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ENBSeries (by Boris Vorontsov)


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Published ENBSeries 0.117 beta for TES Skyrim. New external shader allow modders to create own sun lenz effects' date=' but at this stage it's not very useful for players. Also some minor fixes applied, like blood opacity on weapons.[/quote']

OMG, i hope the ENB mod i'm using (Project ENB) will be updated soon

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Unfortunately a lot of the ENB configs out there aren't supporting anything higher than 113.

I think they are waiting for a "stable" release before working on updating.
Yeah, just stating for those that may not realize that, and prevent any headaches from ENB configs possibly not looking their best with the newer versions of ENBSeries.
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Heh, yeah... this'll be great if it can somehow be restricted to things that should be reflective. Somehow I doubt that's possible though.


Kinda wish he'd spend more time optimizing and fixing SSAO bugs but that's just me!

It is possible, but requires fixing of all specular maps...

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