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Found 8 results

  1. Discussion topic: Synthesis by Nogog Fallout 4 Mod Wiki Page
  2. Discussion topic: Nemesis Unlimited Behavior Engine by Shikyo Kira Wiki Link This mod replaces FNIS and is the tool that seems to support the most mods anymore. I have tested it out with STEP, and I ran into no issues, and it enabled me to try out a few different other animation mods that require it. It is pretty much plug-n-play. I had been having issues while testing with an FNIS generated skeleton where my character would entirely disappear, which I believe to be due to an animation\skeleton bug. It will be difficult to tell if this fixes it, as it was an issue that typically would go away upon relaunch of the game.
  3. Discussion topic: DynDOLOD 3 Alpha by sheson Wiki Link
  4. Discussion topic: No Grass in Objects by meh321 Wiki Link Prevents grass clipping through most objects. Mod performs a raycast in-game from each position where grass is located and if it detects a collision with another object then it doesn't place grass at that point. Needs .Net framework but that's already a requirement for MO2. OCD sufferers rejoice!
  5. Discussion topic: Worldspaces with Grass SSEEdit Script for No Grass In Objects by DoubleYou Wiki Link Description This is an SSEEdit script that can be used to populate the "OnlyPregenerateWorldSpaces" setting for No Grass In Objects. This increases the speed of precaching grass by eliminating worldspaces that do not have grass in them. Installation Extract the "List grass in worldspaces.pas" file to your SSEEdit installation's "Edit Scripts" folder. Usage Open SSEEdit and load all your plugins. Once the "Background Loader: Finished" message appears, right click anywhere in the left pane and select "Apply Script...." In the window that appears, in the Script dropdown, select List worldspaces with grass and click OK. Wait for it to finish processing. This may take a minute or two, depending on how many mods you have. When the Worldspaces with grass window appears, right-click the highlighted text and select "Copy". Click OK and exit SSEEdit. Open GrassControl.config.txt from NGIO (it's under Text Files in the mod information window in Mod Organizer) and paste the contents between the quotation marks of the OnlyPregenerateWorldSpaces setting. Save GrassControl.config.txt Precaching grass will now only look at the worldspaces specified in OnlyPregenerateWorldSpaces, so it will take less time to finish. Uninstallation Delete the "List grass in worldspaces.pas" file from your SSEEdit installation's "Edit Scripts" folder.
  6. Discussion topic: Base Object Swapper by powerofthree Wiki Link I am not advocating for this mod to be in Step, however, I consider it important to log the use of the mod for users that do install mods requiring Base Object Swapper. The main information to be aware of is the added layer to conflict management. Conflict Management with Base Object Swapper Configs (INIs) are parsed alphabetically. Regardless of mod name or order, the INI name is what matters. Any mods swapping the same object (conflicts), the first config (alphabetical) will win. The remainder of the conflicts will be treated as errors and logged. Check the log for these conflicts when multiple mods are installed that require Base Object Swapper. More Informative Console is useful for checking what actually got swapped Due to the way the mod works objects that are "swapped" will have no conflict data within common tools such as xEdit and a manager's conflict lists. This can lead to increased difficulty in troubleshooting because the "records" will be saying modA is providing the asset, but in reality they're being swapped out when the game is ran by ModX; not listed anywhere within normal conflict management systems. Large References Do not use this utility on large references Do not use any mods requiring Base Object Swapper that have been used on large references Large reference changes require updating the RNAM data for the cells altered in order for changes to display correctly in the LOD. This is because SE uses "super-meshes" for large references. That is, anything that is a large reference is merged into one large mesh for each exterior game cell. If the RNAM data is not update to tell the game of changes, then the result is pop-in of some nature and usually missing LOD. Since Base Object Swapper is changing references at runtime, there is no way to update RNAM data to account for changes to large references from using this utility. Therefore, do not use Base Object Swapper on or for any large references! We urge caution in migrating to or installing mods that are using this utility. Users should know what they're doing! Stay aware some conflicts will not be shown or listed anywhere, and conflicts between mods using this utility are listed within the utility's log. Avoid using with large references or pop-in will result.
  7. Discussion topic: Dynamic Distant Objects LOD - DynDOLOD by sheson et al. Wiki Link DynDOLOD Support Topic
  8. Discussion topic: SSELODGen by AUTHOR Wiki Link sheson's xLODGen Support Topic
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