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Update Your System Specs

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We encourage all members to add your system specs to the wiki via the STEP Portal <-- links at top of page.

We recently updated the System Specs template, so be certain to check your system specs and update if necessary.

This makes it convenient to link in support forums or (even better) in your signature (see my sig below) and standardizes presentation for comparative purposes. These specs can also be linked to from any other 'presence' our users maintain in other parts of the web.

... so if you post on Reddit (or a blog or whatever), you can add a convenient link to your system specs, courtesy of STEP :thumbsup:

PS: also notice that you can create a mod page on our site, which is a welcome contribution that helps us out! (just be certain that the mod page does not already exist under a similar name! ... else we will have a redundant mod page)

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Hmm, maybe also add system ram size(probably type out the number) or use a standardized format (like 2x4GB), type(DDR2, DDR3 or DDR4) and the speed(type out the number)

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Note that the System Specs wiki Template and Form were updated to allow users to indicate if they use RAID 0 when HDD storage is selected. Also added steps to the VRAM and changed the format of the options to be more intuitive.


Anyone that has already entered their system specs will need to go onto their user page:




... and re-save to get rid of the annoying little triangle that will now appear (due to addition of a new property within the Template and Form)

Done and maybe you want to add the option to enter a second screen/resolution if used.

Edited by Simondererste

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Agree about adding RAM, but we'll keep it in simple format. Memory speed is not really applicable to Skyrim though, and the CPU basically infers the RAM speed potential.


Multi-monitor setups for games are not common, but we can add a variable for that too I suppose ... variable monitor res is just not practical though.


The system specs template is accounting for the major hardware bottlenecks rather than variations to the general components (e.g., Mobo, RAM specs, GPU clocks, etc).


Will update once I add those features.




EDIT: I added System RAM (those of you that updated already may want to do so again!), but I did not upgrade for multi-monitor setups, because they are not practical from what I have learned. people use it, but we don't recommend it, due (fe.) to issues with presenting the game menus.

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My Ultra-Mediocre rig is up.


Note that from a performance standpoint (HDD I/O), I have Skyrim all over the place; game files on old, slow 5400 rpm HDDs and symlinked data (bsa's) on both a RAMDISK and an SSD. I have also extensively optimized my diffuse textures and normal maps to lower resolutions in order to feed my little 7770 a higher performance diet. Just sayin, as these type "unique" changes may slightly distort system performance indicators.

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Since some modern GPUs can be overclocked heavily, where do we put our GPU OC?

We don't use that data, because it just adds to the noise, and the GPU overclock does not add anything really noteworthy to performance.

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It says that I can't change my signature until I have one more approved posts. Once that happens, I assume that all I have to do is paste the link to my profile page in the signature area.

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Hello there.


(btw : new guy incoming)



I just tried this STEP's system spec feature. It seems to have a little flaw with long named GPU. There is a line skip after the 20th character, which make the following data not showing right before their description. See here : https://wiki.step-project.com/User:Kesta/SystemSpecs


In case it's related to my screen/browser, here is a snapshot : 796947snapshotstepspec.jpg



Don't get me wrong, It's just a bugreport, I really do appreciate the feature and the whole project otherwise ;)







Edit : updated the image link, the 1st one had ultra bad resolution. Hope it fix it.


Edit 2 : Fixed !  ::): Also, I hope this was the right thread to post this... forgot to check the whole forum, sorry.


Edit 3 : Updated profile in regards of DoubleYou's comment. Thx for the hint. 

Edited by Kesta

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