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Maintain Your System Specs On the Wiki



We encourage all members to add your system specs to the wiki via the STEP Portal <-- links at top of page.

This makes it convenient to link in support forums or (even better) in your signature (see my sig below) and standardizes presentation for comparative purposes. These specs can also be linked from anywhere on the web.

... so if you post on Reddit (or a blog or whatever), you can add a convenient link to your system specs, courtesy of STEP :thumbsup:

Also note that you can create a mod page on our site, which is a welcome contribution that helps us out! (just be certain that the mod page does not already exist under a similar name... else we will have a redundant mod page)


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Double You suggested this earlier and I changed it. He just reverted it back to the long version after his edit to the plugin for testing. (Thus my #ImAGuineaPig ^^)

OK, change or leave as you see fit then. It works either way

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The right column was effectively floating right (lots of space between colons and property values). I was too lazy to fix the more sophisticated method you were using, so I just increased the width of the primary div element using the original, more basic CSS parameters.

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Hmm...I can't seem to figure this out for the life of me. Probably because it's almost 6am and I haven't gone to bed yet. *yawn*


Anyway, it seems the instructions in the second post are outdated. When I am logged into the Wiki, I went to this link: http://wiki.step-project.com/User:Nebulous112/SystemSpecs


I then clicked edit page. From there, I tried the below instruction:




However, there is no "Edit with form" option. I tried a bunch of the different options, but no luck.


Any help would be appreciated.





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