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DynDOLOD 3 Alpha (by sheson)


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Adding this from the main DynDOLOD thread to offer context for anyone interested:


"Child > Parent
"Low" is the old default that just happened automatically.
"Medium" will take care of trees in cities. Vanilla Riften has some aspens that are then visible, so I'd use that.

Parent > Child
Since it replaces the Whiterun and Solitude Exterior patches from older DynDOLOD Resources, enable that check box if you are interested in proper surroundings and used those patches before. Especially helpful for Whiterun, Riften and Solitude if you use mods like Legacy of the Dragenborn where you can actually see outside. Do not use if performance is more important and then just don't peak outside. If large reference bugs workarounds is used, you can disable large references in child worlds from the SkyUI MCM to regain a bit of performance.

Make sure to read https://dyndolod.info/Help/Child-Parent-Worldspace-Copies if controlling things individually for a specific child world is needed."


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