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Unknown Enchants (by NoxMentis)


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Unknown Enchants by NoxMentis
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SkyUI 3.2 added small eye cons after book names indicating books/notes that have been read. The Unknown Enchants mod adds a "(U)" after any items (in a container or character inventory) that have magical effects that were not already learned through disenchanting at an enchanting table.  This helps avoid having to bring a large set of object to an enchanting table just to see if the effects they carry have previously been disenchanted.

The mod uses scripts which run when you load a savegame; it does not save any data or scripts to the savegame itself. The mod takes a while to finish its initial computations, and it periodically notes completion percentage to the upper left corner.

Accepted for STEP 2.2.6

--Thanks go mainly to Kelmych and Omalong for providing details and testing.
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Well I've been using this mod for a good while, and I haven't had any issues related to it at all.


It does conflict with two records in the Unofficial Skyrim Patch, though, but these differences are just different names, different durations, and different magnitudes for enchantment effects. Nothing huge.

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I looked at the mod in TES5Edit and I was surprised that it adds a book in Breezehome and has a large set of records about magic school robes, some of which change the enchantment cost and amount. I can't see why the mod needs any records about magic school robe effects or needs a book. I posted a question about this on the Nexus page. I'm currently loading it before the Unofficial Skyrim Patch in the mod list so most of the robe effect changes that Unknown Enchants adds won't be used.

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The book is to change the settings if you don't use MCM, I believe. It is called "Unknown Enchants: Settings" after all.



A lot of the changes this mod makes to the robe effects either fixes the spelling, or makes it so that it displays both the magicka regen and whatever school of magic it fortifies. I'm not sure why this mod changes the costs and amounts, but I assume it is to bring them in line with what they should be.


There are only two records that conflict with the unofficial patch, which are EnchRobesCollegeAlteration05/0010E2FF and EnchRobesCollegeRestoration05/0010E310. This mod and the unofficial patch have very similar changes to it, so the load order shouldn't matter that much, and won't cause any major problems, unless you enchant things with those two things a lot.

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My concern with the book is where it is located, not with what it does. I would greatly prefer that the book be placed somewhere like the Whiterun castle which is never changed by mods vs. Breezehome which is often changed by mods.


If the mod is changing the enchantment cost/amount values to what they should be (i.e., part of the mod acts as a fix for incorrect robe enhancement values), then USKP should ideally have all of the same (or similar) changes vs. having only two. If the approach taken in this mod is correct, then perhaps we should post the list of enchantments that should be changed on the UKSP bugtrack list. This would also strengthen the case for including it in STEP.

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The author commented on Nexus that the value changes were not intentional and apparently introduced when using the Creation Kit. These were changed back to the vanilla values, and version 2.01 was posted with these fixes. I suggested that the two small Unofficial Skyrim patch changes also be included in a future release.


Here is the BCF for version 2.01 of Unknown Enchants.


All of the magic college robes include an improvement in one of the magic type effects (e.g., Fortify Restoration) and also a improvement in the Magicka regeneration rate. However, other robe enchantment effects do not typically include both improvements. The names of robe enhancement effects in Skyrim.esm are incomplete since they only include the name of the improved magic type effects even when the robe enchantment effect includes both improvements. This mod provides a fix in that it renames any robe enchantment effects that include both improvements to include the names of both of the improvements (e.g., Fortify Restoration & Magicka Regen).

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Here is the BCF for version 2.2 which improves compatibility with other mods since it no longer alters the master records that they might use.

The BCF can be posted using the tool on the mod page of the wiki. Could you try posting via that tool, Kelmych? (Assuming the mod page has been created of course.)
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