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Skybirds - Airborne Perching Birds


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Seems to still be working out a few chinks but looks really promising! Gonna try it out and report back with any issues :)


skyBirds - Airborne Perching Birds

Mod Testers:

  • Test with a full STEP installation with no additional mods installed/active.
  • Test if scripting errors from Birds and Flocks has been corrected by skyBirds.
  • General testing should be done as well to see if any issues arise from skyBirds being installed with STEP (stability, performance impact, etc). Check/test all the features of this mod including chicken feet fix, birds perching, invisible hawk fix, sounds, birding flying, etc.
  • Provide a detailed summary of your review once your testing is complete.

Note: This may be best tested by the more experienced MTs/Admin.

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Just had a quick look see in game and the sounds alone make a huuuuge difference in my opinion. The birds overall looked good, but there were some issues where it seemed like they vanished into mountains and buildings. Nothing to obvious though and the author has it on his/her to-do list. It has a separate .ini file that I used but the author notes that it might cause problems for some, it is useable without it though. Its a script heavy mod so I wouldn't use it quite yet on a "real" save.

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Been playing with this for awhile now and while it is a nice mod overall I'm not gonna use it quite yet because of the less than stellar collision detection and the sometimes stiff animations of the flying birds. Still, Hopefully these things will improve soonish :)

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I admit: it looks like a really good mod, especially when it was featured by Gopher in his video. Apparently, this works well with Birds of Skyrim (and Birds and Flocks, through I'm not sure I want to used that because of compatibility issues). Looks like a good mod for STEP.

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I've used this on top of Birds and Flocks and Birds of Skyrim and it didn't seem to be cause of any issues itself, but I did notice my logs being blown up. The mod is able to detect custom world spaces like official DLC and custom maps to generate birds in which is quite a feat. If I had this with a bunch of other mods that add a ton of scripts (Econ of Skyrim, SkyTest...), I'd get quite a few freezes.

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The mod is technically still in beta it seems, but that is not a problem.


For inclusion into STEP, we'll need some definitive testing done. If someone proficient in the CK/TESVEdit can look at potential conflicts, taht would be a great start for testing.


Else, testing will largely consist of a lot of play with all DLCs, changing worldspaces and examination of save games and papyrus logs.


IOW, this mod will require more sophisticated testing than most others. ...it looks good though (I like dynamic, scripted mods a lot if they are done well).

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I looked at the Airborne Perching Birds mod with TES5Edit. The only conflict I see is with Harvest Overhaul. Airborne Perching Birds has a Spawn script attached to a number of of Flora such as Scaly Philiota. Airborne Perching Birds uses the standard ingredient name, but for Harvest Overhaul to work the ingredient name it assigns must be used. There are 12 such conflicts; it would be easy to fix these with a patch.

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I used this mod a few months ago, and had some problems with it. Namely a significant performance drop, and pretty regular CTDs. I removed the mod and the problem went away. It difficult to say if this mod interacted with my other mods in funny ways to cause my problems, and I haven't tried the most recent version which is almost certainly better and more stable. It is very heavily script based, I think it would need thorough testing.

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I've been using this mod forever and never noticed any issues, but maybe I'm just too ignorant to make a connection. :)


There were some issues with the early releases, but they are long gone, as far as I can tell.


As for the mod being in the "beta stage", you could say that about pretty much any mod out on Nexus, perhaps with the exception of texture mods, whilst some are not even fit for alpha testing.

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New version is out:



  • "BIRDS OF SKYRIM" SOUND INJECTOR. If you use skyBirds and Birds of Skyrim together, my mod will add sounds to ALL of Qasiermo's birds!
  • Disable flying seagulls and crows at night and in bad weather (requires "Birds of Skyrim").
  • Make roosters larger than chickens (requires "Birds of Skyrim")
  • Make "Birds of Skyrim" wild birds protected from predators (requires "Birds of Skyrim")

  • Woodpecker system: drumming animation, vertical positioning on trees, dynamic placement script
  • Green Woodpeckers (animated but non-flying).
  • Red Headed Woodpeckers (animated but non-flying).
  • White or barred chickens (textures by Bellyache).
  • More roosters (requires "Birds of Skyrim").
  • Domestic geese (model by macadamstreet, dogtown1 & Jc1) with new sounds and feet clipping fix.

  • Make the Dawnguard, Hearthfires and Dragonborn factions bird-friendly.
  • New take-off wing flap sounds. - done
  • Enlarge the birds' wings spans.
  • Faster wing flapping animation plus new gliding animation.
  • Improved bird hopping animation.
  • Animate the wren's tail so that it straightens out during flight.
  • Increase the range of the bird sounds a little.
  • Add sound effects to vanilla hawks and hide them at night and in bad weather.
  • Nest markers will only disappear when the player is not looking.
  • Fix the "backwards" underwing texture on a couple of birds.
  • Balance the alchemy ingredients.
  • Apply alpha testing to improve the model details. - Cardinal and two woodpeckers completed
  • Fix various small glitches
  • Various script optimizations

  • Fixed a vanilla bug that prevented chicken (and some other creatures) idle sounds from playing.
  • Overhaul the vanilla chicken sound effects.
  • Fixed the vanilla chicken's feet so they no longer clip through the ground.
  • Fix the vanilla "unkillable/invulnerable/invincible hawks" bug.
  • Fix a bug in vanilla hawks that would contribute to save game bloating.
  • Adjusted the vanilla hawk in Riverwood05 location so that it doesn't fly through the mountain behind it.
  • Disabled an immersion-breaking vanilla hawk near East Empire Company Warehouse that was in sync with another hawk nearby.
Maybe this update warrants further testing?


It now makes 'Roosters at Dawn' and 'Invincible Hawk Fix' redundant.

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