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Found 9 results

  1. Bethesda/Steam pushed the 1.6.629 update today, so the SSE guide will be broken until some key mods catch up (e.g., SKSE). This only impacts those that don't prevent the update. In the meantime, we will not be officially supporting the previous version of SSE any longer (1.6.353) ... looking forward only. As usual, Step supports the latest game release, so as far as we're concerned, the guide will remain 'broken' until we can review the impact and determine what mods are impacted and updated. At the very least, we'll need to wait for updates to SKSE and CommonLib (and all of the mods dependent upon that). This OP will be updated as we learn more. Changes shared via Bethesda's official Discord:
  2. In preparation for the forthcoming release of the Skyrim 10th Anniversary Edition (SAE), Step is advising that all Skyrim Special Edition guide users (and anyone that mods SSE in general) back up their game directory: ..\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\.* If drive space is an issue, the SKSE team recommends backup of Skyrim.exe and Update.esm. This will prevent being 'stuck' with the update if automatic updates are enabled via Steam. No other action is needed to maintain compatibility with SKSE64 and associated mods. It may require the better part of a year for all SKSE-dependent mods to update. Steam & Game Maintenance SAE-SKSE Plugin Status Maintaining Two Concurrent Instances of SSE (1.5.97) and SAE (1.6.xxx) Rename the 1.5.97 "Skyrim Special Edition" folder (in ..\Steam\steamapps\common), e.g. to "Skyrim Special Edition-SSE", in Windows Explorer. Trigger the Skyrim AE update ("Verify integrity ... " of SSE files from the Library or on the Downloads panel in the Steam client, click the button to start the pending download). Steam will download and install Skyrim 1.6.xxx from scratch in a new "Skyrim Special Edition" folder. Wait for it to complete. Configure updates to only download at game launch Rename this folder to "Skyrim Special Edition-SAE" Now that there are two game folders "Skyrim Special Edition-SSE" (1.5.97) and "Skyrim Special Edition-SAE" (1.6.xxx), they can each be renamed interchangeably to "Skyrim Special Edition", and Steam will be none the wiser. This allows all tools (mod manager, DynDOLOD, LOOT, BethINI, etc.) to be used as normal against either version with folder name "Skyrim Special Edition". We recommend creating a new MO 'instance' for the SAE version, so that mod builds can be maintained independently. Profiles can also be used as well as various hybrid configurations that are beyond scope here. Tip: modlist.txt can be ported manually to different MO profile instances and reconciled using WinMerge. Same foes for ..\mods\ folder and content as well as game INIs. This way, it's relatively simple to maintain similar installs of both versions of the modded game.
  3. Up until a week or so ago, forum members that had never logged into the wiki prior to Feb 12, 2021 were unable to log onto the Step wiki. Why? We had permissions missing after the site move at that time. Since nobody mentioned it until @Ruedii did so a couple of weeks ago, we never knew it. It should be fixed now, so that anyone that has forum membership should once again be able to log onto the wiki with same member name and password. note that if your member name begins with a lower case letter, it will need to be upper case for the wiki user name. This is just a wiki thing, so no getting around it. Once logged in, simply check the box so that future logins don't require a password (if browser cookies are enabled).
  4. Discussion topic: Step Mandate Wiki Link
  5. Posting here for the benefit of those using this site during maintenance I'm having issues with the forums move, and it involes being unable to put the forums into read-only mode. This means that ALL DATA WILL BE LOST from any posting today. Be advised NOT to use these forums today now if at all possible.
  6. Deployment Successful, thanks to the work of the team and TechAngel85 for updating the newest versions of the LE and SE guides. We hope you like the upgrade. Note that BB code is no longer supported, but the WYSIWYG editor here is much better. Image handling is more intuitive. Finally. We are pleased to announce the planned release of "STEP 3.0" on Saturday, February 13, 2021 to upgrade software, features and services. As we had announced nearly 4 years ago now, we will be moving the site to a new server with updated software and features. Our new URL (unavailable until Feb 13): https://stepmodifications.org This upgrade will require a rather extensive downtime of up to 6 hours if things go as planned. Future maintenance downtime will no longer be required for more than a few minutes. Notable Wiki Upgrades To date, the STEP wiki has primarily been used for serving up our Skyrim modding and tool guides in addition to user-created guides and content. This infrastructure has been supported using Mediawiki and Semantic Mediawiki. This software has served its purposes pretty well. The latest Mediawiki software opens up more possibilities, enhancements, and features: Mediawiki - v1.21 --> v1.35 (LTS) Extension: Semantic Mediawiki - v1.18 --> v3.2 Extension: CSS - we will no longer be supporting custom styling, so content creators will need to use other solutions that the new software will provide within the constraints of site themes. Please PM z929669 or TechAngel85 for more info. All other extensions upgraded Forums Upgrade These forums currently run on Invision Power Board v3.4.6. We will be upgrading to version 4.5.4, which offers some significant enhancements: Enhanced security HTML posting support via CKeditor (BB code will be deprecated) Much better admin support and user features Overall Upgrades New Guides: New Skyrim SE v1.0.0 guide New Skyrim LE v3.0.0 guide - Unless a significant proportion of the community feels otherwise, this will be the final release of STEP's Skyrim LE guide. It will be supported perpetually. The updated platform has the capacity to support guide creation and maintenance of multiple moddable games. This includes: Forum support for each supported game User-select-able, site-wide themes (Light, Dark, and Classic) Semantic Mediawiki-powered infrastructure for building STEP guides Significant improvements to mod inclusion into guides and guide flow using collapsible mod tables allows guide users to follow an entire guide without ever needing to navigate away from the page (except to obtain mod packages from providers) Games supported at launch: Beyond Skyrim Fallout 3 Fallout 4 Fallout New Vegas Morrowind Morroblivion Oblivion Skyblivion Skyrim LE Skyrim SE Skyrim VR Skywind No Mans Sky We WILL NOT have guides for all of these games at the outset. Nor will we have all relevant modding content, tools, and ancillary guides specific to each. Nevertheless, we WILL have the infrastructure to support guide creators/maintainers and related content. Those interested in creating and maintaining an official STEP guide for your favorite supported game, please PM z929669 or TechAngel85.
  7. As we've been announcing for about 3-ish years now (see pinned Announcements for reference) we are finally gearing up for a full website/server move and upgrade. We had been held up significantly by our reliance on Mator in developing the now-aborted CMS project, which progressed slowly in fits and spurts and then altogether halted early in 2020. We suspect this was largely due to his basic abandonment of the Mod Picker platform we had planned to use ... we didn't learn about his silent decision on that until well into 2020, since it wasn't news that he ever shared with us. As a result (also as previously mentioned in past announcements), we are sticking with the wiki. The good news is that the software and server upgrades will provide enhancements that were not possible previously. We will be first upgrading and moving followed by subsequent development within the new wiki infrastructure. At the moment, we are doing a lot of wiki housekeeping. Once we finish that piece, we will be doing some initial development on the current production wiki while we do the laborious work of skinning the new wiki. This could take a while, but TechAngel85 and I have been working pretty exhaustively over the past weeks and will continue to do so, keeping this post updated as we go. As always, we could use help from community volunteers for various maintenance tasks here on the forums and on the wiki. Anyone with wiki experience and willing to help out is most welcome to do so … we are a community site providing completely free services without any advertising. PM Tech or myself if interested in volunteering!
  8. We are performing some maintenance on the wiki, so the guide is currently not showing mod lists as normal. We hope to be finished within a matter of minutes or hours at worst. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  9. Since Mator is no longer developing or supporting his tools as far as we know, these forums are now read only. They will eventually be inaccessible once we confirm that these projects will definitely not be maintained at any time in the future.
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