various animal bodyparts and random items, another container is filled with the aid items, and the fridge is filled with all the misc tems (check the players inventory for the rest) the top floor has a room filled with various toys and random oddities, the other room with the bed has a desk filled with all the armor and the container next to it has every weapon i could find. There is some doubles of the same items, if you look closely, they are actually different in some way. only doubles i intentionally put in were the power armours, parts of power armors and a few random things. This is not a 100% save, or a cheat "give all weapons, items and armors" save (towards the end i did cheat and unlock some doors though) Tried to do everything i could, and visit every location. i didnt use a guide so i didnt get every bobblehead and im sure i missed a few rare weapons (and after 170 gameplay hours and some 400 crashes, i just wanted to finish the game) All the map locations are unlocked for fast travel except for Arefu (walked all over the place, it would never unlock) a location to the bottom middle and another to bottom right (these locations don't actually seem to exist?). You can tell what isnt unlocked as the icon on the map looks like a bullet. Some quests are actually finished but havnt been registered as finished. some im not even sure i finished. and some i just couldnt figure out how to finish. my setup was pretty much the entire guide minus a few minor mods and with these extra mods not shown in the guide: Companions Ties that Bind https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/19941/ Adds a sister as a companion, starts from the very start of the game to near the end. Worked great, simple to install, the voice acting is excellent and theres a lot of it (i might be biased cos im australian), she reacts to certain quests and locations and is well woven into the story. few extra quests to flesh out the past a little too. But the ending was abrupt and felt pointless too (you'll know what i mean when you get to it). i installed the Alternate appearance by Crudeowl because her head was squashed for me Lucy West Companion https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/5696/ works fine, not much to the quest after you get her though. had no problems at all during the game. Quests Cube Experimental https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/6270/ excellent mod. beautiful to look at, well laid out, well scripted and the voices are excellent. the only problems were the extrance door to the house conflcts with a mod so you have to look the door from certain angles. one angle opens door to a normal house, other opens up to house of the mod. To install the mod i downloaded the .exe file and installed it into a random folder (not the fallout folder) then zipped up the folder and added it to modmanager. only problem i had during the game was, if you have anything that changes the rate of your radiation, you might have to turn it off/down or cheat to lower your radiation because you loose your items, and theres no healing or radx but theres radiated water. Really recommend this mod. The Overpass https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/18789/? Works fine, fairly interesting story and location. only problem is it feels unfinished. some rooms seem a little haphazardly put together and its not balanced, far too many books and the weapon and armor aint balanced. plus you can skip the story with a little jumping, going in through the back and get all the goodies, not sure if thats intentional. A Little Mutant Problem https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/8080/ fairly interesting. had no problems running or installing this mod. some of the quest parts are just plain stupid though. i added a few more but cannot remember them (A bobblehead quest i think, something that adds to the Zeta DLC giving you a fairly extensive addon to it, and a another that seemed to be about time travel and spiritual things) I also used this program towards the end (so it wasnt extensively tested) Optimizer Textures https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/17594/? works good on minimum default settings, you need to remove some of the mods to do with the pip boy first or the pip boy will hitch and take longer to open (i just took out all mods related to the map and pipboy). i have no doubt this might effect other things negatively though. but i played through the last 30 hours fine with less hitching (the part of guide on optimising textures just made my eyes glaze over, so this app might be better for some people like me) When testing out any weapons, if you have the Cube mod installed, dont test the Spacewarper weapon inside. or in megaton. its best to fire in the open wasteland, and far enough so itll land at the end of the draw distance. Anyway, i wanted to thank everyone that contributed to the guide and ofcourse the mod makers. it was a fun ride playing it all through again
  2. there is a minor error in the bashed patch creation instructions (not worth making a new topic over) instructions say to check "Import Actors: Death Items" then a few sentences after it says "it is recommended that ALL boxes are checked except the following" and Import Actors: Death Items is in that list too. I dont know if it should be checked or unchecked so cant edit it myself.
  3. i didnt install that because the guide said this: Installation: Get the Data Files v1_0 Beta - Required and Sound Files v1_0 Beta - Required main files and install with MO, using [Merge] to install the 2nd file into the same mod in MO. When asked extract the BSA. The other main file isn't needed. i installed it though, and it didnt add the item there. it does seem to SLIGHTLY make the arefu area less laggy (4690k, 8 gigs, ati 280x, installed on a SSD drive, so i doubt its my pc). still pretty garbage though, with massive random stutters and fps down to 40 from a usually stable 60. it didnt fix the PKM Machine Gun showing -26 either. so i looked at adding the item, i was a bit confused at first on how to figure it out but i added it to my inventory. unfortunatly it didnt add the marker for the location on my map, which is needed as its an area thats not on the vanilla fallout map. The same thing happened in the Victoria Persaud questline of this mod. when you find a clue it is supposed to mark Fairfax Ruins on your map (though i did that before adding the ESM Files v1_3 Beta - Required so maybe that fixes it) but thats on the vanilla map anyway. I'd rather not add all map markers, so i guess im stuck with just randomly finding it unless someone can show me where Hyde Park Subway Station is. i've attached a picture showing what i meant about the -26 error. theres several "notes" or similar in random shops which have the same. they dont effect the look or usage of the items though, so its no bother really (im unsure if a note having -26 effects whether you can read it or what though) its just in the inventory, its missing a description/icon. looking in the posts on the mod, there seems to be a lot of complaints about a lot of things, might be best to just remove it (although, it is a nice mod)
  4. have one main problem with this mod, this part in the walkthrough: Check the last bunk bed in the back room. On the top bunk, you will find a cigarette pack and a ticket. Take the ticket. This will mark a new location on your map (Hyde Park Subway Station). there isnt a ticket there, or anywhere in the area. i checked in every tiny little nook or angle, has anyone else been able to get this ticket? i tried to fix this by using the console command to create the item which im assuming should be this: player.additem 010F31FC 1 however it errors out, so im assuming i have something wrong. Anyone have any ideas? ive installed everything in the guide minus 5 or so tiny mods, and reinstalled the mod and no change. Ive also got a "pipboy error -26" when looking at the inventory for the PKM Machine Gun, found in the Bunker Gamma area of this mod (although the weapon works fine) Im unsure if its related, but i also have the -26 error for the misc items "Housewife's helper letters page" and a (pink) Flamingo
  5. all thats left of that im unsure of is this one: Vertibird Re-textured Installation: Choose one of the three main files and install with MO, selecting one of the textures in the file. im not sure the "selecting one of the textures in the file" needs to be there? in the archives there are these files and nothing else (aside from a text file) vertibirda.dds vertibirda_n.dds vertibirdb.dds vertibirdb_n.dds also is there any way to make the subtitles slightly bigger (using darnified)? or would the font files need to be replaced? i just left it as is and have been playing for a good few hours, i did everything in the guide except for a few small mods and optimising the textures, and only added the "ties that bind" companion mod. Aside from some little things that didnt impact the game (the birth scene has some weird floating or zooming around with your dad and the nurse, and the 2nd hispanic race choice seems to be bugged, different text and sizes for some item descriptions) the game looks beautiful and plays nice. bloody hard as balls now though. thanks for the great guide, and everyone else that contributed to it. hopefully the changes i made/recommended make it easier for newcomers to start modding.
  6. ah okay, i made all the edits i pointed out above, and a few more except for these three below as im not sure if any i mentioned are right or not (this is my first time ever modding any of the fallout or skyrim games) Vertibird Re-textured Better Booze Robots HD Retexture i editted in all i mentioned above except for this part, im unsure what is sposed to be here:) i think theres a formatting error with a link here: (which provides high quality retextures of the robotic toys in [[user:Kelmych/Fallout3# DCInteriors_Project]| DCInteriors Project]], and these new problems because im not sure how to make it a bit clearer (or im not entirely sure i did it right) Blackened Installation: Choose and download and patches, including the Blackened RH_Ironsights - FWE - EVE patch if EVE is used and, if MMM or ""EVE is used. one of the other patches that includes FWE and Project Beauty. Install with MO; if two Blackened patches are used the Blackened RH_Ironsights - FWE - EVE should be installed last and the plugin from this mod should be loaded after the one from the other Blackened mod. this might need to be rewritten. im guessing if one followed the guide and installed everything, you would want the "Blackened FWE - MMM - EVE - Project Beauty" and also the "Blackened RH_Ironsights - FWE - EVE"? Rifle 'Locomotive' LOOT reports for this mod: NV SuperRailRifle.esp This plugin requires "FalloutNV.esm" to be installed, but it is missing. This plugin requires "DeadMoney.esm" to be installed, but it is missing. This plugin requires "HonestHearts.esm" to be installed, but it is missing. This plugin requires "LonesomeRoad.esm" to be installed, but it is missing. This plugin requires "OldWorldBlues.esm" to be installed, but it is missing. This plugin requires "GunRunnersArsenal.esm" to be installed, but it is missing. Is this a problem? the guide dosnt mention anything one last question (ive finally finished the guide except creating a bashed patch and optimising textures) for all of the "Paradox Ignition presents" mods, should they be merged with the original mod or installed as their own? ex: install "Marts Mutant Mod - RC 62" as the instructions show then download "Paradox Ignition presents Marts Mutant Mod Merged" and merge it with the "Marts Mutant Mod - RC 62"
  7. this ones a bit long, but ive almost finished installing everything in the guide! KDS Zealotlees ACR with Ironsights small spelling error pl;ugin BatteriesPlus it might help people to instruct to choose only one of the each of the files starting with these file names: BatteriesPlus-9volt- BatteriesPlus-MFCell- BatteriesPlus-SmECell- An Example: Installation: Get the main file and dearchive it using 7zip. Select the battery model desired for the small energy cell (choose one of files starting with "BatteriesPlus-SmECell-") from the BatteriesPlus folder; other mods provide a better cell texture for the other two battery types (file types starting with "BatteriesPlus-MFCell-" and "BatteriesPlus-9volt-"). Copy the desired battery fomod files into the MO install directory. Install the fomod file for the selected batteries with MO. Vertibird Re-textured Installation: Choose one of the three main files and install with MO, selecting one of the textures in the file. this ones a little confusing. when installing the file, do we expand the first folder ex: vertibird_camo_retextured then expand vehicles and make sure only one of the textures is ticked? the readme file seems to indicate all texture files are needed. Better Booze Into Better Booze copy a textures folder from one of the Vodka subfolders, one of the Beer subfolders, and a textures folder from each of the two whiskey subfolders. copying a texture folder from both whiskey folders means one file will be overwritten when copying the second choice, the "whiskeybottle01_n.dds" file (all whiskeys from the two choices have this file with the same name). i assume its fine as all are the same size and look the same. perhaps add something like "when prompted, click overwrite or skip. it dosnt matter which choice" so people dont think somethings wrong Retextured Labels - Food - Abraxo - Detergent (select 1024 resolution for those using High Res textures, or 512 for others). this might be easier to understand (your average person might just make sure only the resolution they wish is ticked) (right click on the 1024 folder and choose Set data directory for those using High Res textures, or 512 for others) Tweaked Intercom this ones gonna need some extra instructions as the mod is packaged incorrectly, something like this: expand "Intercom01 14-11-2009" then expand "Lord inquisitor" then expand "NIF". Right click on "NIF" and create 3 directorys called "Meshes", "Clutter" and "Consoles". drag the intercom01.nif file into the Consoles folder then drag the Consoles folder into the Clutter folder then drag the Clutter folder into the Meshes folder. Set the NIF directory as data directory. Robots HD Retexture i think theres a formatting error with a link here: (which provides high quality retextures of the robotic toys in [[user:Kelmych/Fallout3# DCInteriors_Project]| DCInteriors Project]], and when installing the 4kx4k Liberty Prime replacement using the bain installer, it installs it wrong. go into the filetree tab and you'll see theres a folder called "Либерти 4096" with a texture folder in it. Instead, if you wish to install the liberty prime replacement after the other two mods its best to select "no" when asked to install as a bain installer, then expand "Liberty HD Retexture" and right click on "Либерти 4096" and choose set as the data folder textures/creatures/sentryturret/sentryturret_g.dds textures/creatures/sentryturret/sentrybot_g.dds textures/creatures/mistergutsy/mistergutsyweapons_n.dds textures/creatures/mistergusty/mistergutsyweapons.dds theres no sentrybot_g.dds file in the sentryturret folder, perhaps you meant sentryturret.dds?
  8. been using the the latest Mod Organizer, aside from some nicer changes to the mods area (it looks much cleaner, and the content list should be helpful to some people i guess) all the changes seem to be under the hood, the usual problem FOMODS described in the guide still exist, and as far as i know theres no problems at all. the LOOT app might not be required now. just some minor corrections/suggestions Skill Books Hi-Res Retexture Installation: Get the main file, "Wasteland Survival Guide Redone" should be "Wasteland Survival Guide Hi-Res Retexture" RH_IronSights - FOSE In the right pane of FO3Edit, change "TX00 - Base Image / Transpareny" to "Weapons\1HandPistol\1stPerson10mmPistol.dds; two tiny errors, should be In the right pane of FO3Edit, change "TX00 - Base Image / Transparency" to "Weapons\1HandPistol\1stPerson10mmPistol.dds" 20th Century Weapons Installation: Download the main file 20thCentuary Weapons - 5.12 (MainRelease) . This mod is not packaged for easy installation by mod managers. the file is actually named 20th_centuary_weapons_5.12_with_addons When installing select the 20thCentuary Weapons - 5.12 (MainRelease) folder as the Data folder for MO and install. the data folder inside the 20thCentuary Weapons - 5.12 (MainRelease) folder should be selected as the Data folder It is recommended that the CALIBR.esm file be eliminated during installation so it is recommended that all the plugins that include ALIVE be eliminated during installation the instances of "eliminated" might be better replaced with "unticked" RobCo Certified EVE - Energy Visual Enhancements in the Robco Certified Section If EVE is used, get and install using [Merge] the RobCo Certified Omnipatch for Paradox EVE patch from the EVE - Energy Visuals Enhanced page. and the EVE section If RobCo Certified is used, get the ""RobCo Certified Omnipatch for Paradox EVE optional file, and install with MO. should only the RobCo Certified instruction earlier on the guide be followed and the EVE one is just a reminder? or install it twice? might confuse some people
  9. woops! looks like i was on a older mod organizer, i was on 1.2.18. updated to 1.3.4. just checked, still had to make sure fomod installer was set to false for RobCo Certified Texture though. of the new updates: the Size Variable HD Moon Cycle Texture link still points to krzymar HI-RES Moon page, i think this is the address you want: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/18995/? the "no more dots" mod has a formatting error, clicking on the link in the update section up top dosnt do anything, and the section it actually is in has sorta become a part of Better High Detail map and Icons mod
  10. halfway through the guide so far. im going to have a break for a day or two. heres some suggestions so far, its only minor stuff. UHQ Terrain Overhaul Get optional "Woodsiding for Houses and Rubblepiles" if desired and use [Merge] to combine with the previous file. perhaps mention to install "Expand Woodsiding", expand a design of your choice, right click on data and choose "set data" Fallout Street Lights The mod includes recommendations for Fallout.ini settings. perhaps mention that if you have followed the ini tweaks earlier in the guide you can ignore the section about ini tweaks Neck Seam Concealer Chains Installation: Get the main file and the optional file. Install the main file and then use [Merge] when installing the optional file. there is no optional file to download Rockopolis Rebuilt do we need to download main and optional? main dosnt have a version number and theres no previous downloads so natural assumption is its 1.0 so get the 1.1 update aswell krzymar Moon Size Tweak perhaps mention that you install the mod then go to "optional esps" and hide all optional esps except the size you wish to use RobCo Certified Texture in mod managers settings -> plugins -> fomod installer MUST be set to false before trying to install so a install/selection menu pops up, otherwise it just installs nothing minor formatting Baileys Crossing Metro Opened (title is smaller than usual titles and less space between it and previous mod) Type3 Armor Replacers "'V2 Business suit patch update" isnt italic text but like i said, excellent guide! thanks for your time spent putting it together.
  11. no need to be sorry, the guide is awesome! i actually did the entire guide just recently, not paying too much close attention to the instructions, mainly so i could learn about modding the fallout games and skyrim plus to quickly test out the mods and see what i liked or didnt like. I am now doing a fresh install. ill let you know in this topic of any other changes that may need to be made as i go along.
  12. thanks for your help! also this instruction appears to be wrong: The Crimson Caravan v1_3 LowRes Cleaning Author: AzarVersion: v1.3Notes: Add new buildings and NPCs in Arefu, adds new quests in Arefu and for trading caravans. It VRAM increases usage in Arefu because of the added buildings and NPCs.Installation: Get the Data Files v1_0 Beta - Required and Sound Files v1_0 Beta - Required main files and install with MO, using [Merge] to install the 2nd file into the same mod in MO. When asked extract the BSA. The other main file isn't needed.Double click the mod in the left pane of MO and select the Optional ESPs tab. Move ArefuExpandedByAzar-Radio.esp to Optional ESPs. The "other main file" (ESM Files v1_3 Beta - Required) im guessing must be needed, otherwise you cant move the optional ESP (because it dosnt exist) or even clean it (because theres no ESP/ESM file).
  13. the instructions for this mod seem a little confusing. Installation: Get A_Note_Easily_Missed_v106 and install it with MO, then merge "To_sleep_-_perchance_to_dream_v1061" with the mod using MO. only A Note Easily Missed is 1.07 which i im guessing is fine to use the real question is do i merge "To_sleep_-_perchance_to_dream_v1061" with the PREVIOUSLY installed "A Note Easily Missed" you are told to install if following instructions OR install "A_Note_Easily_Missed_v107" AGAIN, naming the mod "To sleep - perchance to dream" and then install "To_sleep_-_perchance_to_dream_v1061" into the same folder, merging them?
  14. eyeball burning glare isnt normal in fallout 3 in game look at the sun and hold SHIFT and press F12, if it dissapears its because of the ENBoost if youd like ENBoost on, but dont want to be blinded, hold SHIFT and press ENTER. you can change some ENBoost options (or do it through the ini files) if your following the guide by the letter then you forgot to follow this instruction: Go to the Fallout 3 goty folder and open enbseries.ini in a text editor (Notepad++ would be an excellent choice here).Set the first line to UseEffect=false. Save and close.with it set to true, on the default downloaded from the site ENBoost, you will be blinded. the graphics look nice, but you lose effects (start a new game, you dont get the blinded effects from birth so it looks a bit odd)
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