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Splash of Rain by isoku


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Freshly uploaded to Nexus - from the author of Wet and Cold, Shooting Stars & Rainbows.

This mod adds splash effect on surfaces and also a rain sound effect in interiors (I assume it appropriately muffled). Volume of the latter is controllable via console command.

Known Issues:

Splashes will appear underwater.
Interior rain sound effects are louder in first than third person.

The latter is not really an issue, as this is the case for a lot of  sounds even in vanilla, as far as I noticed. The undewater issue is probably distracting and not very realistic by the sound of it, but I need to judge by looking in game.

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Already have a combination of SOS and CoT sounds to provide interior rain sounds that I like. As for the effect then it might be worth looking into.

Honestly never missed or noticed splashes missing from the ground or objects.


As for something happening under water, then i could live with that, since I almost never swim anyways.... not much point since the only thing to go down after are a few clams and some slaughter-fish.

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Nice! I wonder when he is going to implement (if he does) his other two ideas from this demo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMzwIdSVvhQ

I think he told me it wasn't working right or too resource intensive months ago. I did make those quick rain balls in the video (which he pretty much says are terribad lol). It was a test though and I think he wanted some 2D sprites. The game already uses 2D sprites so I don't really see much point apart from the collision.
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I'm using it and it works great with vanilla weather. It does splash on every surface so with the combination of SFO it looked odd to see splashes in the forests and on top of grass. And it was unusable with supreme storms but I found that mod to be less than desirable anyway so dumped it in favour of splash of rain.


One of my favourite mods with Get Snowy and Wet and Cold.



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