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Creating Mod Topics


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17 minutes ago, TechAngel85 said:

Awesome! :dancingbanana:

I also added a simple <hr> button to replace that terrible paginator thing:


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4 hours ago, Majorman said:



When you are creating your mods, you should probably tag each with the guide version you intend them to be introduced (1.1.0 I think). This will allow you to consolidate those mods by clicking on this tag and also provides a reference as to what guide the mod was under consideration if accepted/dropped. Also, you should prefix with testing or accepted while tagging. If you wind up dropping a mod from a previous guide version, you should replace with 'dropped' prefix and tag with the guide version from which it was dropped (then there would be two different version tags, which is fine. one for the guide for which it was accepted, and one for the guide from which it was dropped).

No big deal if you haven't been doing this, but it helps with sorting things out down the road. I will see about getting all of this written up somewhere for reference.

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