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Found 27 results

  1. Discussion topic: XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended by Team XPMSE Wiki Link Abbreviated: XPMSSE
  2. Discussion topic: Tesla Cannon Animation Fix by Hopper31, Hitman47101 Wiki Link
  3. Discussion topic: Shishkebab Torch Light by JLF65 Wiki Link
  4. Discussion topic: FNV Clean Animation by rockbiter68 Wiki Link
  5. Discussion topic: Anniversary Anim Pack - General Bugfix by Hitman47101, CarbonWaffle Wiki Link
  6. Discussion topic: Anniversary Anim Pack by Hitman47101 Wiki Link
  7. Discussion topic: Ice skating fixed for real - No more attack sliding movement by AUTHOR Wiki Link
  8. Discussion topic: Weapon Animation Replacers - Enhanced Camera compatibility pack by phoenix0113 Wiki Link
  9. Discussion topic: Weapon Animation Replacer WAR by joefoxx082 Wiki Link
  10. Discussion topic: B42 Weapon Inertia by DarianStephens, JazzIsParis, Xilandro Wiki Link
  11. Discussion topic: Diagonal movement by Xilandro, Carxt, JazzIsParis Wiki Link Use in conjunction with 360 Movement to get a feature that should have been in the base game anyway.
  12. Discussion topic: Thermic Lance - Fire effects by Yukichigai Wiki Link
  13. Discussion topic: Better Gas Leak Effect by KiCHo666 Wiki Link
  14. Discussion topic: Camp McCarran Animated Monorail by AmaccurzerO Wiki Link
  15. Discussion topic: Impact by weijiesen Wiki Link Do not use this mod's .esp, there's a better scripted one that will be activated instead.
  16. Discussion topic: EXE - Effect teXtures Enhanced by weijiesen Wiki Link
  17. Discussion topic: NV Animation for Not Animated Containers by AmaccurzerO Wiki Link
  18. Discussion topic: Animated Ingestibles by zebumper Wiki Link
  19. Discussion topic: Female Sittng Animation Replacer by Benedetto9 Wiki Link
  20. Discussion topic: Smooth True Iron Sights Camera by lStewieAl Wiki Link
  21. Discussion topic: Centered 3rd Person Camera by Jahandar Wiki Link
  22. Discussion topic: New Vegas - Enhanced Camera by Logic Dragon Wiki Link
  23. Discussion topic: 360 Movement by g0kur Wiki Link
  24. Discussion topic: NV Compatibility Skeleton by Fallout2AM Wiki Link
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