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Expanded Towns and Cities


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Expanded Towns and Cities

Something to brighten up and give some variety to the villages and smaller towns of Skyrim.
I highly recommend checking out the images section.



- CURRENTLY CONFLICTS WITH Scenic Carriages. (I'm working on it.)
- Does NOT conflict with Riverwood Redux by x2ash (just don't use this Riverwood).
- Does NOT conflict with Real Wildlife by Nedius.
- Does NOT conflict with Lanterns on the Roads by Svabbarjack (or Rednaolrac?)
- Does NOT conflict with Long Lost Smelters of Skyrim by Hyralux.
- Does NOT conflict with Interesting NPCs by Kristakahashi.
- Does NOT conflict with Cozier Villages (two floating lanterns).
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I really really like Expanded Towns and Villages, but out of all ~200 mods I'm using it's the only one that results in a noticeable FPS impact. It's only 3-5 fps when looking at one of the villages affected by the mod (from a distance with a high FOV), but still. It seems to be pretty CPU-intensive.

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Most likely added lots of extra stuff but no occlusion planes to prevent it from all loading even when you can't see it. Send her to Arthmoor for schooling. I don't think I have seen a single mod that edits architecture or world objects that is optimized correctly except for Open Cities.

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She has cleaned her files a long long time ago.

Is Touring Carriages that good that you're not even considering dropping it btw ? :P

I always assumed it meant somewhat bumpy rides, like the old Scenic Carriages so I didn't bother trying it (besides, I like having more carriages with BFT), but now I'm genuinely curious.


Either way, it doesn't matter, since ETaC has been fully compatible with it for a while now.

Here's a full compatibility list btw : https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?showtopic=1099697 (For the record I'm using the mod with Bring Out Your Dead, it just needs a manual merge for the conflicting entries)


Personally I can't even play Skyrim without the full version of this mod, it's not like the old towns overhaul which just plopped trees everywhere and called it a day, it's much more in depth and every single detail seems to fit. Riverwood in particular is just amazing...


Oh and since the thread is kind of old, I'd like to point out that the current version of ETaC is fully modular, with options for each settlement/village and their inns, as well as Lantern of Skyrim patches.

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I adore Touring Carriages. Sometimes it can be a little jerky, but it actually is mostly smooth. I consider it a vanilla fix, as I think it is obvious that Bethesda originally intended for there to be genuine carriage rides. It is also a very clean mod. Back when I originally saw Expanded Towns and Villages, there was a conflict, so I instinctively shrugged it off. I hate having to create a patch to use a mod that edits a pile of worldspaces.

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Well ETaC is almost compatible with TC, but not 100%. Depends on your load order. If TC comes after ETaC, then it works without issues. But the way BOSS loads the plugins atm TC is way above ETaC. Also ETaC deletes a LOT of Dawnstar navmesh records on which TC is seemingly dependent. For that reason I would not simply load TC after ETaC because it'll result most likely in erroneous navmeshes for 1 of the 2 mods.


In fact, I've been exchanging PMs with one of the ETaC admins yesterday. She was so kind to make me a small patch. You can download it here: ETAC - TC Patch


I haven't actually tested it yet though, would be nice if you can share your results!



Btw ETaC used to be CTD-hell but now with the mempatch that is goone :)

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