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Informed Mail Delivery (by Glanzer)


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Informed Mail Delivery by Glanzer
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Hope it's ok to suggest our own mods. :)  Here is my description for it:

This mod displays the names of delivered items. No required ESPs, no container or quest edits. Works for 1st and 3rd person POV. Compatible with SSE and AE. Versions for vanilla, Provincial Courier Service, and Better Courier. Patch available for Loot and Degradation's tempered item deliveries.

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I've had it in my load order for some time. I picked the 'Vanilla Style' version. It works fine, no issues, I like what it does. I haven't played very long with it, I may have seen its effects only a couple of times or so.

If I'm not mistaken, in vanilla, the courier delivers something and the game doesn't tell the player what it is. You have no clue. If you carry a lot of junk in your inventory, good luck finding whatever it was the courier delivered.

With this mod: notifications (top-left corner) are displayed for each item delivered and added to your inventory.

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