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HQ Snow Texture (by Erik and gorefest2011)


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I just started using this/your snow textures. They look totally amazing and to me represent how vanilla Skyrim snow should have looked. Better than SRO snow.


It blends in very well with Better Dynamic Snow, which got taken out of the STEP pack though.

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Looking only briefly it did not make a good impression, but I'll have a closer look at home. And, as with most textures, it's best to check in game rather than screenshots.


One to be marked for STEP testing?

Same for me. But snow textures can be particularly deceiving on screenshots, since to me it is all about how they blend in with the rest of the environment. The snow in this mod is actually very detailed and includes darker areas resembling differnt types of snow, but it is all very subtle. During gameplay, when I was using SRO + Betetr Dynamic Snow, I was somehow always noticing/thinking about the snow around me. Not that it looked bad, but something odd about it. The snow was sort of sticking out more than other environmentals. With HQ Snow Texture, I personally don't have that problem anymore. 


In addition, I'm not sure if this is even due to this mod but it seems like there is now less specular reflection from the snow, something that had always bothered me. No more extremely light-shiny snow textures when it is sunny weather. It is, again, more subtle.

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Thanks everyone for your nice comments. Yeah people tell me allot that my screenshots does not capture how good they look ingame. 


I have a rule of thumb that I always try to reseble the vanilla feeling, except when the vanilla texture looks unrealistic, which is the case with the snow texture. My texture is try to achieve a colder and crystallized look. So yeah I recommend you to try it out for yourself ingame, but not just on a sunny day, also try it during night, try it out when you are actually playing.  

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